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  • 2019
  • 3 Seasons

Japanese manga culture has been a great source of story content for many internationally popular series, one of those being 'Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun'. A colorful and eccentric Japanese animation television series, it depicts comedy, adventure, and fantasy. Initially a manga series composed by Osamu Nishi, it was later adapted into an animated series by NHK in 2019. The continually evolving plot and interesting characters turn this series into an entertaining journey with elements of surprise around every corner.

The central figure of the storyline is a fourteen-year-old boy named Iruma Suzuki. The peculiar aspect of Iruma's life is his constant misuse by his irresponsible and selfish parents, who make him work to support their whims and fancies. One day in a sudden turn of events, Iruma's parents decide to sell him to a demon named Sullivan. This unexpected transaction initiates a new chapter for Iruma, as he transitions to a world drowning in macabre and weirdness – The Demon World.

Sullivan, who hasn't had a child of his own, becomes undeniably fond of Iruma and decides to embrace him as a grandson. While Iruma is terrified by the unforeseen situation, Sullivan enrols him into the Babyls' Demon School, hence the title 'Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun'. As the title suggests, the show is about Iruma's journey of survival and discovery within the demon world.

The show presents a unique storyline where Iruma has to conceal his human identity. If discovered to be a human, his life would be in grave danger since humans are considered as an exotic species in the Demon World. Furthermore, the irony of the scenario is that Iruma, despite being a human, quickly becomes popular among the terrifying demons because of a crucial twist in the story.

One unique aspect of the show is its blend of comedy and fantasy elements. Iruma's predicaments often lead to hilarious moments, breaking the serious overtones of a typical demon-themed show. The humor arises from Iruma's persistent efforts to remain unnoticed, his surprising promotions despite wanting the opposite, and his unintentional action of bewitching others at the demon school.

The picturesque animation, which typifies many Japanese animated series, provides a visual feast for the audience. 'Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun' presents extraordinary, eccentric, and thrilling scenes filled with vibrant colors, fantastic characters, and unusual creatures that successfully evoke the essence of a whimsical and frightening demon world.

The characters, with their distinct characteristics and backstories, make 'Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun' a perfect balance of likeable protagonists, ambiguous characters, and villains. Sullivan, with his warm and inviting nature, stands as a stark contrast to the conventional depiction of stone-hearted and evil demons. Additionally, there is a scene-stealing fiery redhead named Clara Valac whose enthusiasm knows no bounds.

The show skilfully portrays the growth in its characters, primarily Iruma, who evolves from being a compliant boy to becoming a more assertive individual. It is captivating to watch his interactions with his demon peers, his defiance against his predisposed mundane life, and his adoptive grandparent, Sullivan. Moreover, alongside Iruma's transformation, the show also explores themes of friendship, courage, adaptation, and self-growth.

The engaging plot-twists, coupled with perfectly timed humor and exciting elements of fantasy, make 'Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun' an unparalleled show. The series commands attention with its fascinating narrative, maintained by the unique world-setting, complex character relationships, stunning animations, and a soundtrack that complements the visual spectacle. It enthralls audiences of different ages with its mix of light-hearted entertainment and intriguing premises, making it a noteworthy part of the 2019 NHK lineup and anime sphere.

In essence, 'Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun' is a bright, lively, and convivial series. It is a delightful blend of colorful graphics, endearing characters, humor, fantasy, and coming-of-age content, which gradually unfolds into an enchanting tale that keeps you hooked from the beginning to the end. The fantastical world of demons, viewed from the eyes of a human teenager, provides a unique perspective, resulting in a series that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (67 episodes). The series first aired on October 5, 2019.

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun
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Words for My Friends
21. Words for My Friends
March 4, 2023
Sullivan invites Bachiko over to the mansion to thank her for training Iruma. While she is there, Sullivan tells her that Iruma is actually human. The next day, Iruma and Clara go to Asmodeus's home, just as they promised. Iruma seemed troubled about the fact that he hasn't told them that he is actually human yet. But after talking to Alice's mother, Asmodeus Amuryllis, the thing Iruma ends up telling his friends is...
Bad Company / Heartfelt Cooking Class
20. Bad Company / Heartfelt Cooking Class
February 25, 2023
Iruma goes over to Lead's house after getting a brand new gaming console. While they're playing games, Lead's older sister Shakky suddenly bursts into Lead's room, and she seems to be in a really bad mood... / Ameri and Iruma end up making homemade cookies together. But apparently, neither one of them has ever cooked something properly in their lives. They are an absolute mess in the kitchen and even Opera seems to have some trouble dealing with them...
The Instructors' Banquet
19. The Instructors' Banquet
February 18, 2023
The night that the Harvest Festival ended, the instructors of Babyls got together at a pub to celebrate. Kalego usually never goes to these outings, but Balam catches him and forces him to go. Robin is getting ahead of himself as usual and the group even talks about Kalego's days as a newbie instructor. What is the most important thing about being an instructor at Babyls? We also get to see what happened to Ocho after he escaped into the jungle after the Harvest Festival.
Welcome Back
18. Welcome Back
February 11, 2023
The Legend Leaf exploded in the sky and bloomed into beautiful flower petals. While everyone's in a celebrating mood, the award ceremony begins. Those who did excellently in the event, those who ended up forfeiting... How did all of the members of the Misfit Class do? Were they all able to reach the rank they needed to?! All of the mentors also are reunited with their students. How will the mentors respond to their students' performances during the Harvest Festival?
Legend Leaf
17. Legend Leaf
February 4, 2023
The Harvest Festival is coming to an end. Iruma and his friends have managed to obtain the Seed of Beginnings and the Vase of Endings. But they have no idea how to make the Legend Leaf bloom. Lead then remembers one of their old lessons with Suzie and remembers a certain spell... Iruma and Lead have exhausted their energy and mana at this point. Will they be able to successfully make the Legend Leaf bloom in the little time that they have?! Finally, the results are announced. Who will be the student who gets the title of Young King?
The End of the Harvest Festival
16. The End of the Harvest Festival
January 28, 2023
Asmodeus protects Iruma and Clara from Orobas, but he is disqualified from the competition because he directly attacked Orobas. As they watch Asmodeus walk off, they realize that Orobas has disappeared. Ocho had taken Orobas and fled. If Iruma and his friends don't retrieve the Vase of Endings, they can't make the Legendary Leaf bloom. But they have no idea where to even start. It is then when a certain someone appears before Iruma and his friends!
The True Worth of the Archer
15. The True Worth of the Archer
January 21, 2023
The battle between Keroli's Magical Beast Kingdom and Picero and Goemon's squad continues. Elizabetta also joins the Magical Beast Kingdom and charms the enemy male students on the frontline. Meanwhile, Iruma and Lead also arrive at the Magical Beast Kingdom. After having Camui interpret what Naphula was saying, they find out that it was Orobas who had been attacking the members of the Misfit Class. Orobas seems determined to win, no matter what. Clara is now in danger, as she wandered off into the jungle by herself.
Lead's Distress
14. Lead's Distress
January 14, 2023
Iruma is safely reunited with Lead. But apparently, Lead had the Vase of Endings he had successfully obtained stolen by Elizabetta. However, it appears as though the one who took the vase was not Elizabetta, but someone else. Lead uses his bloodline ability, Controller, that had been strengthened through Robin's training and tries to track Elizabetta down. What he ended up hearing were the voices of Elizabetta, Clara, and Keroli in a hot spring?!
My Very Own Magic
13. My Very Own Magic
January 7, 2023
The third day of the Harvest Festival. The announcement of how many points each has is announced through the jungle. Kalego mentions that a certain student still has zero points and tells them to shape up. After hearing this, Asmodeus and Clara immediately think of Iruma. Meanwhile, down in the underground labyrinth, Iruma figures out a way to get out...
Wish Upon Your Bow
12. Wish Upon Your Bow
December 24, 2022
Iruma is trying to get back to the surface after exploring the underground labyrinth with Naphura. On their way up, he runs into his parents that shouldn't be in the netherworld. They're actually an illusion created by Orobas's magic. Iruma is overwhelmed by the illusion and falls off a cliff. Down below, Iruma continues to see nightmarish illusions. Will he be able to overcome his fears?!
Toto the Genie
11. Toto the Genie
December 17, 2022
Ameri happens to run into Jazz and Schneider in the tent for all of the students who have forfeited. Apparently, they ran into a plot to get rid of all of the students of the Misfit Class from this competition. Around the same time, Iruma and Lead had begun looking for the Legend Leaf by using the lyrics to the Legend Leaf song as a clue. Iruma goes through the jungle, following what the lyrics said, and finds an entrance to an underground labyrinth. Deep within the labyrinth filled with traps and tricks, he encounters...
The Iruma I Know
10. The Iruma I Know
December 10, 2022
Day 2 of the Harvest Festival, and the Iruma and Lead team were still at zero points, so they decide to try to get the Legendary Leaf to turn things around. With that in mind, they go visit Camui. Once they find him, they also encounter a horde of magical beasts and a little kingdom that had been established. The two are captured and suddenly brought in front of the queen of the kingdom, which just so happened to be Keroli?! Meanwhile, Ameri was thinking back about her time at the Harvest Festival, as she was watching Iruma's performance from the broadcast tent.
The Dorodoro Brothers' Provocation
9. The Dorodoro Brothers' Provocation
December 3, 2022
The Asmodeus and Sabnock pair and the Dorodoro Brothers were in the middle of hunting down a Hundred Flapple. The Dorodoro Brothers wanted to take back their master from Asmodeus and Sabro because they believed that they were their master's number one pupils. Both Asmodeus and Sabro end up falling for the brothers' provocation, but they didn't realize that the provocation itself had to do with the brothers' abilities. Asmodeus fights back by unleashing his evil cycle just the way Balam had taught him to. Also, what exactly is this history between the Dorodoro Brothers and their master?
Can We Make A Hundred Friends? / The Students I'm Proud Of
8. Can We Make A Hundred Friends? / The Students I'm Proud Of
November 26, 2022
Can We Make 100 Friends?: The owner of the amazing castle in the middle of the jungle was none other than Picero! Picero and Goemon were fighting in the Harvest Festival and had this castle to come back to. A busybody and a demon who marches to the beat of his own drum... This unlikely pair apparently have known each other for a while... The Students I'm Proud Of Meanwhile, in the tutors' tent, there was a party going on. The tutors were all watching their students' performances during the Harvest Festival... and somewhere down the line, a rivalry was building up between the tutors.
Clara's Toy Box / A Night Filled With Screams
7. Clara's Toy Box / A Night Filled With Screams
November 19, 2022
Clara's Toy Box: Iruma gets sucked into Clara's kigurumi and then is trapped inside the strange and fantastical world that's inside! Iruma turns into a child inside and out and he ends up having a lot of fun with Clara. A Night Filled With Screams: Students start forfeiting left and right due to the harsh conditions in the jungle the first night of the Harvest Festival. Meanwhile, Konatsu, Haruno, Azuki, and Dosanko manage to find a certain location and...
Devilishly Pure
6. Devilishly Pure
November 12, 2022
Iruma and Lead are leisurely eating their ingredients while the other members of the Misfit Class are earning points. Iruma was experiencing a survivor's high after having his life put in danger. They decided to enjoy their time eating, putting a priority on surviving the longest in the Harvest Festival. They start talking about memories of a devi-mixer they went to and are just enjoying their time. However, they are suddenly approached by a mysterious kigurumi and...
Cunning Demons
5. Cunning Demons
November 5, 2022
Asmodeus and Sabro have been using their brute strength to capture their prey so far in the Harvest Festival, when they run into the Dorodoro Brothers, Ichiro and Niro, who are two of the favorites to win the whole competition. The brother issue a challenge, saying that they will hand over all of their points if Asmodeus and Sabro win against them. Meanwhile, Keroli and Camui have taken the lead in their own section by taking command of most of the magical beasts in their area and Jazz and Schneider have been gaining points by using strategy. What exactly was their hellish training with Sergeant Furfur like?
The Signal That the Harvest Festival Has Begun
4. The Signal That the Harvest Festival Has Begun
October 29, 2022
The final battle for the Babyls first-years, the Harvest Festival, finally begins. It is a rank-advancement exam in the form of a survival game that takes place over four days. They must hunt the various magical beasts and plants that exist in the jungle for points, and the one who comes out with the most points wins. The Misfit Class just finished some rigorous training, and they end up back in the groups they ended up training with, butting heads with everyone else. Onward to the jungle filled with dangerous magical beasts!
Iruma's True Feelings
3. Iruma's True Feelings
October 22, 2022
Bachiko finally starts training Iruma, on one condition. Bachiko is known to be one of the best archers in the underworld and she tells Iruma he'll have to make a bow of his own. Iruma transfers some mana into one of the feathers of the guardian of Cutthroat Valley that he finds at the Magical Apparatus Battler and creates a bow. But Bachiko tells him it's not good enough. Bachiko tells him that the most important thing is to visualize the bow that he wants the most, but...
Master Bachiko
2. Master Bachiko
October 15, 2022
Iruma and Lead end up being trained by Robin's relative, Barbatos Bachiko. Bachiko is very skilled and was personally asked by Sullivan to assist Robin with tutoring the kids. They were supposed to have a rather hard training schedule... but all Bachiko asks them to do is random errands. Lead has had enough of that and goes back to Robin. Iruma is left frustrated and alone. He learns that Asmodeus and Clara have been training and decides to take matters into his own hands!
The Misfit Class's New Term
1. The Misfit Class's New Term
October 8, 2022
The students of the Misfit Class have been given a special order. The order was for all of them to reach the Dalet rank before they become second-years, or they would lose the Royal One that they had worked so hard to obtain. The next event where they can raise their rank is the Harvest Festival. In order to help them raise their ranks in such a short amount of time, the school had prepared special tutors for them. The new term had only just begun, but unexpected trials await Iruma and his friends.
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Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun is available for streaming on the NHK website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun on demand at Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu.
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    October 5, 2019