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  • TV-Y7
  • 1982
  • 1 Season
  • 8.7  (4,233)

The Mysterious Cities of Gold is a thrilling adventure anime series that originally aired in Japan in 1982 and later became a hit in other parts of the world, including France and Canada. Set in the 16th century, the show follows the journey of a young Spanish boy named Esteban, who embarks on a daring quest to find the legendary Cities of Gold. Esteban is joined by his two friends, Zia, a young Inca girl, and Tao, an amusing Chinese orphan boy, who help him in his search for the treasures of the cities.

The trio travels through various exotic lands, encountering new people and cultures, solving mysteries, and facing dangerous challenges along the way. Their journey is guided by a set of mysterious golden medallions given to Esteban by his father, which hold clues to the cities' location.

As the adventurers move closer to their goal, they discover a dark conspiracy involving the Spanish Empire, which seeks to exploit the power of the cities for their own gain. Esteban, Zia, Tao, and their companions must band together to protect the cities and uncover the truth behind the conspiracy.

The show features a diverse and colorful cast of characters that add to the overall charm of the series. The voice actors, including Junko Hori, Masako Nozawa, Isao Sasaki, Rei Sakuma, Takeshi Aono, Kaneta Kimotsuki, Goro Naya, Katsunosuke Hori, Haruna Ikezawa, Hideyuki Umezu, Hitoshi Takagi, Kazuhiko Inoue, Keiko Hanagata, Koichi Chiba, Mahito Tsujimura, Mahito Tsujimura, Mari Okamoto, Hiroya Ishimaru, Adrian Knight, Howard Ryshpan, Anick Faris, Matt Berman, Kelly Ricard, Walter Massey, and Vlasta Vrana, all do a fantastic job in bringing their respective characters to life.

The animation and art style of The Mysterious Cities of Gold are also outstanding, with hand-drawn characters, beautiful landscapes, and vivid colors that transport the viewers to the exotic locations the characters explore.

One unique aspect of the show is its use of historical facts and mythology, which adds a layer of depth and authenticity to the storytelling. The series does an excellent job of exploring the different cultures and traditions of the people Esteban, Zia, and Tao encounter during their journey while also highlighting the societal issues and conflicts of the time.

The show's iconic theme song, "Mysterious Cities of Gold," performed by the Japanese pop group KAGEYAMA Shigeaki, is a catchy and memorable tune that became synonymous with the series and has since become a cult favorite among fans.

In conclusion, The Mysterious Cities of Gold is a timeless adventure anime that has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide for over three decades. From its compelling storyline and lovable characters to its stunning animation and use of historical facts, the show has something for everyone. Whether you're a fan of anime or adventure stories, The Mysterious Cities of Gold is a must-watch series that is sure to leave you entertained and inspired.

The Mysterious Cities Of Gold is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (39 episodes). The series first aired on May 1, 1982.

The Mysterious Cities Of Gold
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End of the City of Gold
39. End of the City of Gold
February 5, 1983
Menator and Kalmec return to their base and place the great treasure from the City of Gold inside a solar reactor.
The Great Legacy
38. The Great Legacy
January 29, 1983
Menator orders the Olmec flying machine to break up into smaller craft, and one segment destroys the outer...
The City of Gold
37. The City of Gold
January 22, 1983
Mendoza is reunited with Pedro and Sancho. He explains how he spotted an island in middle of the lake at the exact spot indicated by Papacamayo as the site of the City of Gold.
Aerial Pursuit
36. Aerial Pursuit
January 15, 1983
As the Olmec flying machine rises into the air from the depths of the Burning Shield, the Mayan soldiers flee,...
The Olmec Machine
35. The Olmec Machine
January 8, 1983
Esteban, Zia and Tao are waiting outside the base when Gaspard and Gomez take them by surprise and again...
Revolt of the Mayas
34. Revolt of the Mayas
December 18, 1982
At dawn, the Mayas attack the Olmecs. And in the village, Tao and Esteban prepare the golden condor to join...
The Reunion
33. The Reunion
December 11, 1982
The golden condor lands in the village. A crowd has gathered around the injured Papacamayo and Mendoza tells...
Attack of the Olmecs
32. Attack of the Olmecs
December 4, 1982
The Olmecs head for Wynacocha's village to attack it.
The Village of the New Sun
31. The Village of the New Sun
November 27, 1982
Fleeing, the friends are soon surrounded again - but a shower of arrows attacks the Olmecs, who scatter. The...
The Escape
30. The Escape
November 20, 1982
Back in the Olmec base, the friends learn that their crystal tower combines natural heat and light and...
The Burning Shield
29. The Burning Shield
November 13, 1982
Heading through the jungle, Esteban and his friends spot the mountain they are looking for and suddenly Tao's...
The Forest of Statues
28. The Forest of Statues
November 6, 1982
On their way to the forest of stone statues, they spot the Doctor and Marinch in the company of Tetiola, who...
The Doors of Night
27. The Doors of Night
October 30, 1982
The friends are venturing through a windy gap in some enormous cliffs, when a large rock falls from on high,...
The Swamps
26. The Swamps
October 23, 1982
Under a burning sun, Esteban and his friends cross the plain of the land of the Mayas. They are looking for...
The Lake of Gold
25. The Lake of Gold
October 16, 1982
Esteban, Zia and Tao find a lake with what appears to be a gold lining at the bottom. They investigate but are...
The Manuscript
24. The Manuscript
October 9, 1982
Tao returns to the underground chamber to investigate the jade mask.Looking into the eyes of the mask, he sees...
The Jade Mask
23. The Jade Mask
October 2, 1982
The golden condor flies over the sea towards the land of the Mayas. Suddenly losing height, the bird flies...
The Mirror of the Moon
22. The Mirror of the Moon
September 25, 1982
In the Queen's palace, the friends are well looked after. However, the Priestess Omoro remains very hostile...
The Amazons
21. The Amazons
September 18, 1982
The golden condor flies over the Amazon forest. Esteban flies low so that they can all admire the river - but...
The Spaniards' Cannon
20. The Spaniards' Cannon
September 11, 1982
Esteban and his friends fly towards the High Peak Machu Picchu - where they hope to tell Kraka everything that has happened to them. Mendoza, for his part, hopes that Kraka will show them the way to the land of the Mayas.
The Nasca Plateau
19. The Nasca Plateau
September 4, 1982
Esteban and his friends are airborne in the golden condor. While they have no idea how to pilot it, they eventually realise that it is following the course of the sun.
Maiden Flight of the Condor
18. Maiden Flight of the Condor
August 28, 1982
Having fallen asleep beside the golden condor, Esteban and his friends are awoken by an earthquake.
The Great Condor
17. The Great Condor
August 21, 1982
Heading for the mountains of Pacha Mama, Esteban and his friends again come across Karuga who has now been...
The Urubus
16. The Urubus
August 14, 1982
Esteban and his friends are trapped along with Mendoza, Pedro and Sancho in the Fort of the Black Eagle, which...
The Subterranean Secret
15. The Subterranean Secret
August 7, 1982
With Tao's conclusions and calculations, the friends now know where the City of Gold is, but first they have...
Esteban's Medallions
14. Esteban's Medallions
July 31, 1982
Esteban hopes that Mayuka will also be able to tell him something about his father. And indeed, Mayuka tells them that twelve or thirteen years ago, a man who came by boat over the great ocean to the west.
Mystery of the Parents
13. Mystery of the Parents
July 24, 1982
The friends decide to head to Zia's village. But in order to get there, they will have to go back to the...
Secret of the Medallions
12. Secret of the Medallions
July 17, 1982
The children soon reach the fort of the Black Eagle where they are warmly greeted. No Spaniard has ever...
Messengers of the Region
11. Messengers of the Region
July 10, 1982
Esteban, Zia and Tao walk through the mountains, in the direction of Zia's village. But they are being followed by two men, both of whom are strangely dressed
Secret of the Temple
10. Secret of the Temple
July 3, 1982
Esteban and his friends have hardly left the bay when they meet the Saint Miguel, a Spanish warship under the...
The End of the Solaris
9. The End of the Solaris
June 26, 1982
The Solaris and its crew shelter in a bay for the night, but at dawn they are captured by Spanish soldiers and...
The New Continent
8. The New Continent
June 19, 1982
As the Solaris sails away from the Galapagos,Tao bids farewell to the island that he will never see again.
Secret of the Solaris
7. Secret of the Solaris
June 12, 1982
Tao, now very hospitable to his new friends, shows them his giant treehouse. He tells them that he is the...
The Ship Solaris
6. The Ship Solaris
June 5, 1982
To their great relief, Esteban, Zia, Mendoza, Pedro and Sancho have landed on an island in the Galapagos
The Abduction of Zia
5. The Abduction of Zia
May 29, 1982
The Esperanza is in the grip of a tornado. As the crew tie themselves down and Captain Perez himself takes the...
Adrift on the Endless Sea
4. Adrift on the Endless Sea
May 22, 1982
Heroes Again
3. Heroes Again
May 15, 1982
The Esperanza sets sail on its long voyage to the New World amid much celebration. Esteban and Zia make...
Crossing the Atlantic
2. Crossing the Atlantic
May 8, 1982
The year is 1532. In Barcelona lives 12-year old Esteban, an orphan boy who has been raised by Father...
Esteban, Child of the Sun
1. Esteban, Child of the Sun
May 1, 1982
Having fallen asleep beside the golden condor, Esteban and his friends are awoken by an earthquake.
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  • Premiere Date
    May 1, 1982
  • IMDB Rating
    8.7  (4,233)