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  • 2014
  • 11 Seasons
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Carnival Eats is a tantalizing food show that first aired on Cooking Channel in 2014, starring host and food enthusiast Noah Cappe. The show features a delectable array of carnival foods from fairs, festivals and carnivals across North America. Each episode, Noah travels to a different event, providing viewers with an insider's guide to the unique and mouth-watering foods that can be found there. Noah hits up food stalls, food trucks and some of the most creative culinary minds of the carnival world, as he tastes his way through everything from classic carnival favorites to outrageous indulgences.

In each episode, viewers get a sneak peek as the chefs and vendors in these festivals take Noah through their kitchen, showcasing their simple yet innovative creations. The show offers a behind-the-scenes look at how all of these delicious carnival foods are prepared, putting a spotlight on the creativity, ingenuity and hard work of these talented food makers.

Viewers are treated to an array of dishes that showcase inventive twists on carnival classics. Dishes such as deep-fried burgers, churro ice cream sandwiches, bacon-wrapped grilled cheese sandwiches, big bacon balls on a stick, chicken Parmesan on a bun, and a variety of fried food creations like deep-fried Oreos and pancakes apple pie among other indulgent desserts.

Carnival Eats also highlights the culture of the places where these food fairs are held. Through interviews with locals, Noah learns about the history, traditions, and unique features of each community. He then samples these foods and shows viewers just how delicious carnival fare can be anywhere in North America.

The show also showcases vendors who put their own unique spin on standard carnival foods, like a food truck that serves poutine with an exotic twist, or a new take on the classic elephant ear. With each episode featuring a different festival, viewers get a glimpse into the nuances and quirkiness of each fair's unique atmosphere and culture, showcasing a wide range of local food cultures throughout the United States and Canada.

Not everything shown is deep-fried or fatty. Healthy options are also included in the show. For instance, Noah tours a fair where everything served is organic, vegan friendly, or locally sourced where he discovers a wide array of plant-based dishes that taste delicious and as satisfying as the general comfort foods eaten at fairs.

Carnival Eats is a unique show that offers viewers a taste of North America's most mouth-watering carnival food. Noah Cappe's engaging and easy-going personality makes for a fun and informative experience for anyone who loves food, travel or just having a good time. Carnival Eats is the perfect mix of food, fun, and adventure that is set to tantalize viewers' taste buds, leaving them hungry for more.

Carnival Eats is a series that is currently running and has 11 seasons (183 episodes). The series first aired on August 18, 2014.

Carnival Eats
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Midnight Bao-Boy
13. Midnight Bao-Boy
October 8, 2023
Noah Cappe gets a good start to his day at the Macon County Fair in Illinois with the Big Biscuit. Then, he takes a bite out of street food at the Ninth Avenue Food Festival in NYC and rings in the 4th of July at the Big Butler Fair in Pennsylvania.
Steaks on a Plantain
12. Steaks on a Plantain
October 1, 2023
Noah Cappe starts his midway culinary adventure in Prospect, Pennsylvania, at the Big Butler Fair with the massively monstrous Challenge Burrito and the Crabby Patty Melt, in which a crab cake is stuffed into a grilled cheese. Then, it's off to the State Fair Meadowlands in New Jersey, where Noah samples Jibaritos, a Puerto Rican steak and plantain sandwich, and taste tests the State Fair Funnelwich -- a mashup of funnel cake and French toast. Plus, Noah visits the Macoupin County Fair in Carlinville, Illinois, where the menu includes the Breakfast Shoe -- a morning take on the classic Illinois sandwich -- the BBQ-stuffed Fat Sammy and cereal-coated doughnuts called Cereal Bombs.
Churro Dark Thirty
11. Churro Dark Thirty
September 24, 2023
Noah Cappe hits the Garden State and enjoys the snacks on offer at the State Fair Meadowlands in New Jersey, including the Big Dill Super Stick, a cheesy and brine-y fried treat, the Cheeseburger Mofongo, which takes a classic burger and gives it a Puerto Rican twist, the Curveball, a decadent take on a fried onion that needs to be seen to be believed. For dessert, Noah dines on the sweet and salty Bacon Chocolate Churro. He also makes a stop at the RiverRink Fest Philadelphia for Poppin' Shrimp Cheesesteak and the spicy, cheesy, Fiesta Frank. Finally, Noah visits the Medieval Fair of Norman, Oklahoma, for the royally decadent Prince's Pizza Dippers.
There's Something About Bloody Mary
10. There's Something About Bloody Mary
September 17, 2023
It's California carnival season, and Noah Cappe tries new coastal classics at the LA County Fair in Pomona. There's the Berry Crunchy Chicken coated in breakfast cereal, a Shepherd's Pie Waffle Bowl loaded with home-cooked flavors, a legendary Strawberry Puffle Sundae and the fanciest fried treat you'll see on the midway -- the Caviar Cream Cake. After that, Noah heads to the Midwest for the Macon County Fair in Illinois, where he sinks his teeth into the Bloody Mary Burger and takes on the GarParm Chicken 'n Waffle Fries. Then, it's off to New England for the Vermont Maple Festival, where Noah taps into the Fried Maple Cookies 'n Cream.
The Hills Have Fries
9. The Hills Have Fries
September 10, 2023
Noah Cappe feels the brotherly love at the RiverRink Festival in Philadelphia with the Ultimate Crab Fries, a classic Philly street eat, and the Brewed Awakening Shake, where French toast and bacon meet a milkshake in the best way possible. Noah also checks out the South Florida Fair in West Palm Beach for the Pizza Supreme Blossom and the riveting Rosie's Sweet Potato Ribbon Pie. Then, Noah gets dealt a great hand at the Great American Foodie Fest in Las Vegas. On offer is the Quattro Queso Taco, where crispy cheese makes the best taco shell, the Jamaican-inspired Dutty Fries and the truly divine Lobster 'n Waffles.
Wolf of Walla Walla Street
8. Wolf of Walla Walla Street
September 3, 2023
It's rodeo time, and Noah Cappe heads to Texas for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. On the menu is the Cajun Smoked Tater -- a zesty BBQ sandwich which swaps the bread for a smoked potato -- followed by the Birria Bun-ritto that fuses authentic Vietnamese and Mexican cuisine. For dessert, Noah snacks on the Monte Cake Cristo, a deep-fried take on the classic American sandwich. Noah also visits the Clark County Fair in Nevada for the Poppin Walla Walla Burger, a towering jalapeno popper stuffed masterpiece, and gets some home cooking on a bun with the Adobo Pancit Hoagie. Then, Noah heads back in time at the Medieval Fair of Norman, Okla., to stuff himself with Thanksgiving Feast Tots and attend the coronation of the Crown Cannoli.
Uncut Grape Gems
7. Uncut Grape Gems
August 27, 2023
Noah Cappe visits the Washington County Fair in Utah for the Twisted Pickle Roll -- a deep-fried pickle sushi dream come true -- and has a little dessert in the desert with the Cooke Dough Dog. Then, he's off to the Clark County Fair in Nevada for Pretzel French Toast and the spicy Cheesy Carne Brick. Finally, Noah heads to the North Florida Fair in Tallahassee for their Southern Fried Softshell Sandwich, the Fiery Fiesta Funnel Cake and Grape Gems, a candy-coated fruity treat!
Silence of the Spams
6. Silence of the Spams
August 20, 2023
Noah Cappe visits the Vermont Maple Festival to sample maple-infused carnival fare. Then he goes to the Great American Foodie Fest in Las Vegas to celebrate the Mardi Gras Po'boy and the Riverside County Fair in Indio, California, to honor the Stacked Spam Burger.
From Dusk Dill Donut
5. From Dusk Dill Donut
August 13, 2023
Noah Cappe takes on the Dill Donut Sundae at the South Florida Fair in West Palm Beach, a BBQ Lumpia Sandwich at the Washington County Fair in Utah and the cereal-infused Saturday Morning Pizza at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.
Bring It Tur-On
4. Bring It Tur-On
August 6, 2023
Noah Cappe's tummy wins big at the Clark County Fair & Rodeo in Nevada with the Chili Cheese Cake and the Penne alla Cone. Later, he keeps cozy with a Hot Cocoa Pretzel at Winter Fest OC and visits Tallahassee, FL, for a Shortcake Stuffed Candy Apple.
The Corn Identity
3. The Corn Identity
July 30, 2023
Noah Cappe begins his day at the Fort with Breakfast Nachos. Worth Stock Show and Rodeo in Texas, Tallahassee's North Florida Fair for magical Street Corn Fritters, and Indio, California's Riverside County Fair for a colorful frozen delight.
Some Like It Hot Dog
2. Some Like It Hot Dog
July 23, 2023
Noah Cappe dines on the magically fun Carnival in a Cup at the Fourth Avenue Street Fair in Tucson, AZ. Then, Noah tests his strength against the Macho Nacho Grilled Cheese at the South Florida Fair and the OC Devil Dog at Winter Fest OC in California. Show less
Starship Scoopers
1. Starship Scoopers
July 16, 2023
Noah Cappe tackles the Scooperbowl Sundae at the Riverside County Fair and Date Festival in Indio, CA. Then, he visits the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo for the Un-Pho-gettable Burger and dines on royal treats at the Medieval Fair of Norman, OK.
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