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Wildfire, a show from ABC Family, is basically a series about a girl named Kris Furillo's journey after having a rough start in life. It is a series where you can find romance, the hope that comes from second chances, and horses. Kris Furillo is a girl that had a rough childhood. She had a terrible mother and made some bad decisions; these decisions landed Kris in Juvenile Hall. However there is a program at this Juvenile Hall to get the girls involved with horses. Kris Furillo quickly figures out that she has a gift with horses. She takes a special liking to a horse there, named Wildfire.

While working at this program with the horses a trainer, named Pablo Betart, takes a liking to Kris. At her parole hearing he gives Kris the second chance she has been hoping for. Pablo, who also had a juvenile record, is hoping he can help give Kris the second chance that he was once offered. He gets the owner of the Raintree Farm to give Kris a job, as a stablehand. Pablo believes that Raintree can be the positive environment to help Kris get back on the right track in life.

While working at Raintree Kris's true talents begin to show. After saving Wildfire from being slaughtered, it becomes evident that Kris has the skills to be more than a stablehand and that Wildfire has the talent to be a racing horse once again. Kris and Wildfire share a special bond, this helps to begin to train Wildfire to race again. Kris also moves from being just a stablehand to an exercise rider. As she continues to prove herself, Kris eventually becomes a Jockey.

While Kris is working hard at not messing up the second chance given to her, her love life becomes a complicated mess. A love triangle quickly develops between herself, Matt Ritter, the son of the owner of Raintree, and Junior Davis, the son of the owner of Davis Farms. There is also a time when her agent and her become involved. As her life becomes more and more complicated, Kris begins to wonder if she keep her promises to those who gave her a second chance at this new life.

Wildfire is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on June 20, 1950.

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4 Seasons, 52 Episodes
June 20, 1950
Cast: Genevieve Padalecki, Greg Serano, Nicole Tubiola
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Wildfire Full Episode Guide

  • Junior finds himself in a bind when he is called away to Alaska as Kris' is scheduled for her ride on Wildfire in the Tucker Stakes, and with their wedding approaching.

  • Kris and Junior are offered a chance to work on a geothermal project for a year, which would mean a relocation in Alaska. Meanwhile, Kris finds out she is to race in the Tucker Stakes on Wildfire, one last time.

  • The wedding plans for Kris and Junior has everyone on edge, and even has Kris wondering if she can make it as a Davis family member. Meanwhile, Dani's father continues to interfere in her return to racing.

  • Kris and Matt do their best to run the Raintree dude ranch and prepare for the next race which will include Dani's new horse, as Jean is still out of commission.

  • Kris and Junior must postpone their wedding plans after Jean is injured by one of Matt's rescued horses, who is unnerved by their impending nuptials. Meanwhile, Dani's father buys her a thoroughbred which reignites her interest in racing.

  • Kris hopes that Jean will change her mind about Raintree's future now that Flame has had success in the DuPont Stakes, but Kris is unsure if she will play a role in it. Meanwhile, Dani and Pablo recommend that Junior fights for what he believes in.

  • Kris fights to get her jockey license reinstated just as Flame is ready for his first race. Meanwhile, an intense personal matter for Pablo is clouding an important professional decision for him.

  • A moment of passion with Kris has Junior wondering whether to continue on with his wedding plans with Laura. Meanwhile, Dani would like to have a relationship with Noah, and Pablo needs to decide whether to tell Jean how he really feels about her.

  • Junior loses time from his wedding plan due to his preoccupation in his and Calvin's business proposition, but Laura believes it has something to do with Kris. Meanwhile, Jean objects to Matt's plans for Raintree's adopted racehorses.

  • Kris and Junior assist with Matt's plan to get Raintree back into horse racing, but must find Wildfires offspring, Flame first. Meanwhile, Wildfire's condition continues to improve at Dani's clinic.

  • Jean and Pablo insists that Kris leave town instead of sticking around and helping with the care of Wildfire. Junior reconnects with an old high-school classmate who could be the key to a financial windfall for the Davis ranch. Matt remains at odds with his mother about Raintree's dude-ranch transformation.

  • After sneaking back to Raintree to watch Wildfire race one last time, Kris is seen in the barn with him by Junior. As a result, Junior starts to struggle whether he should propose to his girlfriend Laura. Later, Dani befriends Kris and soon offers her a place to stay and work at her new clinic.

  • In the six months that passed since her illegal race, Kris discovers she has worn out her welcome at Raintree. Now living in Colorado, Kris learns that Raintree Farm is being turned into a Dude Ranch, Wildfire might be retired from racing, and that Junior is planning to propose to his new girlfriend.

  • Kris and Matt think about entering a competition with a 2 million dollar prize. Kris seeks to win for financial reasons, but the competition just may end Raintree.

  • Kris tries to repair the rift between Matt and Junior, but the tension is exacerbated by the approach of the important Bristol Stakes and the return of Gillian, who proceeds to resume her bonding with Junior.

  • Kris' endeavors to get accustomed to her new relationship with Matt and deal with Pablo's departure are interrupted by a surprise visit from her half brother (Ignacio Serricchio), but she's suspicious of his sudden arrival.

  • Kris and Matt's rekindled relationship comes as a shock to Junior, who is distracted by consoling Dani in her time of mourning. Meanwhile, the search is on for a new trainer at Raintree, but Matt's decision could spell doom for the family business.

  • Gillian's romance with Matt is doomed when he can't hide his affection for Kris any longer; a tragic incident at the rodeo hits too close to home for Dani; Pablo considers a new career opportunity; and Junior rethinks his working relationship with his father.

  • With Raintree in dire financial straits, Jean and Matt's willingness to consider a buyer's offer draws criticism from Pablo and Kris. Meanwhile, Junior and Gillian find common ground in their family histories.

  • Kris worries about her status at Raintree after Gillian moves into the bunkhouse with Matt and begins offering unsolicited advice about Wildfire's training. Meanwhile, a Davis family health scare brings Junior back to the ranch, but Dani isn't so sure she needs any help.

  • Kris is overcome by emotion when she helps Matt and Junior try to save Flame from being sold by Junior's dad; Dani takes a surprising step in her relationship with R.J.; and Gillian senses it might be time to get a place with Matt.

  • Kris is distracted by the return of her rival, Tina Sharp, who is tapped to ride a Raintree boarder's horse that used to belong to the Davis ranch. Meanwhile, R.J. is irked when business precedes pleasure in his romance with Dani.

  • The destruction of Kris's trailer by fire forces her to move into the Ritters' house, which brings her closer to an old flame; Junior gets a rude welcome to the bull-riding circuit by some of the old pros; and Dani has a new suitor.

  • Kris resorts to desperate measures to ease Raintree's financial crisis; Matt tries to beat Dani at her own game in a battle for an important client's business; and Junior finds old habits hard to break.

  • In the third-season premiere, Kris learns what happened to Kerry while Raintree deals with the unexpected fallout of the Breeders' Cup win. Meanwhile, Dani takes over the Davis ranch, but that doesn't stop her father from calling the shots; and Jean welcomes home a familiar face after a death in the family.