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My Big Redneck Wedding is a television shows that presents a series of weddings for country-western couples. Their culture is known for its unique twist on life and tends to be viewed as eccentric and entertaining by other cultures. The term red neck has been given to a group of people who have inherited a backwoods, down home way of living their lives.

Marriage ceremonies include being wed on horseback, mud wrestling receptions and camouflage fabric tuxedos. The show provides the viewer to witness out of the ordinary behavior such as shotgun salutes and mattress surfing. Not all couples define tradition in the same way and the viewer will certainly see new interpretations.

The term redneck refers to poor, uneducated farmers who typically live the South. Long hours of working in the field caused their necks to become sunburned. It is also a term of endearment and the program reveals the kinds of humorous yet charming antics that only a redneck from the south could conjure up for their wedding day celebration.

They tend to have what is called front porch humor and this is easy to see in how they design their wedding day. Some for instance, have been known to hire ex-cons who are ordained ministers to officiate at their ceremony. The couples are not concerned about what the status quo thinks of how they choose to celebrate this important day of their lives.

Other redneck wedding ideas have included decorating the reception area with bales of hay and serving crawfish at the reception on plastic table cloths. The main idea is to stay away from fancy and pretentious. Instead, one should strive to be innovative in incorporating what one would use and consume in their everyday lives.

My Big Redneck Wedding has helped to reveal to the world what the redneck culture consists of. By following the wedding preparations and ceremonies of real life redneck couples the viewers are able to gain insights into the value system of the culture. The bonus is fun entertainment and lots of laughs.

My Big Redneck Wedding is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (46 episodes). The series first aired on January 11, 2008.

Where do I stream My Big Redneck Wedding online? My Big Redneck Wedding is available for streaming on CMT, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch My Big Redneck Wedding on demand at Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, Apple TV online.

Saturday 9:00 PM et/pt on CMT
4 Seasons, 46 Episodes
January 11, 2008
Cast: Tom Arnold
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My Big Redneck Wedding Full Episode Guide

  • Sara is an independent girl and knows how to get things done. She is skilled with a hunting rifle and a bow and arrow. Joe is a welder who first started chasing Sara in the eighth grade. These two lovebirds from Missouri will celebrate in true redneck fashion with a chair on skis, horse manure skee-ball and bubble wrap sumo wrestling.

  • Bonnie has dreamed about living the good life since her fantasy with soap operas as a child. Now that her dream has become a reality, her family wants to surprise her and remind her of her redneck roots.

  • Ashley and Lee are preparing to bring their baby up the redneck way, complete with a camouflage nursery, a mobile made of beer cans, and stringing a zip line to dispose of dirty diapers.

  • Brad may have lost his hand while in Iraq, but he gained a fiance, Alicia, who is skilled with a bow and loves to hunt. They plan on having a redneck carnival theme for their wedding.

  • Jennifer and Chris are Italian and Cuban rednecks, from Punta Gorda, Florida. Their ceremony will take place in the mud pit where Chris first laid eyes on Jennifer. Chris' dad will officiate the ceremony but only if he's paid in beer and after he teaches his son how to roll cigars for the wedding.

  • Tina and Chase decide on stuffed squirrels dressed as bride and groom for their cake topper. While Tina is focusing on the cake, Chase does his best to finish stuffing their animal centerpieces in time for the big ceremony.

  • Jessica and Justin have decided to get married in a mud pit. Justin plans to go all out by giving his bride-to-be a sandpaper pedicure, hiring a beer-chugging clown and -- in a Big Redneck Wedding first -- taking his buddies along to help him pick out a wedding dress. With an antler-topped cake and jet ski mud-sledding, you know this is going to be a wedding to remember, as long as Jessica isn't too tired from late-night cow-tipping to marry her redneck Romeo.

  • It's the third time around for these two, and Junior is letting Cindy take care of all the details. Sure he shows up for his fireworks filled bachelor party and the wedding, but she's out clam digging, customizing a sexy red dress, and practicing their prom queen wave. The ceremony itself is a real tearjerker, especially for the minister and the love is infectious. A good time is sure to be had by all who tune in.

  • For once the groom really wants to participate in the wedding planning, but his bride doesn't appreciate his ideas at all - mostly because his ideas include trying to catch jumping fish in garbage bags, spray-painting her wedding dress and a raccoon hide covered archway. But they do make it down the aisle where their friend/occasional stripper/wannabe comedian unties them for life. And then they celebrate with a ride on a recliner through the mud. It's truly must see CMT.

  • Perhaps third times a charm for this couple.

  • The groom wants to be involved with all of the wedding plans but the bride isn't really feeling it!

  • After meeting on the internet, this young couple doesn't have much in the way of plans for their wedding, but they're having one, regardless. We follow their journey as they find a location, a dress and figure out how to pay for everything, like auctioning off their bridesmaids and groomsmen! They pull it off in a way that you'll have to see to believe!

  • This muddy wedding finds a ice chest shaped wedding cake, a garter which is also a beer can opener, the bride's gift is hunting arrows and mattress surfing at the reception.

  • Jessica and Jon from Knoxville, Iowa, met on the internet and haven't made many plans for their wedding. They search for a location, a dress and figure out how to pay for everything, like holding an auction of their bridesmaids and groomsmen.

  • Kathryn and George, better known as Kathy and Gator, want a mud-bog themed wedding which includes a cake which resembles a mud bog, a golf cart with hubcaps, and the groom and his groomsmen will be dressed in some unusual outfits.

  • LeeAnne and Nathan both love their horses. Plans are made for their wedding which includes a raccoon-hunt bachelor party, plus a cake shaped like an armadillo and many unusual uses for horse dung.

  • Opposites do attract, as do this 300-lb. bride and her 105-lb. groom, both who love to fight with each other. Kevin heads out to hunt down the wedding meal, squirrel, as Tamzen fixes up the chicken house venue. Afterward, the couple hop into the ring and box a few rounds.

  • Terri and Greg are joined by their dogs Hemmy and Droopy for a double wedding as the are all ready to exchange their vows. Terri is a pink haired tomboy who is gonna be married in a purple dress, and Greg is just a good ol' boy who's a tad gun shy about standing up at the altar. She's made all the wedding plans and he has bought her gift, a rifle. Their cake will be a moon pie shaped like a fish, buying a wedding night wardrobe and attaching a spittoon to her bouquet. It's a long strange trip down the aisle with these two young rednecks in love.

  • Brandon's last serious relationship before meeting Vickie, was with a cow. There is a 13 year age difference, but neither are worried. While working their way to the altar, pigs will be castrated and frogs skewered...all for appetizers. There will be canoe races, tug of war and a multi-flavored wedding cake.

  • Jamie and Jimmy will be living in a double-wide, which arrives just in time for the wedding. As part of the celebration a double-wide wedding cake will be made. Jamie and her bridesmaids surprise the guys at the strip club bachelor party with a show of their own and gives Jimmy a body-mold of herself as a wedding gift. And don't forget the mud bog!

  • A couple from Wyoming, Mich. are both truck drivers and are looking for a truck-themed wedding. The vows are filled with on-the-road sentiments, and the traditional wedding attire is topped off with accessories like hard hats, truck boots and a cane made from a gearshift stick. Dumpster diving is part of the celebration as that's where the gifts are stored.

  • Kimberly and Heinz are holding their wedding at the Yankee Lake mud bog in Ohio, at the Git 'Er Done Chapel. Among the features are an exploding cake, skydivers and fireworks.

  • Melissa and Bradley hail from Venedocia, Ohio, and bring along a lot of children to this household. There will also be a lot of fun, from jousting with a pvc pipe with a soda bottle on the end to the groom rapping his vows, these two will be putting a serious twist on the traditional wedding. This also will have a toilet paper theme, the bride doing a striptease at the alter and the guests having an eat the pudding from a diaper contest.

  • A couple from Woodriver, Ill. have known each other since he was a paperboy on her route. Now they are getting married and their theme hunting. From flea-market decor, to a duck blind altar and guests watching the festivities from their boats, this avid duck hunter is going all out. And of course, don't miss the rousing game of Duck, Duck Goose at the reception.

  • One lucky redneck couple is in for the surprise of their life when Tom Arnold takes their redneck wedding plans and turns them into the Biggest Redneck Wedding Ever. As Elaine and Bruce plan their strictly-budgeted wedding near a Florida mud bog, Tom sneaks around town after them using his charm to rally the townsfolk to help make everything bigger, better and redder than ever. And when he learns they don't have a minister, he even gets ordained online so he can perform the ceremony himself. From a gigantic beer can archway at the altar to a reception filled with redneck games, cooked critters and a mud themed tower of wedding cake, it truly is the craziest, the muddiest and the Biggest Redneck Wedding Ever.