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In this animated series, a boy named Rusty solves problems and helps his friends by making tools and gadgets from everyday items. The theme of the series is resourcefulness, and Rusty encourages his young viewers to come up with imaginative solutions to their own problems. The series debuted in late 2016 on the Nickelodeon cable network in the United States.

3 Seasons, 33 Episodes
August 22, 2016
Cast: Kyle Breitkopf, Ava Preston, Samuel Faraci, Rob Tinkler
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Rusty Rivets Full Episode Guide

  • Ruby wants to see a comet fly by, and Rusty will do everything in his power to make sure his friend's wish comes true!Rusty and Ruby race to fix a leaking underwater oil pipeline before it pollutes the lake and makes it uninhabitable.

  • Rusty builds rocket skates instead of learning how to skate, but these cut up the ice and end up stranding all his friends on ice floes. When Ralph (Liam's toy) goes missing in the woods, Rusty and Ruby join the hunt.

  • Super stinky weeds invade town... but Botasaur thinks they're delicious! Rusty turns Botasaur into an all-terrain vehicle, so his robotic buddy can track all the stinkweeds down and eat them before they spread even more. Rusty turns Botasaur into the ultimate beach day gadget, but Rusty can't get to the beach to play with him because they keep stopping to help friends in need.

  • Rusty builds a robot version of himself, so he can do two things at once. But Robo-Rusty gets carried away and builds a giant robot.Rusty and Ruby build a robotic buddy for Botasaur, a Kittybot! But Botasaur accidentally scares her away.

  • Mr. Higgins wants to go to the dance but thinks he's a bad dancer. Rusty and Ruby build a suit that dances for him. Rusty causes bees to abandon their hive. So he must lure them back home before they cause problems.

  • Rusty and Liam love it when Mr. Higgins makes Sparkton Hills seem haunted with his "Spooky Adventure". Tthe Bits escape from the Recycling Yard, Rusty and Ruby read Whirly's clues to find out where they went.

  • When the comic book action figures Rusty created for Liam come alive, they behave just like their conquering characters.Sammy and Rusty must get back to town before the yummy flower they picked for Sammy's sorbet turns yucky.

  • When Officer Carl loses his lucky sculpture, Rusty and Ruby must find it and convince Officer Carl he's a great police officer with or without the sculpture.

  • When Botasaur gets tired from playing, Rusty builds him a bigger battery - but with it comes more energy! Ruby demonstrates her newest invention - the world's strongest glue - and gets all of Sparkton Hills stuck.

  • While helping Chef Betty and Sammy compete for the Peachy Keen tasting contest, Rusty and Ruby must find a way to get them working together. Ruby tries to help the monkeys at the Animal Park.

  • When Rusty, Ruby, and Liam build a fort that Botasaur can't fit into, he runs away to make his own fort. Rusty and Ruby help Mr. Higgins fix his broken bulldozer, only to have it cause mayhem all over town.

  • Rusty and Ruby make Ranger Anna a robotic pet, but it goes haywire when they try to program it. Rusty builds Liam a spaceship as a surprise, but instead of impressing him, it wreaks havoc on the town.

  • On a busy day, Officer Carl needs to be in too many places at the same time. On a nature trip, Rusty, Ruby, and Anna discover that a local beaver hasn't been able to repair its dam due to a sore tooth.

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