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The Dude Perfect Show is an American reality television program from 2016. The show focuses on the eponymous Dude Perfect crew as they travel from their YouTube sets to the world stage. Much like their streaming video productions on the web, which have earned them nearly 10 million subscribers, these Texas A&M alumni are on a quest to execute amazing trick shots in a variety of sports and perform comedic sketches; all with the added benefit of camerawork from a cable network.

Some of the exploits of this group include: having a lawnmower race; figuring out ways to making the Cotton twins distinct from each other; attempting a soccer trick in London with Manchester United; a side story that features the twins researching their heritage; several attempts at breaking Guinness World Records; figuring out mascots for two basketball teams that lack them; getting to drive the pace car at a NASCAR event; shopping for footwear in Nashville, Tennessee; ensuring that the Dude Perfect home base is safe enough for their children to visit and even attempting a literal trick shot that involves a bow and arrows. Each 30 minute episode of The Dude Perfect Show is broadcast in American English.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on CMT
2 Seasons, 35 Episodes
April 14, 2016
Comedy, Reality
Cast: Coby Cotton, Cory Cotton, Cody Jones, Tyler Toney
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The Dude Perfect Show Full Episode Guide

  • Guys plan to turn their headquarters into the best Halloween trick or treat destination for kids.

  • The guys do spring cleaning and recycle old items in pure DP fashion, with a 20-foot crusher. Later, it's time to enjoy the great outdoors as the Dudes go on a camping trip...and their version of s'mores is out of this world!

  • The Dudes partake in a pro football experience, ending with an all out skills challenge where the winner is lucky enough to get SLIMED! Then, Demarcus Ware joins the Dudes for an epic game of Sumo Soccer Football Golf. feat. DeMarcus Ware

  • Mum knows best, and now it's time to put the guys' mums to the trick shot test.

  • The Dudes create drone inventions for the future; with the help of a master, the guys make their giant pizza dreams a reality.

  • The Dudes decide to finally help Cody conquer his fear of heights; next, Garrett fulfills his fantasy of designing a competition that is completely sitting down.

  • The Dudes enter a dog show to see if their pups can compete with the best; the Twins chase their dream of becoming professional wrestlers and enter the ring as the dynamic duo "Bitter Sweet."

  • Coby wins a DP competition for the first time, so the Dudes throw him an all-out parade to celebrate. Then, it's the ultimate challenge, where team DP finally figures out who is the smartest and strongest member of the group.

  • Tyler decides to fix the Twins homer drought before the annual home run derby. Then, Tyler is having a baby soon, so Cody and Garrett put him through a series of tests to prepare him for the little one!

  • Tyler decides to combine his love of food and magic to become the first ever...Chefgician! Then things heat up as the Twins attempt to build a massive volcano for a science fair competition.

  • The Twins prepare for a slow motion challenge to see who can keep their face straight when the stakes are raised. Then, Cody trains to be the next karate master, but in the end must compete for the DP black belt.

  • Tyler and Garrett decide to join their offices, but they are put through stress tests to see if it's really a good idea. Later, the guys get ahold of life-sized orbs and mayhem ensues, including a human hamster ball race!

  • Garrett and Coby are done with bathroom duty, so they find the most senseless Dude to take over the smelly job.

  • Cody and Garrett team up with their brothers in a game show to see which pair knows each other best; Cody and Cory challenge pros in a game of corn-hole.

  • Tyler, Garrett and Cody try their hand at sportscasting when they call a live little league baseball game; with the help of Chad, Tyler tries to bust a flip on a wake-board.

  • The guys take their record-breaking challenge to the next level; Garrett fulfills a dream to do the ultimate trick shot with a catapult.

  • The guys find miniature versions of themselves and shoot a trick shot video with them; the dudes rev up the sport of soccer by adding RC cars and go-karts.

  • The guys throw the twins a birthday bash including laser tag on roller skates and bowling mini golf.

  • The Dudes create wet and wild games for a hot, Texas summer.

  • The guys get their hands on a giant-sized basketball and attempt a crazy 170-foot shot off a building. After, pro surfer Bethany Hamilton heads to DP to give Cody a lesson in catching tubes.

  • Garrett and Coby are done with bathroom duty, so they find the most senseless Dude to take over the smelly job. Then it's lights, camera, action! The Dudes switch trick shots for photo shoots to capture their inner action hero.

  • The guys get their hands on a giant-sized basketball and attempt a 170-foot shot off a building; professional surfer Bethany Hamilton gives Cody a lesson in catching tubes.

  • Because Coby is the sole member of Dude Perfect who has never won a Battle Video, the guys try to help him reverse his curse.

  • Tired of Tyler always guilting them into staying late at the office to play more games, Cody begins searching for a "temporary brother."

  • When the Dudes want to take the game of H-O-R-S-E to the next level by playing while on horseback, they discover that Garrett isn't a big fan of horses; Cody prepares for impending fatherhood, with the help of his friends.

  • After booking a video shoot where they'll be doing a snow battle, Tyler attempts to get the rest of Dude Perfect ready for plunging temperatures.

  • After re-discovering the original basketball that starred in their first Dude Perfect video, the Dudes decide to give it one more shot at video glory. Garrett and Tyler both undergo anger management counseling to help them combat their "loser rage".

  • When the Dudes discover that the twins will be teaching a "Man School" class, they think the twins need a crash course in "being men." Dude Perfect teams up with The Make-A-Wish Foundation to surprise a lucky kid with a trip to Dallas to shoot his very own trick shot video.

  • The guys learn that Garrett never had a proper bachelor party, so the plan the ultimate DP party night: exclusive access to the Bass Pro Pyramid in Memphis.

  • The Dudes head to London to shoot a soccer trick shot video with Premier League's Manchester City Football Club. Coby and Cory do some genealogy.

  • The Dudes compete in a lawnmower racing competition for an upcoming video; when it becomes too difficult for even the Dudes to tell the twins apart, they decide to help the twins create new personas.

  • In order to complete a complicated synchronized stunt for an upcoming video, Tyler needs to help Garrett and Cody get "in-sync," no matter what it takes.

  • As the Dudes prepare to shoot a video with NBA All-Star Chris Paul and NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers, they discover both of the athletes' teams needs a mascot.

  • The Dudes are invited by NASCAR to drive the pace car at Texas Motor Speedway. Before the race they get some tips form drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Chase Elliot.

  • Before bringing their intern Chad to a video shoot with country music star Luke Bryan, the Dudes have to figure out if he can control himself around celebrities.

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