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  • 2017
  • 4 Seasons
  • 7.6  (10)

Man's Greatest Food was a popular television series that aired on the Cooking Channel from 2017 to 2019. The show was hosted by renowned chef and restauranteur Roger Mooking, who traveled across America in search of the country's best and most iconic dishes. The series was a celebration of food culture, exploring everything from classic BBQ, to seafood, to desserts, and everything in between. With his infectious enthusiasm and passion for all things culinary, Mooking showcased the most decadent, indulgent, and delicious dishes that America had to offer.

One of the unique aspects of the show was its focus on specific types of food, rather than specific restaurants or chefs. Mooking would often visit multiple locations throughout an episode in order to give viewers a taste of the different takes on a particular dish. For example, he might start the episode with a classic meatloaf from a southern diner, before moving on to try a gourmet version from a high-end restaurant.

Throughout the series, Mooking highlighted the inventive and creative ways that chefs across the country were reimagining classic dishes. Whether it was a twist on traditional mac and cheese, or a new and improved version of pizza, Mooking always found something exciting to share with his audience.

One of the most memorable moments on the show was when Mooking visited a restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky that served a "Hot Brown" sandwich - a local specialty made with turkey, bacon, and Mornay sauce. Rather than simply trying the sandwich, Mooking got into the kitchen and worked alongside the chef to learn how to make it from scratch. He often emphasized the importance of technique and attention to detail when it came to cooking, stating that even the simplest ingredients could be elevated to greatness with the right approach.

In addition to showcasing the food, the show also gave viewers a glimpse into the culture and history behind each dish. Mooking would often meet with locals or experts to learn about the origins and evolution of a particular food, and how it had become so beloved in certain regions. For example, he might explore the history of the Philly cheesesteak or delve into the significance of jambalaya in Louisiana cuisine.

Overall, Man's Greatest Food was a fun, lighthearted series that appealed to both foodies and casual viewers alike. With its focus on classic comfort food and regional specialties, the show was a celebration of the diversity and richness of American cuisine. Mooking's charisma and expertise made him the perfect host for the series, and his infectious love of food was sure to leave viewers hungry for more.

Man's Greatest Food is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (46 episodes). The series first aired on October 11, 2017.

Man's Greatest Food
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13. Italian
March 24, 2021
Roger Mooking counts down 15 of the very best Italian dishes in the U.S. All the pastas, sauces, cheeses, pizzas, lasagnas and Parms -- no favorite is left behind. Also, chefs in their own kitchens share authentic and innovative recipes and tips for making an Italian feast at home.
Fired Up
12. Fired Up
March 17, 2021
Where there's smoke, there might be fire, but there's definitely delicious food. Roger Mooking runs down 15 of the best fire- and smoke-kissed dishes across the U.S., including all the pork, beef, chicken and flaming desserts. Get a behind-the-scenes peek at chefs in their own kitchens offering recipes and more on how to make the very best food over an open flame.
Cheesy Dishes
11. Cheesy Dishes
March 10, 2021
Roger Mooking says "Cheese!" as he explores 15 of the best cheesy dishes across the U.S. The creamiest, smoothest and stringiest French, Italian, Mexican and American cheesy classics and innovations are on display. Chefs share recipes and tips on how to achieve maximum cheesiness, too.
Crunch Time
10. Crunch Time
March 3, 2021
Roger Mooking bites down on the 15 best crunchy, crispy and crackling dishes. All the snappy nachos, pizzas, fried chicken, tacos and desserts are represented, and chefs offer recipes and tips on making the crispiest skin, the crunchiest chips and the most-crumbly crusts.
Fully Loaded
9. Fully Loaded
February 24, 2021
Roger Mooking showcases 15 of the most lovingly loaded culinary creations around the country. These delicious dishes are stacked high and stuffed with flavor, from Cadillac nachos to a stuffed whole hog porchetta. There's a quadruple chocolate cheesecake, a double-decker pizza and even a massive torta bamba sandwich with seven mouthwatering meats. If food makes people happy, these fully loaded masterpieces will make them ecstatic.
8. Brunch
February 17, 2021
Roger Mooking counts down 15 of the best egg, meat, pastry and hash dishes being served up across the U.S. What do they have in common? They all make for a killer brunch! Fried oysters Benedict, huevos rancheros hash, chicken and waffles, volcano eggs, savory brunch dogs and sinfully sweet bostock prove that the great American brunch tradition is thriving, and its most creative chefs share their best dishes and how to prepare them.
7. Handheld
February 10, 2021
Roger Mooking wraps his hands around 15 of America's best sandwiches, tacos, pizza slices, chicken wings and more. If it's tasty and can be picked up by hand, Roger has found it. Some of the most creative chefs give a peek inside their kitchens with recipes and tips on how to make these flavorful one- and two-handed culinary masterpieces.
Home Cooking
6. Home Cooking
February 3, 2021
Roger Mooking cozies up to 15 of the best heartwarming classics, including home-cooked treats, tender meats, savory stews, cheesy pastas and decadent desserts. Take a trip down memory lane with him as he scours the U.S. for all the best treats from childhood, and spend time with chefs as they share tips and tricks on how best to touch the heart through the stomach.
Unexpected Eats
5. Unexpected Eats
January 27, 2021
Roger Mooking highlights 15 incredible dishes from around the U.S. that have one thing in common: They're all utterly unexpected and delightfully delicious. From unusual combinations like brisket kolaches, pizza wings and custard French toast to surprising settings like gourmet Calabrian pizza in a bowling alley and a lobster roll with bacon cheddar bombs in a minor league ballpark, these are the most eye-opening -- and mouthwatering -- meals around.
Pub Grub
4. Pub Grub
January 20, 2021
Roger Mooking goes on a pub crawl to find 15 of the best dishes to go with any drink. Chicken wings, nachos, sliders, apps and mains -- they're all here! From their own kitchens, chefs share insider tips and tricks for making the very best, tastiest bar fare.
Coastal Cuisine
3. Coastal Cuisine
January 13, 2021
Roger Mooking showcases some of the best of coastal cuisine in a top 15 countdown of the most delicious dishes inspired by America's oceans, lakes and rivers.
Guilty Pleasures
2. Guilty Pleasures
January 6, 2021
Roger Mooking showcases 15 of the most delightfully decadent dishes from around America. They're the type of savory pleasures and sweet sensations that make everyone long for "cheat day." From bacon brownies to chicken fried lobster and short rib and cheddar duck fat fries, it's an exploration of mind-blowingly mouthwatering meals and a behind-the-scenes look at how they are lovingly prepared.
Killer Combos
1. Killer Combos
December 10, 2020
Roger Mooking explores the foods that are just too good together to be kept apart, showcasing 15 culinary combinations, like root bear floats and spaghetti and meatballs, that make mouths water and hearts race.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 11, 2017
  • IMDB Rating
    7.6  (10)