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Parents are always looking for new and different ways to get their children to behave. Nanny 911 gives parents a new outlook on parenting kids in many ways. Nanny 911 goes in search of families who need help with their uncontrollable children. The families usually have three or more children that are nine years old and younger. The parents seek help with Nanny 911 to learn new behavior techniques and to grow a better relationship with their children.

The first day, the nanny observes the family and their techniques. The family treats this day as any other day before the nanny arrived. She watches the children and their behaviors. At the end of the day, the nanny sits down with the parents. She discusses what they did wrong and how they can improve. The nanny gives a plan of action the parents must follow the rest of the week.

By the end of the week, the children are well behaved. The parents learn how to give the apporiate punishment. Nanny 911 turns around the whole family in just seven days. The parents are more informed on what they were doing wrong and how they can change the behavior of the children. Nanny 911 enforces the use of time out. They give a whole new advantage to what should happen in time. Most of the time, the nanny will get eye to eye with the child to tell them what they did wrong and how it is going to change.

Viewers can learn these techniques as well. Nanny 911 offers a way of saving a family that needs help with their children. Parents should watch Nanny 911 with their children to show what is going to change in the household. Parents who watch the show may learn what they are doing wrong. Some parents are unaware of techniques and ways to improve their own children's behaviors. Nanny 911 can help any family that desires a change.

Nanny 911 is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (53 episodes). The series first aired on November 3, 2004.

Where do I stream Nanny 911 online? Nanny 911 is available for streaming on CMT, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Nanny 911 on demand at Amazon, Apple TV, Tubi TV, Pluto TV online.

Monday 8:00 PM et/pt on CMT
4 Seasons, 53 Episodes
November 3, 2004
Reality Kids & Family
Cast: Deborah Carroll, Stella Reid, Lillian Sperling, Yvonne Shove
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Nanny 911 Full Episode Guide

  • Nanny Stella takes on the strongest case of video game addiction she has yet to encounter. Michael is 6-years old and his parents can no longer get him to leave the house. Mom, Allison, babies her kids by brushing their teeth and even cutting up food for her 12- and 10-year old. Who knows if they even know how to work a fork and knife?

  • mom is having trouble controlling her 3 rebellious kids despite their dad ruling with an iron fist. Nanny Deborah Carroll is called in to help make some changes.

  • A couple feel their 2 and 3 year old children are bad examples for 14-month old brother due to their climbing, screaming and fighting.

  • While Dad is stationed overseas, mom, Kelly, is loosing a battle here at home. Extreme tantrums and disrespect from 4-year-old Kiara and 3-year-old Kayla and 18-month-old Evan keep mom in an endless, sleepless conflict. Emotions overflow as Nanny Deb prevents mom from giving up.

  • Nanny Stella has just one week to save the Balsamo family...from itself! Lying and stealing and cussing, oh my! Parents Sergio's and Elaine's family life is like a runaway train with 11-year old Giovanni, the family extortionist, 8-year old drama queen Adrianna, and 2-year old Marco, who has a mouth like a trucker. Sparks fly as Nanny Stella confronts them all and tries to give this family a brighter future.

  • Season 4 begins with Nanny Deb helping out Jackie and Mark, parents of 4-year old twins Jack and Ava, known as double trouble. The kids are screaming, sugar addicts who are yet to be potty trained. So, Deb gets right to work on the parents so they can focus all their attention on the children.

  • James and Alice Hanley are family therapists who can't handle their own kids. When a conflict arises, they fall apart.

  • A screamer, hitter and door-slammer, 7-year-old Madison has her parents walking on eggshells.

  • It's three times the trouble at the Brogdon house! David and Angela have their hands full with 4-year-old triplets Dave, Joe and Beth. Dave is known for his temper tantrums, Joe physically attacks his siblings and Beth acts as the boss and informant against her brothers. David is a detective, so he is often gone from the home and Angela has thrown up her hands in despair. Nanny Deb is assigned the case by Head Nanny Lillian.

  • In the McDowell household, when the moon rises the boys refuse to go to bed. Ed and Eileen McDowell have three boys, Ryan, Michael and Christopher, all who make bedtime a nightmare. It's a stressful house full of fighting and screaming at each other to shut up. Nanny Deb is dispatched to bring the family back some order.

  • Jim and Nikki Walker have their hands full with two unruely children, Jordyn and Jackson. It seems that rules are non-existent in their own home where Jordyn ays mean and hateful things about her parents. Nikki even believes that evil lies in Jordyn's eyes at times. Jim has questions about Nikki's parenting skills but has given up all hope. Nanny Deb is sent in to right this ship.

  • Mom Melissa mercilessly henpecks her husband and three daughters, then can't understand why they ignore her.

  • The McCafferty family dad, a former sergeant with the NYPD, says there is no organization or schedule in place for everyone.

  • Rich and Suzy Elgin named their first child Shasta, after a volcano. Mom is stuck at home while dad escapes on his bicycle. As for the kids, Shasta is stubborn, Shilo is temperamental while Kea is following in their mold. Nanny Stella is sent in for the quick fix.

  • The Giannetto's problem is simple, they have too many kids to control. Mom Kelly is about to lose her mind while dad Anthony hasn't a clue of what to do. With four boys and two girls, the Giannetto's have lost control. Nanny Yvonne is sent in to assist.

  • The Arilotta triplets are in a battle with their parents overcontrol. Dad is known to roughhouse with the bots and ten wonders why the boys are kicking and punching each other. Mom Kammy has had enough. Christopher causes the most trouble, Tyler has been spoiled by mom and dad wants to toughen him up. Nanny Deb is sent to their rescue.

  • Jennifer and John Scharnitzky's three young children are running wild when Marine dad is abroad. Alex (8) can be emotional, Samuel (3) likes to lick things and Abigail (2) prefers to have temper tantrums. A part of their outbursts are from the fear that dad will soon be deployed overseas. Nanny Stella is sent to the front lines of this battle.

  • Heidi Morris spends most of her day chasing kids. Craig was there for the creation of the kids, but that is where his involvement ends. Parker (5) and Jackson (3) are prone to fights, while Ella (18 Months) is usually found scurrying about. Heidi, who is on her last nerve claims that Craig is more focused on his career than his family. Nanny Stella is sent out to help gain control.