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  • 2019
  • 4 Seasons
  • 4.0  (36)

Yum and Yummer is a cooking show on Cooking Channel that premiered in June 2019. The show is hosted by Eddie Jackson, who is a chef, former NFL player, and two-time Food Network champion. The premise of the show is to explore and highlight some of the most delicious and unique dishes across the United States. Eddie travels across the country to find the most mouth-watering and diverse food from different regions and cultures.

The show is a fusion of food and travel genres, as Eddie takes viewers on a culinary journey to discover some of the most appetizing and compelling meals out there. Throughout the show, the host brings his unique Southern charm and personality to engage with the audience, showcase different cuisines, and uncover hidden culinary gems.

Each episode follows a theme, with Eddie exploring a particular type of cuisine or ingredient. He visits different cities and towns in each episode, seeking out the best local eateries and food vendors, and trying out fantastic dishes. Eddie provides viewers with a personal tour of each area he visits and also shares some of his personal experiences throughout the shows.

What sets Yum and Yummer apart from other cooking shows is the way in which the host presents each dish. Eddie's excitement and passion for food are infectious, and he creates an immersive experience for the audience by providing in-depth explanations and histories of dishes. The show also features shots of the food that are visually stunning, making the audience crave the food in front of their screens.

Each episode is 30 minutes long, and Eddie covers around four to five different dishes in each episode. He provides insight into the ingredients and methods used to create each dish and explains its unique characteristics. A significant focus of the show is on exploring the cultural significance of meals and the stories that make them so special. Through his engaging narrative, Eddie takes audiences on a cultural journey and encourages them to try something new and different.

Yum and Yummer also features guest appearances from notable food experts, chefs, and celebrities. They join Eddie in exploring different parts of the country and provide their unique insights and opinions on dishes. Eddie's chemistry with his guests is excellent, and their interactions add a different element to the show.

One of the most compelling things about Yum and Yummer is how it showcases the diversity of America through its cuisine. Eddie explores different cultural backgrounds and the food that represents them, highlighting the richness and history of each one. The show represents a shift in the culinary industry, as it becomes more inclusive and diverse.

The show is also suitable for all audiences, as it features dishes for meat lovers, vegetarians, and vegans alike. Eddie provides alternatives and options for people with different dietary restrictions, making the show inclusive for everyone.

In summary, Yum and Yummer is an exciting and engaging show that provides insights into some of the best food that America has to offer. Eddie Jackson's passion and expertise for food, combined with his charismatic personality, make the show a must-watch for foodies and those who enjoy taking a virtual culinary journey.

Yum and Yummer is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on February 10, 2019.

Yum and Yummer
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Bayou Bites
13. Bayou Bites
January 14, 2024
There's no shortage of great food in Louisiana. From Bourbon Street to the bayou, Eddie Jackson picks his favorite examples of classic Creole and Cajun cooking from throughout the state.
Dynamic Duos
12. Dynamic Duos
January 7, 2024
Summary is not available.
From Plate to Palm
11. From Plate to Palm
December 17, 2023
Eddie Jackson saves on silverware when he enjoys a handheld version of his favorite meals. From breakfast on a stick to a dessert pizza, Eddie walks through an entire day of full meals reimagined as handheld fare.
Big Bites
10. Big Bites
December 10, 2023
Eddie Jackson proves that when it comes to food, bigger is better. He runs down a full day of enormous eats, from oversized omelets to burrito behemoths. He's making room for some for the biggest bites out there.
Food from Flames
9. Food from Flames
December 3, 2023
Eddie Jackson rounds up a full day of meals that have one thing in common -- being forged by fire. He goes beyond the average grilled meal with flame-cooked breakfast, roasted meats and even fiery desserts.
Amped for Apps
8. Amped for Apps
November 26, 2023
There's no better way to start a meal than with a delicious appetizer, and Eddie Jackson finds the perfect line up of apps. With unique nachos, delicious dips and new twists on classic dishes, there's no limit to the options for appetizers.
Worth The Wait
7. Worth The Wait
November 19, 2023
Eddie Jackson proves that good things come to those who wait as he lists the best dishes with tons of prep time behind them. With unique pancakes, savory gravy and slow-cooked meats, these dishes are an exercise in patience with a delicious reward.
Fair Foods
6. Fair Foods
November 5, 2023
The best part of a fair isn't the rides, it's the food, and Eddie Jackson shares the best dishes from fairs across the country. From deep-fried delights to oversized desserts, these dishes have everyone coming back to the fair year after year.
Mac Attack
5. Mac Attack
October 29, 2023
Eddie Jackson proves that mac and cheese doesn't have to be a side dish as he finds ways to incorporate it into a full day of meals. From breakfast biscuits and pancakes to meaty dishes with a unique dessert, it's a full day the cheesy way.
Go Nuts for Donuts
4. Go Nuts for Donuts
October 22, 2023
Summary is not available.
Inner Beauty
3. Inner Beauty
October 15, 2023
Eddie Jackson explores dishes with inner beauty, including a sweet-stuffed dessert and a meat-packed main course.
All Wrapped Up
2. All Wrapped Up
October 8, 2023
Eddie Jackson finds a variety of foods in which the flavor is all wrapped up, including unique wraps of pizza, meatballs and pad Thai.
Layers of Flavor
1. Layers of Flavor
October 1, 2023
Jackson showcases layer after layer of tasty dishes; from a pair of unique lasagnas to a mountainous sandwich to a towering waffle dessert, these stacks are hard to resist.
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Yum and Yummer is available for streaming on the Cooking Channel website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Yum and Yummer on demand at Cooking Channel, Discovery+, Amazon Prime, Philo and FuboTV.
  • Premiere Date
    February 10, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    4.0  (36)