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In this food-focused show, host Noah Cappe travels around the country sampling some of the tastiest stuff that's available at fairs, carnivals, and amusements parks. Most of the food is either deep-fried or loaded with sugar, but it's undeniably delicious. The series debuted in 2014 and airs on the Food Network.

Carnival Eats is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (154 episodes). The series first aired on August 18, 2014.

Where do I stream Carnival Eats online? Carnival Eats is available for streaming on Cooking Channel, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Carnival Eats on demand at Philo, Amazon, Vudu, FuboTV, Sling, Google Play, Apple TV online.

Sundays at 9:0 PM et/pt on Cooking Channel
9 Seasons, 154 Episodes
August 18, 2014
Food Reality Travel
Cast: Noah Cappe
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Carnival Eats Full Episode Guide

  • Noah Cappe rolls across America with a list of deliciously doughy midway munchies that he kneads to try; from the OMG Pretzel Bomb to the Pumpkin Pie Beignet, these treats are perfect for all the gluten gluttons and yeasty boys and girls.

  • Noah Cappe hits the fairgrounds to sample midway munchies that satisfy every taste bud, from sweet to savory. From a bratwurst topped with sauerkraut and apple pie to garlic enhanced doughnuts, these crazy combos sound so wrong but taste just right.

  • Noah Cappe challenges carnival concessionaires across America to feature everyone's favorite spicy bar snack in their offerings. From hot dogs and burgers to pizza and onion rings, even a dessert, these pepper popper creations are on fire!

  • Noah Cappe digs in to seven ooey-gooey versions of the classic American casserole; whether it's stacked in a sandwich, layered in a hot dog, rolled into a taco or topped with lobster, these mac and cheese creations are crave-worthy carnival treats.

  • Host Noah Cappe looks east for inspiration as he explores Asian flavors on the fairgrounds. Classic foods are featured, like shrimp fried rice balls at the Pacific National Exhibition and the spicy kaprao burger at Balboa Park December Nights.

  • Host Noah Cappe crosses the country in search of wild carnival classics, like a pumped-up corndog at the Porter County Fair and a funnel cake-blooming onion mashup at the Greater Gulf State Fair.

  • Noah Cappe visits two fairs for seasonal carnival treats.

  • Noah Cappe heads to California for some holiday magic at Winter Fest OC, where there are lots of treats for all the good boys and girls.

  • Noah Cappe enjoys German-inspired carnival treats like a Christmas Wreatzel and Hot Belgian Boot at Christkindlmarket Milwaukee. Then he samples spicy midway munchies, including the Chili Cheese Dog Pizza, at the Charro Days Fiesta in Brownsville, Texas.

  • Noah Cappe discovers new carnival eats, like the Mini Donut S'more Stick and the Pineapple Split, in the California orange groves at the Cloverdale Citrus Fair. Then his adventure continues with a Key Lime Funnel at the Highlands County Fair in Florida.

  • Host Noah Cappe heads to Hawaii for the Maui Fair where rice is always on the menu. He enjoys traditional Hawaiian treats like the Laulau Feast and Loco Moco and cross-cultural favs like Furikake salmon.

  • Noah Cappe is showing off the best carnival eats in California, home to some of the biggest and best fairs in America. First, Dominic Palmieri, known as The Midway Gourmet, serves up the iconic Big Rib. Then Noah digs into a Churro Dog from Fabe's Churros and Gelato. At the San Diego County Fair, Noah meets Chicken Charlie and gets a taste of his mind-blowing All-Chicken Taco. Finally, at the LA County Fair in Pomona, Calif., Noah reunites with all three vendors for the ultimate fairground showdown.

  • Noah Cappe makes a visit to the Big Fresno Fair in California, where local legend Chicken Charlie has a triple treat stacked up on a stick. Then Noah heads across the country to the Southwest Georgia Regional Fair for the classic Georgia peach dessert served in a whole new way.

  • Noah Cappe arrives at the Volusia County Fair in Florida, where two carnival classics get a makeover for the Cheesy Tater Corndog and the Black Forest Funnel Cake. Then he heads to the Aurora Winter Festival in Vancouver, Canada, for some fusion fair food with the Phorrito, Jacked Up Fries and Cannoli Nachos.

  • Noah Cappe heads to the Big Fresno Fair in California for the debut of some new fair foods, including the Flamin' Hot Chimichanga and Rainbow Shrimp Fries. Then he visits the Elkhart County Fair in Indiana for a new spin on the classic hot dog and one of the wackiest deep-fried desserts ever.

  • The Iowa State Fair welcomes Noah Cappe with a trio of meaty masterpieces, but it's the Double Dutch Almond Funnel that has everyone jumping with joy. Then Noah hits Florida's Space Coast State Fair, where he's over the moon for offerings like the giant Jupiter Burger, spicy Solar Flare and sweet Space Coast Softball.

  • Noah Cappe hits the Wisconsin State Fair, where a local brewery is serving the ultimate deep-fried combo of beer, brats and cheese curds. For dessert, milk and cookies are inverted in a crazy new form. At the Southern California Fair, a killer combination of onion rings and a grilled hot dog gets Noah's attention, and cold brew coffee is the star of a sweet treat to round out the day.

  • Noah Cappe takes on the Porter County Fair in Indiana, where a pile of locally sourced pork is served three ways in a single dish. Pizza on a Stick makes everyone's favorite food easy to eat on the fairgrounds, and the Carrot Funnel Cake is veggies and dessert all in one. Then Noah's off to the Eastern Idaho State Fair, where the state's famous spuds are featured in surprising dishes.

  • Noah Cappe arrives at the Kentucky State Fair and gets a satisfying taste of all things Southern. He starts off with the Mac Ball Burger featuring deep-fried homemade mac and cheese, followed by the Fried Green Frank, the Derby Pie Pop and the Southern Slaw Sammie. Next Noah travels to the Lorain County Fair in Ohio, where macaroni and cheese makes an appearance in the Mac Attack Taco. The hearty Sunday Dinner Pizza and a luscious Grilled S'more Melt make for an ooey-gooey end to the day.

  • Noah Cappe makes a visit to the world-famous Iowa State Fair to sample some award-winning items. There's a new take on chicken and waffles and a massive meat meal all wrapped up to eat on the midway. Then he's off to the Missouri State Fair.

  • Noah Cappe ventures to the land of cheese for the Wisconsin State Fair and is greeted with the ooey-gooey French Onion Soup'r Stick. The Wisconsin Hot Chicken Bomb is a local variation on fried chicken, and the state's signature cocktail is transformed into the Deep-Fried Old Fashioned dessert. Then Noah is off to Goshen, Ind., for the Elkhart County 4-H Fair. One of the prettiest fairgrounds in Indiana, it's also home to an iconic Indy Burger, a new take on the funnel cake and the mysteriously delicious Dark and Minty.

  • Noah Cappe heads to northern Indiana, where the Hoosiers in Valparaiso are doing things right at the Porter County Fair. The Super Ramen Dog combines two delicious foods Noah didn't know belonged together, the Elephant Ear Taco is a new take on a fairground favorite, and the Peanut Pop Shake has Noah all shook up. Then he heads north of the border to Brooklin, Ontario, for the Brooklin Spring Fair. He makes friends with the Secret Club, gets a taste from across the pond with London Calling and eats dessert in a whole new way with the Push Pop Cake.

  • Noah Cappe starts off in Chippewa Falls, Wis., at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair. The Wisconsin woods are the inspiration for the loaded Campfire Burger, and the state's famous cheese curds make an appearance in the Hot Chick. Noah tries Spanish Queens, a unique deep-fried treat, and coffee gets a fresh take in the form of the Funnel-Latte. Then Noah's off to Indianapolis, where meat takes center stage at the Marion County Fair. The Pork Pickle Pizza is a new favorite, and the Deep-Fried Reuben transforms the classic sandwich into an easy-to-eat, must-have treat.

  • Noah Cappe heads to New York for the Long Island Fun Fest and some Empire State eats. He can't resist a pizza covered in gooey penne alla vodka or a fancy Hamptons Dog, and he also tries the ultimate Italian-American combo, a Cannoli Calzone. Then Noah travels to Fort Pierce, Fla., for the St. Lucie County Fair, where he devours the savory and sweet Loaded Churro Fries. The Strawberry Cheeseshake and the Food Court Megastick send him home happy.

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