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  • 2016
  • 3 Seasons
  • 5.2  (16)

Big Bad BBQ Brawl is a series that aired on the Cooking Channel in 2016, featuring Shannon Ambrosio, Rich Ambrosio, and Michael B. Jordan. The premise of the show revolves around a competition between Shannon and Rich Ambrosio, pitmasters from Brooklyn, New York, against top pitmasters from across the United States. Each episode, the Ambrosios travel to a different city and face off against a local barbecue expert in a grilling challenge to determine the ultimate barbecue champion.

The show takes viewers on a journey across America, exploring regional cuisine and barbecue traditions. Each episode begins with the Ambrosios arriving in a new city and meeting their opponent. The competitors are given an opportunity to showcase their unique grilling techniques and signature dishes, and the Ambrosios must learn how to adapt their Brooklyn-style flavor to each new location.

Once the challenge begins, the competition is fierce. Both teams are given a set amount of time to prepare a menu using a specific type of protein or ingredient. The challenge is judged by a local food expert, who tastes each dish and determines the winner. Throughout the competition, Shannon and Rich provide viewers with helpful tips and tricks to perfect their own grilling techniques.

One of the highlights of the show is the variety of dishes that are prepared. From a twist on traditional Texas brisket to a seafood-inspired feast in Charleston, South Carolina, each episode offers something new and exciting. In addition to the cooking competition, viewers get an inside look at the local food scene and the barbecue culture in each city.

The Ambrosios bring their Brooklyn-style BBQ to every challenge, infusing each dish with their unique blend of flavors. Shannon is the pitmaster, responsible for smoking the meats, while Rich focuses on creating the sides and desserts. Together, they aim to impress the judges and win the ultimate title of BBQ Brawl Champion.

Michael B. Jordan, known for his roles in hit movies like Creed and Black Panther, serves as the show's celebrity judge. Jordan is a self-proclaimed foodie and barbecue enthusiast, making him the perfect addition to the series. He provides valuable feedback and insight into each dish, adding an extra level of excitement and anticipation to the competition.

Overall, Big Bad BBQ Brawl is a must-watch for foodies and barbecue lovers alike. It offers an inside look at regional cuisine and barbecue culture across America while delivering exciting, high-stakes competition. The show combines food, travel, and entertainment all in one, making it a fun and engaging series for viewers of all ages.

Big Bad BBQ Brawl is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (23 episodes). The series first aired on May 30, 2016.

Big Bad BBQ Brawl
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Double Dog Dare-Ya Brawl
7. Double Dog Dare-Ya Brawl
November 14, 2017
Brooklyn Pitmaster Shannon Ambrosio is heading to the windy city, Chicago, where he'll face off against Rusty Findlay and his team at Demon Dawgs. Shannon challenges them to make not one, but two different barbecue hot dogs because this is the Double Dog Dare-Ya Brawl! If Shannon is going to come out the top dog in this fight he'll need some help, and local barbecue expert Duce Raymond of Sweet Baby Ray's is just the man for the task. Will Shannon's New York twist on BBQ hot dogs have the bite the judges are looking for, or will he be sent back to the doghouse?
BBQ Chicken and Biscuits
6. BBQ Chicken and Biscuits
November 7, 2017
Brooklyn Pitmaster, Shannon Ambrosio pulls into Nashville, to take on Michael Powell and his team from Little Choo-Choo BBQ in a barbecue chicken and biscuits brawl. Using help from a Nashville native, Pitmaster Tony Roney, Shannon sets out to "Brooklyn-ize" this Nashville classic, and capitalize on the popularity of "hot-chicken" for his spin. Is Shannon's dish too hot for the judges to handle? Or will they be singing his praises for the win?
BBQ Hot Brown Sandwich
5. BBQ Hot Brown Sandwich
October 31, 2017
Brooklyn barbecue chef Shannon Ambrosio challenges the team at J. Render's BBQ in Lexington, Kentucky, to add a barbecue twist on a classic Kentucky sandwich, the Hot Brown! With Pitmaster Jen Lyle's of Lyle's BBQ by his side, Shannon adds local Kentucky ingredients to his smoky "Brooklyn-ized" hot brown. But will Shannon's northern take on this southern classic impress the Kentucky judges?
TV Dinner BBQ Brawl
4. TV Dinner BBQ Brawl
October 24, 2017
Brooklyn pitmaster Shannon Ambrosio heads to Indianapolis, to challenge local barbecue favorites, His Place Eatery, in a smoked meatloaf challenge served TV dinner style! With help from Chris Morrison from Black Metal BBQ, these two aim to impress the judges and beat the competition with their "Brooklyn-ized" take on BBQ smoked meatloaf. You've never seen TV dinners like this before!
Bourbon and Bacon BBQ Brawl
3. Bourbon and Bacon BBQ Brawl
October 17, 2017
Brooklyn chef and barbecue expert Shannon Ambrosio is heading south to Louisville, Kentucky, to challenge Pitmaster Chris Williams and his boys from 502 Cafe in a Bourbon and Bacon Brawl. 502 Cafe knows their bourbon, but Shannon isn't making it that easy on this Kentucky crew, because both teams must serve their dishes pizza style. With the help of Kentucky local, Chef Loreal Gavin, Shannon gathers some great local ingredients to infuse into his BBQ pizza recipe. Which pizza will charm the Kentucky judges? And who will go home without the bacon?
Bone-In-BBQ Brawl
2. Bone-In-BBQ Brawl
October 10, 2017
Brooklyn barbecue expert Shannon Ambrosio heads to Minneapolis, to battle local barbecue favorites, Charlie and Hannah Johnson of Q Fanatic, in a Bone-in-BBQ Brawl. In order to take this father and daughter crew down, Shannon enlists the help of celebrated chef, Lisa Carlson. Together they create a curry goat feast, fit for a crowd. Will Q-Fanatic impress the judges with their classic take on family-style Bone-In-Q? Or will Shannon take the win back to Brooklyn?
Beer and Cheese BBQ Brawl
1. Beer and Cheese BBQ Brawl
October 3, 2017
Brooklyn Barbecue chef, Shannon Ambrosio, heads to the beer and cheese capital of the world: Milwaukee, to challenge the "King of Barbecue," Darnell Ashley and his son, Jazz in an epic beer & cheese BBQ brawl. With some help from beloved local chef, Michael Feker of Il Mito, Shannon "Brooklyn-izes" his barbecue rib tips with an Asian twist. Will this creative approach be enough to steal the crown?
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  • Premiere Date
    May 30, 2016
  • IMDB Rating
    5.2  (16)