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Welcome to the world of extreme cake making, where sugar craft specialists up and down the country dream up ever more elaborate ways to satisfy our sweet tooth. No commission is too big...Extreme Cake Makers is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (75 episodes). The series first aired on May 1, 2017.

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Friday on Cooking Channel
3 Seasons, 75 Episodes
May 1, 2017
Food, Reality
Cast: Rufus Hound
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Extreme Cake Makers Full Episode Guide

  • It's full speed ahead for Rosie with a vintage car cake for an 80th birthday party, that must replicate the recipient's beloved Bentley Speed Six, as well as reference Le Mans 24 Hour Car Race, as a nod to the car's winning streak in the 1920s. Suzanne keeps it in the family as she attempts to defy gravity with a cake in the shape of a tube of paint, to celebrate her cousin's new exhibition opening. Christine and Phil tackle a very personal African inspired bake, as Christine's invited to the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo with an intricate tiered cake to celebrate her old school's unique involvement in this spectacular event.

  • The gloves are off as Dunstable baker Karisha tackles a boxing themed cake for a charity event, which sees her making two fully edible boxing gloves set in a fondant boxing ring. Molly attempts a deep sea sponge with a giant squid birthday cake for a 10-year-old girl. Phil and Christine make an astonishing solar eclipse wedding cake, that includes a hand painted image of Mount Rushmore and two intertwined willow trees decorated with 4000 hand piped royal icing leaves!

  • Essex baker Eloise creates a two-foot high edible slot machine for a surprise 90th birthday party, complete with a personalised message, flashing lights and a working coin slot

  • Phil and Christine tackle a technically challenging bake with multiple moving parts for a Thunderbird 2 cake, while Suzanne channels the 1980s with a dance floor cake for a hospice

  • Lancashire cake maker Rosie battles to stay on track with a replica steam engine cake, with a working track and an intricately decorated engine, it's surrounded by an edible country landscape, complete with a fully functioning model train. Eloise uses nature as her inspiration for a stunning wedding cake, decorating the four foot tall beauty with hundreds of handcrafted edible flowers. And Molly's away with the fairies for a first birthday cake, where she sets herself the challenge of hand sculpting over 40 items, including a fairy's tea party inside the hollowed out tree.

  • Molly turns to the silver screen to bring a touch of glamour to a 100th birthday celebration. Her creation steals the limelight, with a hand painted 1940s style image of birthday girl Mary staring in her own 100 years movie. Rosie also takes a trip to the movies for her stunning Bollywood dancer cake. Containing 13 kilos of chocolate orange cake and 30 kilos of fondant, the masterpiece takes a whopping six days to make. Eloise heads west with a Canadian tepee wedding cake. Standing three feet high, the cake is covered in hand painted native North American designs.

  • London cake artist Nastassja gets her groove on with a spectacular exploding champagne bottle birthday cake, made from 20 sponges covered in black buttercream topped with fizzing champagne made from gelatine bubbles. East meets west as Suzanne is asked to make an extravagant pink wedding cake complete with a hand-painted stunning marbled effect. The cultural union of the bride and groom is captured by an English rose and two Indian elephants. Meanwhile, Molly creates a hockey bag cake that sums up the birthday girl's love for hockey and snowboarding and even includes a modelled beagle, all hiding in a deliciously decadent chocolate sponge.

  • Cake engineering boundaries are pushed as Suzanne's birthday cake for a very special 12-year-old hangs in the balance - only a 25 kilo, two foot wide masterpiece will do! Phil and Christine grapple with a tiered forest of poplar trees. Inspired by the location, their cherry flavoured tiers are held aloft by white fondant tree trunks and adorned in more than 700 handmade petal paste leaves, all topped off with festival lighting. Ben tackles an 'S' shaped Chinese dragon with 200 individually applied fondant scales, spines and whiskers.

  • Lancashire baker Molly attempts a mammoth build with a 100 kilo life-sized baby elephant that uses 49 kilos of fondant! Phil and Christine capture the nautical charm of a prestigious hotel for its 20th anniversary, including mosaic tiles, sting ray lights - and even the hotel's classic sailing boat. Ben makes a birthday boy see double with his one and half foot high cheeky caricature cake. Sculpted from vanilla cake, it's covered in three kilos of skilfully airbrushed fondant.

  • Phil and Christine make a stunning three-foot-long, life-like swimming turtle cake. Ben is asked to make a working windmill cake. And Karisha tackles a challenging Hula Girl cake

  • Karisha aims high with a hot air balloon cake with a suspended basket, Molly makes a staggering Hawaiian themed tropical bar, and Ben sculpts a stunning vintage Mini wedding cake

  • Molly makes a hand-painted giraffe cake from gluten-free vanilla sponge. Ben creates a two-foot-wide scale model motorbike, and Nastassja takes on her tallest commission to date

  • Nastassja makes a spiral cake from salted caramel, mango and passion fruit sponge. Molly bakes a fudge cake for Blackburn Hospital. Eloise attempts her first animal creation

  • Rosie preps a three-foot-long cake to look part dragon and part boat. Nastassja takes on an intricately decorated time piece cake, and Karisha faces a tricky balancing act

  • Molly sculpts a great white shark cake, while Nastassja makes a sea urchin for a baby shower. Eloise comes up with a rainbow-coloured take on Chelmsford Town Hall for Essex Pride.

  • Cake artist Michelle makes a life-sized Koala cake, including 12 layers of vanilla sponge, finished with edible fondant fur and fluffy ears.

  • Michelle must build big to impress a retiring architect with a cake model of his last project, creating a design from vanilla sponge, sandwiched with buttercream.

  • Karisha heads to Blenheim Palace to attempt a 10ft-tall wedding cake, Rosie creates a bouncy castle wrapped in fondant and Eloise makes a London double-decker bus birthday cake.

  • Eloise is moving heaven and earth for her latest commission. Molly dabbles in fiery fondant for a St George's day dragon cake. And Karisha needs 2000 sugar flowers.

  • Phil and Christine tackle a puzzling bake as they attempt a giant jigsaw. Suzanne goes off kilter with a wonky castle cake. Ben battles to keep his tractor birthday cake on road.

  • Phil and Christine go wild with a bathing baby hippo for Penzance's Mazey Day Festival. Eloise has a double challenge for a baby shower. Molly makes afternoon tea with a twist.

  • Rosie is caught on the hop with a running man birthday cake for a friend. Molly's set the mammoth job of creating a Gothic wedding cake. Phil and Christine get green-fingered.

  • Karisha's creating an edible assault course with a working zip wire. Molly makes a splash with a three foot-wide floating duckling cake. Rosie goes retro with a Space Hopper cake.

  • Former helicopter pilot Rosie battles to create a trio of teddy bears for Armed Forces Day. Nastassja's feathers are ruffled as she produces a flamboyant hanging flamingo cake

  • ...Special: As the world is gripped by wedding fever, we meet some of the series' favourite artists as they do a right royal job of making dreams come true. Rufus Hound narrates.

  • In the biggest cake show on earth Molly's going for gold with an orangutan and tortoise cake; Ben has a dark take on Snow White; Christine and Phil live sculpt a six-foot seahorse cake.

  • Rosie goes regal for a prestigious cake show. Karisha brings the small screen to a glamorous wedding cake, and Eloise makes dreams come true with a working carousel cake.

  • Nastassja creates an elephant christening cake. Phil and Christine's wedding cake reflects an unusual tale of love on the high seas, and Suzanne goes sweet on shoes for a store opening.

  • Suzanne attempts an Elvis-inspired jukebox cake. Michelle battles to make real tea pour from a suspended teapot cake, and Molly aims for a white winter wonderland masterpiece.

  • Phil and Christine channel the summer of love; Eloise creates a giant edible Prosecco bottle; and Nastassja attempts her first ever blooms for a daisy christening cake.

  • Molly makes her spookiest cake to date as a centrepiece for a Halloween party. It's back to school for Rosie and her suffragette cake, and Eloise creates a black and white masterpiece.

  • Molly creates a classic wedding cake with an agricultural touch. Phil and Christine tackle a towering choux bun tree cake, and it's a fright night for Ben as he creates a scary goblin cake.

  • Rosie lights up a party with her neon fireworks crate cake. Phil and Christine go geometric for the opening of a prestigious new store, and Molly gets pink and girlie with a birthday cake.

  • Sugar artist Michelle proves her imagination knows no bounds; Molly hopes to make a rhino fan's fourth birthday wish come true, and Suzanne tackles her biggest floral commission to date.

  • Eloise creates a seven-tiered pavlova wedding cake. Michelle puts eight-year-old Aidan on a holographic trampoline birthday cake, and Molly tries to beat her previous charity auction best.

  • Phil and Christine grapple with flamingo anatomy. Eloise goes the eggs-tra mile to surprise a friend with a giant egg shaped cake, and Molly has one day to create four realistic cat cakes.

  • Ben delivers an edible beer barrel cake. Molly uses her skills as a make-up artist for a stunning birthday bake, and Karisha adds thousands of hand piped stitches to a wedding cake.

  • Phil and Christine get everyone talking with their innovative bake; Ben tackles a cake in the shape of Aston Villa Football Club's stadium, and Eloise digs deep with a tree inspired cake

  • Molly surprises a cheese makers' party with an imitation cheese wheel cake. Phil and Christine go galactic with an anniversary cake, and Suzanne brings an exotic bird wedding cake to life.

  • Suzanne creates an intricate Jacobean hall cake. Nastassja makes a lavish stained glass inspired wedding cake, and Molly recreates the Las Vegas cityscape, complete with a light show.

  • Molly must please her harshest critic with a keep fit-themed birthday cake. Karisha has a design-conscious christening cake recipient, and Michelle attempts a wedding dress illusion cake.

  • Phil and Christine push boundaries with a steampunk flying machine, with real smoke! Nastassja goes speaker crazy for a DJ's 30th birthday cake, and the pressure's on for Suzanne.

  • Michelle tackles three illuminated jellyfish cakes; Nastassja creates more than 300 rose petals; and Karisha channels her inner princess and superhero for a birthday cake of two halves.

  • Tattoo artist turned cake maker Ben faces a huge challenge. Molly takes the plunge with a scuba diving dog cake and Nastassja creates a ruffled wedding cake inspired by flamingos.

  • Eloise aims to bring back happy memories with a 1940s themed birthday cake. Molly attempts an edible coral reef, her most detailed design yet, and Nastassja realises a baker's nightmare.

  • Penzance bakers Phil and Christine attempt their tallest bake to date. Eloise tackles some heavy lifting for a gym opening, and Nastassja makes a birthday cake that's out of this world.

  • Eloise attempts a life-sized, gravity-defying dress cake, Nastassja goes sugar crystal crazy with a towering gemstone birthday cake, and Molly makes a first birthday extra special.

  • Ben mixes his love of tattoos and baking in a romantic wedding cake. Phil and Christine go overboard with a replica of a Cornish ship, and Eloise brings rainbow magic to a Pride Festival.

  • Molly combines Man United, Chihuahuas and peanut butter in a surprise birthday bake. Nastassja aims to impress a childhood friend and Phil and Christine create a fruitful masterpiece.

  • Karisha faces her worst nightmare. Molly's in her element with a Teddy Bears' Picnic themed children's cake, and it's tears of joy over Suzanne's A Midsummer Night's Dream birthday cake.

  • In Penzance, husband and wife team Phil and Christine receive a commission that gets their engines revving as they attempt to make a cake that doubles up as a remote control Mini

  • It's a family affair as sugar craft specialist Eloise Durrant attempts to make her daughter (and biggest critic) a spectacular mermaid birthday cake to celebrate turning nine

  • For one lucky birthday boy, Molly Robbins is making a two-foot-tall dinosaur-covered cake complete with royal icing volcano. And Karisha produces a seven-tiered carousel wedding cake.

  • In this episode, husband and wife Christine and Phil Jensen design and build two cakes for Prince Charles and Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall - but will they get the royal seal of approval?

  • In Lancashire, Molly has received a commission that will push her baking skills to new heights as she attempts to build a life-sized edible cow cake for the Bakewell Festival

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