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In this reality series, two families switch matriarchs for a period of time, and conflict ensues as the two households find out how different they are for awhile. The 2019 series is a revival of a series that aired on ABC and is the second revival. This version was set to air on CMT but was move to the Paramount Network before its debut.

Wife Swap (2019) is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on April 4, 2019.

Where do I stream Wife Swap (2019) online? Wife Swap (2019) is available for streaming on CMT, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Wife Swap (2019) on demand at Philo, Amazon, Apple TV, Paramount Network online.

Thursday at 9:00 PM on CMT
2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
April 4, 2019
Cast: John Schwab
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Wife Swap (2019) Full Episode Guide

  • A materialistic city wife who believes appearance is everything swaps lives with a charity-minded farmer wife.

  • A professional wrestler wife swaps lives with a devoted wife and mom whose disconnected husband prefers video games over family time.

  • A sideshow circus wife swaps lives with a frazzled mother of four.

  • A picture-perfect wife swaps lives with a non-stop party wife whose three-year-old son stays up all night long.

  • An animal conservationist wife swaps lives with a hunter wife who runs a shooting preserve.

  • Fireworks spark when a liberal wife from a politics-obsessed household swaps lives with a conservative wife with an outspoken, gun-loving husband.

  • A gothic witch and her warlock husband swap lives with a Christian family whose deliverance ministry specializes in casting out demons and evil spirits.

  • The subservient wife of a biker swaps lives with a progressive social media influencer whose husband takes care of the house and kids.

  • A by-the-book school teacher swaps lives with a conspiracy-obsessed homeschooling mom who teaches her kids the world is flat.

  • A no-nonsense Nigerian mom who raises her kids in a strict culture of respect, swaps lives with an overwhelmed mom whose disconnected husband and spoiled kids run the house.

  • A mother of five who is strict with her parenting switches with a farmer's wife who lets her children do what they want.

  • A conservative stay at home wife swaps lives with a modern-minded entrepreneur mom from a same-sex relationship.

  • A vegan wife swaps life with a meat-loving wife.

  • A germaphobe wife swaps lives with the conservative Jewish mother of a messy, cat-filled household.

  • A sports-obsessed wife who believes competition is the best way to push her kids to succeed, swaps lives with an emotionally sensitive, laid-back hippy wife who just wants everybody to chill out.

  • A wealthy workaholic wife, whose whole family expects only the best, swaps lives with the mother of a family of 7 who lives their life in a converted school bus with a compost toilet.

  • An old-school mother of 8 kids, swaps lives with a gay young millennial dad of 2 infants who believes that the old ways aren't always the best.

  • A high tech mom who streams her family's entire life on the internet, swaps lives with techno-phobe mom who keeps her family far off the grid.

  • A no-nonsense fire chief wife, who tries to run her house like her battalion, swaps lives with a conservative stay-at-home wife who caters to the every whim of her domineering husband.

  • An obsessive perfectionist wife with kids who act like grownups, swaps lives with a fun-loving, stay-at-home DAD who thinks life is all about play.

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