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Brooklyn's Shannon Ambrosio is one of New York's biggest BBQ mavericks, and this summer the chef and his crew are heading out of town to put their Northern BBQ skills to the test against expert pit masters in the South in the four-episode series Big bad BBQ Brawl. Shannon's fiery road battle visits the BBQ scenes of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and South Carolina, where smoking meat low and slow is an art.

Big Bad BBQ Brawl is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (23 episodes). The series first aired on May 30, 2016.

Where do I stream Big Bad BBQ Brawl online? Big Bad BBQ Brawl is available for streaming on Cooking Channel, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Big Bad BBQ Brawl on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Sling, Google Play, iTunes online.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Cooking Channel
3 Seasons, 23 Episodes
May 30, 2016
Food, Reality
Cast: Shannon Ambrosio, Rich Ambrosio
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Big Bad BBQ Brawl Full Episode Guide

  • Brooklyn Pitmaster, Shannon Ambrosio pulls into Nashville, to take on Michael Powell and his team from Little Choo-Choo BBQ in a barbecue chicken and biscuits brawl. Using help from a Nashville native, Pitmaster Tony Roney, Shannon sets out to "Brooklyn-ize" this Nashville classic, and capitalize on the popularity of "hot-chicken" for his spin. Is Shannon's dish too hot for the judges to handle? Or will they be singing his praises for the win?

  • Brooklyn barbecue chef Shannon Ambrosio challenges the team at J. Render's BBQ in Lexington, Kentucky, to add a barbecue twist on a classic Kentucky sandwich, the Hot Brown! With Pitmaster Jen Lyle's of Lyle's BBQ by his side, Shannon adds local Kentucky ingredients to his smoky "Brooklyn-ized" hot brown. But will Shannon's northern take on this southern classic impress the Kentucky judges?

  • Brooklyn pitmaster Shannon Ambrosio heads to Indianapolis, to challenge local barbecue favorites, His Place Eatery, in a smoked meatloaf challenge served TV dinner style! With help from Chris Morrison from Black Metal BBQ, these two aim to impress the judges and beat the competition with their "Brooklyn-ized" take on BBQ smoked meatloaf. You've never seen TV dinners like this before!

  • Brooklyn chef and barbecue expert Shannon Ambrosio is heading south to Louisville, Kentucky, to challenge Pitmaster Chris Williams and his boys from 502 Cafe in a Bourbon and Bacon Brawl. 502 Cafe knows their bourbon, but Shannon isn't making it that easy on this Kentucky crew, because both teams must serve their dishes pizza style. With the help of Kentucky local, Chef Loreal Gavin, Shannon gathers some great local ingredients to infuse into his BBQ pizza recipe. Which pizza will charm the Kentucky judges? And who will go home without the bacon?

  • Brooklyn barbecue expert Shannon Ambrosio heads to Minneapolis, to battle local barbecue favorites, Charlie and Hannah Johnson of Q Fanatic, in a Bone-in-BBQ Brawl. In order to take this father and daughter crew down, Shannon enlists the help of celebrated chef, Lisa Carlson. Together they create a curry goat feast, fit for a crowd. Will Q-Fanatic impress the judges with their classic take on family-style Bone-In-Q? Or will Shannon take the win back to Brooklyn?

  • Brooklyn Barbecue chef, Shannon Ambrosio, heads to the beer and cheese capital of the world: Milwaukee, to challenge the "King of Barbecue," Darnell Ashley and his son, Jazz in an epic beer & cheese BBQ brawl. With some help from beloved local chef, Michael Feker of Il Mito, Shannon "Brooklyn-izes" his barbecue rib tips with an Asian twist. Will this creative approach be enough to steal the crown?

  • Shannon Ambrosio is in Chicago, where he challenges husband and wife pitmasters Greg and Kristina of Chicago Culinary Kitchen. The two teams will put their own barbecue twist on one of the oldest traditional dishes in Chicago: the Italian Beef Sandwich.

  • Chef Shannon Ambrosio heads down to Florida to take on the Kissimmee Valley Rib Rodeo. Shannon takes on over 30 professional teams in the biggest cooking challenge yet.

  • Brooklyn pitmaster Shannon Ambrosio is heading west to take on twin sisters Jocelyn and Jacalyn of Twins Smoke House BBQ in Long Beach, Calif. to a double trouble barbecue brawl! Since this battle is on the west coast, the ingredients need to be fresh-- straight from the sea!

  • Shannon is crossing Arkansas state lines into Little Rock for his next barbecue challenge, pig on a stick, and heads to Southern Gourmasian; Shannon gets inspiration from local flavors.

  • Shannon Ambrosio is heading to Kansas City, Mo. to challenge local pitmasters Brandon and Cordell Simpson of Jazzy B's to a beef brawl, but with beer for an added twist!

  • Brooklyn pitmaster Shannon Ambrosio is heading to Memphis to challenge local barbecue favorite, Jessie B's, to a Southern-style barbecue showdown! Since Jessie and Shannon both have boxing backgrounds, this brawl is going to be all about a boxing staple, steak and eggs. Shannon may be the barbecue king up north, but he's going to need to find some inspiration from the local flavors to reign triumphant.

  • Brooklyn pitmaster, Shannon Ambrosio is heading to Phoenix to challenge local favorites Pork on a Fork BBQ to a serious smokin' sausage showdown! If Shannon wants to smoke the competition in this battle, he'll have to find some inspiration from the local flavors.

  • Brooklyn pitmaster Shannon Ambrosio heads to the bustling city of Tulsa. to challenge chef Adam Myers of Burn Co. to an old-fashioned barbecue battle! Since Tulsa is known for their "Oklahoma Tenderloin"-or smoked bologna, a staple in every kids school lunch-- this is going to be a schoolyard lunch bag brawl! Shannon's going to have to get some inspiration from the local flavors if he wants Burn Co. to be feeling the burn.

  • Brooklyn pitmaster Shannon Ambrosio is heading to Las Vegas to bet big on a win against local barbecue favorites, Pot Liquor BBQ in an over-the-top burger and booze brawl! Will his northern-style barbecue be enough of a gamble to win over these judges?

  • Shannon turns up the heat as he takes on Albuquerque, NM, local favorite Pepper BBQ in a sandwich slam using peppers to set the judges' taste buds on fire.