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This reality show gives you a look about the life of the Gosselin family from Indiana that had octuplets after she already had a set of twins. Much happened during the duration of this show, such as you got to go on vacation with the family and were also welcomed into their home. There are many who cannot fathom having this many kids, but you get to see how the parents actually did it. The best thing was that you got to watch the kids as they were growing up.

The couple did invitro feterilization in order to concieve the six. The camera allowed people to be there from the very beginning. They learn first hand what the life as a mom and dad of this many kids all the same age is all about. The thing that many got to see was that there were many triumphs as well as a lot of tribulations with raising this number of children.

During the show, the married couple started having marital issues. They tried to work things out within their marriage, but ended up divorcing which you learn about throughout the series.

They took all sorts of trips and many learned that it was hard for them to do much of anything. They also had to have a big van when they went places. They watched the meltdowns that Kate sometimes had due to the stress of being a mother let alone of this many children.

The one thing that many loved was how organized and healthy the family was. Kate was a nurse before she became a mom of this many children. She had things in order and fed her children only the healthiest food.

In some episodes, they allowed the viewers to write in with questions that they might have for the couple. It was all about educating the viewers on a life that some question as many who don't agree with in vitro fertilization. In the end, the couple decided that it was too much exposure to the public that made them rethink the show and not sign for another season.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 is a Kids & Family series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (117 episodes). The series first aired on April 10, 2007. It has mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 4.4.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 is available for streaming on the TLC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Jon & Kate Plus 8 on demand at TLC Amazon, FuboTV, TLC online.

5 Seasons, 117 Episodes
April 10, 2007
Kids & Family
Cast: Kate Gosselin, Aaden Gosselin, Joel Gosselin, Leah Gosselin
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Jon & Kate Plus 8 Full Episode Guide

  • Jon has commissioned the guys at OCC to build him a bike.

  • In the series finale Kate and the kids milk cows at a dairy farm. Jon and the kids learn about firefighting and help out at a firestation. Then, Jon and Kate speak about recent life events, the series and the ups and downs of the last few years.

  • For the Gosselin kids, it's time for some sporty fun! Kate enrolls all the kids in gymnastics classes and the tumbling begins. When it's Jon's turn, he takes the kids to a local minor league baseball game.

  • Kate shares never before seen footage from the cutting room floor. The family decides to get passports for a big trip, Kate celebrates her 10th wedding anniversary with the kids, Jon tries to train the dogs and Kate hits the road for her book signing.

  • Kate takes a walk down memory lane as she looks back at viewers' favorite moments from Jon & Kate plus 8 and helps the audience countdown some of the best moments on the show.

  • As Kate takes on tough audience questions, she relives memories of the show and gives honest answers, but will Kate be shocked by some things the audience wants to know? Will she ever get married again? Where does Kate see kids in 10 years? And more...

  • Kate and the little girls head south for some all girls fun in Florida. When they explore the world's largest butterfly house, Kate learns they have more than just butterflies.

  • It's time to go back to school and this year, for the first time, all 8 of the Gosselin children are heading to the classroom. With all the kids away, how will Kate handle an empty nest for the first time?

  • Kate has always had a love for organization, but with such a full schedule and a house full of kids, she's had less and less time to organize. With the guidance of an expert, Kate and the children attempt to give the basement some much needed order.

  • Kate's ready for some good old fashioned girl time! The girls spend a special afternoon out with Mommy taking a relaxing carriage ride and having tea at a local tearoom.

  • Kate takes the kids on a special trip to visit Henry, an Amish farmer and friend who has often supplied their family with fresh produce. After a satisfying and fresh organic meal together, it's time a family game night -- but will everyone play nicely?

  • Kate and the boys head out west to experience life on a real dude ranch, complete with cowboy boots and hats! Meanwhile, Jon and the girls have some fun of their own back at the house when they play dress up and have a unique scavenger hunt.

  • While away, Kate's planned a special day with the boys and takes them to explore the USS North Carolina battleship. After the battleship adventure, Kate sets out to find a barber shop as the boys are in desperate need of a haircut.

  • While Jon oversees the installation of new cabinets in the kitchen, Kate and the kids get into some fun in the sun at the beach. But soon enough, it's time to go home. Will the reveal of the new cabinets and kitchen meet Kate's expectations?

  • The thought of doing dishes in the bathtub while the kitchen is being renovated proves too much for Kate, so she decides to trade stress for relaxation by taking the kids to the beach while Jon manages the cabinet installations.

  • The kids can't wait to sleep under the stars, but Kate still has to figure out how to set up multiple tents and start a campfire by herself! Will the demands of outdoor camping be too much, or will a campout with eight kids prove to be surprisingly fun?

  • We re-visit the story of Jon and Kate Gosselin and their two sets of multiples. How did they end up where they are today? Newly discovered home video footage of Jon and Kate enlightens viewers on the struggles and triumphs of this entertaining family.

  • The guys from Orange County Chopper (of TLC's, American Chopper) arrive at the Gosselin home. How will the kids react when the gruff motorcycle moguls - Senior, Junior and Mikey - stop by to hang out and plan the design for Jon's custom chopper?

  • To celebrate the 100th episode, Emeril Lagasse stops by the Gosselin home for cooking lessons with the entire family. The kids lend a hand and help create a delicious meal that everyone can enjoy.

  • While Kate and Mady share some relaxing mother-daugher time in San Diego, Jon hangs with the other seven children back at home. The little kids are full of energy, but is the excitement too much when one of the sextuplets has to be rushed to the doctor?

  • The kids have a special surprise in store for Kate's birthday and they're soliciting the help of professional baker Duff Goldman! Will Kate enjoy this tasty, messy surprise? How will Duff handle the chaos of having eight little helpers join his bakery?

  • When we last saw Jon & Kate, they were on a different page. Where are they now? In this one-hour, up close and personal season premiere, side by side Jon and Kate address what the future holds for their family.

  • En route to Hawaii, the Gosselins stop over in San Diego for a few days.

  • The Gosselin family is going green this year with the help of Planet Green's Renovation Nation host, Steve Thomas. From solar panels to eco-friendly lightbulbs, the family is transforming their new house into an eco-savy home.

  • It's the girls' turn to spend a day out with Mommy. In this episode, Kate treats the girls to a day of painting and fun at a pottery painting studio! In the meantime, Jon goes to the gym and brings the boys along for a lesson in healthy exercise.

  • The GOSSELIN family goes to see the Harlem Globetrotters, but there's more in store than just amazing basketball!

  • The Gosselin clan heads to a unique museum where the kids learn and explore through tactile exhibits designed for touching. It's a day of feel good fun for the whole family!

  • The Gosselins had more tears than smiles to share the first time the Gosselin family went skiing together. Jon and Cara head out to Utah to experience some more winter fun on the slopes, while Kate wisely hangs back with the rest of the clan.

  • The Gosselin GERMAN SHEPARD puppies, Nala and Shooka, are growing rapidly. Though they hardly resemble puppies anymore, they're still as curious as can be! But too much curiosity causes an unexpected visit to the vet for one of them.

  • The Gosselins have settled in their new home, but they head back to the old house to tie up some loose ends. As the family visits the old house for the last time, will they find that absence makes the heart grow fonder?

  • Now that the Gosselins live in a more spacious home, Jon and Kate have agreed that it's time to expand their already large family. To the delight of the Gosselin children, the whole family sets out to get two new puppies!

  • Jon & Kate have successfully moved themselves and their brood to a new, more spacious house. Although the big move is over, there's lots of work to be done!

  • While Kate's away in the Big Apple, Jon and the kids set out to explore the woods near their new house. With walking sticks in hand, they're off on an outdoor adventure! Will all the kids enjoy the great outdoors or will there be inevitable meltdowns?

  • After lots of planning and preparation, the Gosselin clan finally packs up and moves to a more spacious home. Jon and Kate say goodbye to the house where their children spent most of their young lives, and the family embarks on a new chapter of life.

  • After hearing about the new house, the eager Gosselin kids get to see what their soon-to-be new home looks like before moving day, but will they share the same enthusiasm for the new house as Jon and Kate?

  • For years viewers have marveled as Jon & Kate raise their brood. Through viewer e-mails and video uploads, hundreds of viewers have inquired about the Gosselins.. Now, Jon & Kate sit down and answer their questions. It's all you wanted to know and more!

  • With such a large family, Jon and Kate always plan for ways to save money and time. On this day, Kate plans to make lots of soup to freeze for the upcoming winter season, but the day doesn't quite go as she expected.

  • The twins are excited when Jon and Kate give them an opportunity to be a mommy to the sextuplets for an entire day. But as they try to guide, feed, and instruct their younger siblings, they soon learn that the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

  • The entire Gosselin clan heads to New York City for the day, embarking on a press tour to promote their new book. After a busy morning of appearances on several well-known talk shows, Jon and Kate decide to take advantage of the Big Apple.

  • Jon and Kate have realized how much they've accumulated over the last four years and have decided it's time to clean house and hold a Gosselin-sized yard sale!

  • Jon and Kate prove that they are more committed than ever to each other and their unique life together as parents of multiples. After almost ten years of marriage, Jon and Kate have a wedding vow renewal ceremony in Hawaii and you are cordially invited!

  • After several days of travel, the Gosselins arrive in Hawaii and learn about Hawaiian culture through private lei making and hula lessons, Hawaiian cooking classes, snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean and participating in a traditional Grand Luau.

  • It's a day of ballpark fun when the Gosselins are invited to a Phillies game by the manager. Jon takes the boys and Cara to see their first baseball game. After the game, they get to run around the bases, meet the mascot and even meet one of the players!

  • Jon and Kate and all eight kids are off to see the beauty of Hawaii. But before they leave for the land of sun, there's much to be done! In addition to packing for a family ten, Kate must also find the perfect dress for her renewal of vows ceremony.

  • After a fun-filled summer, Jon and Kate prepare for the twins to head back to school and for the sextuplets to start their first year of pre-school! There's lots to do as all eight kids to head to school for the first time in Gosselin history.

  • When Kate heads out of town for a few days Jon gets to do things his way, but will he be able to survive without Kate's help or will he come out of this experience with a new-found appreciation for his wife? And can he get eight kids to school on time?

  • Good Housekeeping asked the Gosselins to be on the cover of the November issue, which proves more challenging than originally anticipated. With over 35 people on the premises, how does the family cope? And will Good Housekeeping get the perfect photo?

  • Viewers continue to flood Jon and Kate's inbox with questions about how they make life with eight kids as normal as possible. So they sit down and go through some of the most interesting and entertaining emails and answer their questions.

  • In this episode, Jon and Kate take the kids on one of their favorite educational outings. At the nationally known Sight and Sound Theatre, the kids learn about the story of Adam and Eve by watching an interactive play.

  • In this episode, Jon and Kate decide to mix it up and go camping in their own back yard! Everyone is ready and excited about smores and outdoors until the finicky weather threatens to cancel the nighttime adventure. Will rain clouds ruin the plans?

  • At the ripe age of four, the sextuplets wonder where they came from and how they got a start in this big world. Jon and Kate decide to show them the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) where they spent their first several weeks.

  • On this Independence Day, Jon and Kate celebrate with yummy food, fun and fireworks. The kids get to play with sparklers for the first time and finish the day off with watching fireworks by a lighthouse!

  • When the sextuplets were 3, Jon and Kate introduced them to the beach, which proved to be a cold, windy, and sandy disaster of a day. Now, they brave the beach again with the hope that they will get smiles and laughter instead of whining and tears.

  • In this episode, Jon and Kate engage the curiosity of their animal-loving children by taking them on an open Jeep tour which follows wild horses dwelling along the coastal beach. They also climb a lighthouse and find out one of them is afraid of heights.

  • In this episode, Jon and Kate pack up the kids and head south for a speaking engagement and a trip to a nearby beach. But how will the sextuplets handle the long car trip now that they're a little older?

  • Every child's favorite tank engine stops in for a visit near the Gosselin's neighborhood, prompting Jon and Kate to take their Thomas the Train-loving kids to see him.

  • The Gosselin family take a trip to Sesame Place! There they meet Big Bird and Elmo and get to tour the set of Elmo's World where Elmo plays with them and gives them lots of hugs and kisses.

  • Jon and Kate cover both their favorite and most embarrassing moments. Share a laugh with them as they discuss their favorite instances with each child. They also delve into some occurrences that they wish had never been caught on tape!

  • Jon decides to teach his children about their heritage by cooking a delicious, traditional Korean meal for the whole family! Learn all about Korean food with the Gosselin kids and watch as they react to this new food, which is part of their roots.

  • Jon and Kate take the kids to a bakery to decorate their birthday cupcakes -- which they aren't allowed to eat until after dinner. Will the sextuplets exercise patience, or will their love for sweet treats get the best of them?

Jon & Kate Plus 8 News

Report: Kate Gosselin Made Her Nannies Eavesdrop on Jon & Kids

Have you ever watched "Jon & Kate Plus 8" and wondered what's really going on behind the scenes? One of the reality TV couple's nannies is here to answer all your questions. Basically, according to the E! News interview with one of Kate Gosselin's former employees, the house was a nightmare in which nothing was allowed to be on the floor, even shoes, and telephone calls were monitored.