Author and foodie Mo Rocca hosts a series which takes a look at how food affects culture. For each episode Rocca and guest experts talk about one single gastronomic topic in depth, whether that is a specific type of food such as cheese or chocolate, or a broader food-related concept such as the history of the cookbook, a look at Thanksgiving meal traditions, or outdoor cooking.

Thursday 8:00 PM et/pt on Cooking Channel
4 Seasons, 61 Episodes
May 31, 2010
Food, Reality
Cast: Mo Rocca, Francis Lam, Melissa Clark

Food Full Episode Guide

  • Food(ography) checks out how websites, bloggers, and social networking have changed the culinary mainframe.

  • Delicious pastries - food(ography) style.

  • Food that tastes good doesn't have to cost much. The hunt for affordable good food is on Food(ography) style.

  • The history of New Orleans takes place on a plate - so get ready for The Big Easy Food(ography) style.

  • Delicious seafood - Food(ography) style.

  • Get ready for Los Angeles - Food(ography) style.

  • Discover the most amazing food the Big Island and Oahu have to offer.

  • Save room for some of the most delectable pies.

  • Get ready for cakes and cookies - food(ography) style.

  • A special episode featuring the history of restaurants from the Romans to the French.

  • Get ready for a private tour of Sin City - food(ography) style!

  • Get ready for a private tour of the Big Apple - food(ography) style!

  • Delicious and modernized sandwiches.

  • The endless possibilities of pork.

  • Learn where the cocktail has been, who's leading it into the future, and how to mix up one of your own.

  • Join us for Dim Sum at Chinatown Brasserie, a Sunday Smorgasbord at Aquavit, and the breakfast of the future with Dave Arnold. They say it's the most important meal of the day, but breakfast is so much more!

  • Few foodies are more dedicated than those who belong to the heat-seeking cult called the Spiceheads! Discover some of the hottest foods in the country.

  • Grab your iron skill for some Southern cooking as we explore all of the delicious history and lore from Mississippi to Charleston...and even Brooklyn! From the tastiest catfish at Taylor Grocery to Dean Corbett's fried green tomatoes. Plus, the Lee Brothers boil up some peanuts and bubbling, pimento cheese potato gratin from their porch swing. And don't miss the fried gator - plus Chef Sean Brock's molecular makeover for his signature shrimp and grits. You've heard of Southern comfort- well this is Southern comfort food.

  • Once upon a time, eating outdoors was the only option. But even when life got a little cushier, mankind found that to their surprise, they still yearned to dine al fresco.

  • Learn all the unusual things you can do with olive oil. Lots of creative ideas on how to use olive oil, bringing richness, flavor, and spice.

  • Visit Chef Michael Psilakis for Grilled Fish 101 featuring his Grilled Branzino and Grilled Octopus at Kefi. Discover the most authentic Pork Souvlaki at the Souvlaki GR Greek Food Truck, and finally experience an authentic Greek family party!

  • Take a look at classic Strip eateries like Golden Steer and the Bootlegger for some Cherries Jubilee and Mama Mia's Lasagna. Drop in on Italian food impresario Scott Conant at DOCG, the get a tast of Jose Andres' Paella Valenciana at Jaleo. And lots more in Vegas.

  • This episode is jam-packed with amazing Greek food from your favorites! Visit Chef Michael Psilakis for Grilled Fish 101 featuring his Grilled Branzino and Grilled Octopus at Kefi. Say opa to ouzo at New Jersey's Axia Restaurant with leading author Diane Kochilas, and off to Los Angeles' Papa Cristo's to taste their Sizzling Shrimp Santorini. Don't break all the plates, you'll need some for the stuffed grape leaves and lamb chops!

  • Make a dentist appointment now, this show is all about your sweet tooth!

  • Visit New York's premier and preeminent gastro pub, The Spotted Pig to talk with hot restaurateur Ken Friedman. Then we'll visit Publoic House in Phoenix for some belly bacon fat heirloom popcorn, get some Indian bar snacks to go with our Tandoori Tequila cocktail at Junoon Restaurant, sip on Moonshine Margaritas and nosh on Stoner Pie at The Cove in Memphis.

  • We're getting all hot and spicy with South of the border specialties!

  • We're hittin' the trail cowboy-style!

  • We're heading to San Francisco, the land of locally-sourced cuisine.

  • Jamie Tiampo simplifies China's different regional flavors.

  • Dessert proves that it's cool to be a grown-up!

  • It's time for a cookout!

  • It's time for a cold one!

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