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Man VS. Food is a television which airs from the Travel Channel. It is a reality show where the star, Adam Richman, actually visits different restaurants in search for different eating contests that certain restaurants around the globe have. In several restaurants around the world lies different contests where customers have to eat the large sized burgers or pizzas. The goal of Adam Richman is to conquer as many of these restaurants as possible. Each episode usually coincides with Adam visiting a wide range of different restaurants with plenty of different foods to eat.

Adam enjoys visiting the restaurants that naturally offer big servings in each of their food. After he visits a few restaurants, he then goes into a nice place that offers a tournament or some sort of eating competition. It is usually towards the ending of the show where he literally goes Man VS. Food. Over the course of nearly 85 episodes, he was able to achieve exactly 48 wins for Man and 38 wins for food. After a few years of running the show from December 33, 2008 to April 11, 2012, the show has officially ended and the Man VS. Food wins remain complete and can never be changed.

Adam is definitely one of the guys on the Travel Channel who is extremely powerful and very well-known for this very role. He has made so many changes as to how people actually look at restaurants throughout the globe. What has made Adam so different is the fact that he goes throughout the entire United States, so you will find him going to restaurants in Arizona, California, and all throughout the nation. This helps people at home learn more about different top restaurants with the most interesting food. Many diners and restaurants constantly enjoyed the show since they knew that there was an opportunity to promote their business via the show.

Man VS. Food received high ratings while it was airing. The show is still often aired throughout other lifestyle and similar channels while still being shown on the Travel Channel. Man VS. Food received exactly 4 complete seasons, and it was in the beginning of 2012 when he decided that the show is best if it ended. No exact reason was announced as to why he decided to end the show, but Adam knew it was a good decision to make. The show is definitely worth watching if you enjoy finding out about the best places to eat around the nation.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Travel Channel
8 Seasons, 114 Episodes
December 3, 2008
Cast: Adam Richman
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Man v. Food Full Episode Guide

  • Casey sails to Philadelphia to tackle a 13-pound bagel sandwich challenge.

  • Casey Webb's mission brings him to Daytona Beach, Fla., where he takes on a mammoth three-tier sandwich stacked with two burgers, six pieces of mahi mahi, two pieces of Texas toast, and a 10-ounce bun.

  • Casey travels to San Diego to face off against a 5.5-pound stack of pancakes layered with bacon, eggs, sausage, country-fried steak and thick-cut ham.

  • Casey heads to Pittsburgh for creative eats and a five-pound sandwich loaded with meat, cheese, fries and coleslaw.

  • UnwatchedCasey Webb travels to the small town of Burlington, Vermont, for some mammoth eats, including a beer-infused bagel feast and a 3.5-pound breakfast sandwich challenge.

  • Casey travels to Seattle where he climbs a Mount Fuji-sized burger and takes on seven terrifyingly spicy Buffalo wings that have defeated over 5,000 challengers.

  • Casey Webb visits St. Louis, Missouri, in search of the biggest and best the city has to offer. He encounters a four-pound meatball and tackles a New York-style pizza so massive he'll need the help of a partner to take it down.

  • Adam visits Louisville, home of the Kentucky Derby, to back MVF Nation member "Burrito Joe" as he races against the clock to consume 15 scoops of ice cream plus toppings in the Comfy Cow Challenge.

  • Casey Webb travels to Boston, Massachusetts to taste New England dishes and experience an Irish breakfast challenge at Flann O'Brien's Pub.

  • Zak and the crew travel to Springfield, Missouri to investigate the Pythian Castle. Once plagued by torture and suicide, this historic building is infected with violent spirits who seem to mimic the living and deliver fatal premonitions.

  • Casey Webb travels to Billings, Montana, to tackle a one-hour steak challenge featuring a 78-ounce rib eye and two pounds of mashed potatoes, salad and bread.

  • Casey Webb heads to Des Moines, Iowa, where he'll attempt to eat an overstuffed pulled pork sandwich slathered in a scorpion pepper hot sauce in ten minutes.

  • Casey Webb travels to Chicago for some epic Windy City eats, including a massive triple-threat pork sandwich and a challenge featuring a two-pound double-bacon cheeseburger and two pounds of "Irish Nacho" cheese fries.

  • Casey Webb heads to Portland, Oregon, to taste mouthwatering Peruvian chicken, a succulent porchetta sandwich and a two-pound burrito packed with ten of the spiciest peppers in the world.

  • In Houston for some Tex-Mex tastiness, including a colossal 22-ounce chicken-fried steak and the ultimate spicy challenge -- a burger topped with seven of the world's hottest chili peppers.

  • Visiting spooky Sleepy Hollow, New York to try the massive headless horseman burger and taking on the Dawg House challenge in which a roll of the dice chooses 12 insanely topped hot dogs that must be eaten in under 30 minutes.

  • Casey Webb heads to New Orleans to taste the best of the Big Easy, including a mammoth po' boy and a four-pound sundae packed with eight large scoops of ice cream and smothered with eight different toppings.

  • Casey Webb heads to Charleston, S.C., for some epic low country eats; the Belt Buster Challenge where one must consume a two-pound burger, three pounds of nachos, a hulking order of tater tots and a 12-ounce milkshake in 20 minutes.

  • Casey Webb travels to Milwaukee for some epic Brew City eats, including a pitcher-sized Bloody Mary garnished with a whole chicken and a four-and-a-half-pound Reuben sandwich challenge.

  • Casey Webb travels to New York City for the best in big city eats, including an insane challenge that has him choosing between a 151-ounce milkshake, an eight-pound sloppy joe or six habanero ghost chili wings.

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Travel Channel Pulls 'Man Finds Food' After Adam Richman's Media Rant

"Man V. Food" star Adam Richman has had his new show pulled from its premiere (with no air date in sight) after lashing out at Intagram users who pointed out that his use of a certain hashtag is associated with being pro-eating disorder.

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