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This show is about different cities picking different dishes or their specialty dishes in a competition. All of the dishes were picked from various restaurants. The competition is based on whoever has the best tasting dishes. There are five taste tasters.

Tuesdays at 10:00 pm on Travel Channel
1 Season, 38 Episodes
March 9, 2010
Cast: Camille Ford
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Food Wars Full Episode Guide

  • After the soft opening, SHINO'S has one more set of important customers for Soma to serve: Shinomiya's Tohtsuki Academy peers! The final act: the new menu item competition.

  • The Tohtsuki students are sent off for practical experience, and Soma lands in a (very) busy family restaurant with Erina's secretary Arata! Can these two even work together?!

  • The Tohtsuki students are sent off for practical experience, and Soma lands in a (very) busy family restaurant with Erina's secretary Arata! Can these two even work together?!

  • In the last act of the competition, Soma's creation falls short. However, his dish has a secret twist, but is it enough to win against Hayama and Ryo's masterpieces?

  • The finals are on! With an unprecedented three-way battle ahead, Soma seems like the underdog compared to Hayama and Kurokiba. Can he even finish in time?

  • Soma finds himself in a strange place as the finals approach. Testing out recipes might be the last thing he has to worry about compared to the knowledge he lacks.

  • The arena is filled with scarcely contained, feral tension as Akira Hayama and Ryo Kurokiba face off in the last round of the semi-finals.

  • The Shokugeki between Soma and Mimasaka begins! Immediately, Mimasaka's mimicry of Soma's dish comes into play. Can Soma beat this detail oriented €œmirror€ chef?

  • Subaru Mimasaka has a habit of stalking people to get in their heads, challenging them to a Shokugeki, then taking their prized tools. Will Takumi's mezzaluna be next?

  • The winner of Ryo and Megumi's battle is announced. Immediately after that, the master of medicinal cuisine, Asako, goes head to head against the spices master, Hayama.

  • With resolve and her newfound ability to keep a cool head, Megumi prepares to face Ryo in the next battle: ramen. These opposite personalities clash through their dishes!

  • The Fall Election's final eight prepare for battle, and Soma is up in the first round! What bento will he create to combat the molecular gastronomy genius, Alice Nakiri?

  • Soma faces off against Akira Hayama as both dishes are presented. The tension reaches incredible levels as the finalists are chosen!

  • With the finalists from Group B solidified, Group A is reeling as a judge continues to give zero points. Ryo Kurokiba, Alice' aide, presents a dish that surprises everyone.

  • It's a battle of the pizzas between John's of Bleecker Street in Manhattan, and its nemesis across the Brooklyn Bridge, Grimaldi's Pizzeria.

  • The Autumn Election preliminaries are underway! Megumi shocks everyone with a tricky ingredient, and the election hall is assaulted by "cursed€curry!

  • Camille travels to Maine to settle the dispute of who has the best lobster roll, Allison's Restaurant or The Clam Shack.

  • Camille Ford heads to Key West to settle the score of who makes the best key lime pie between Blonde Giraffe and Blue Heaven.

  • Camille heads to Omaha, NE, the City of Steak, to determine who serves Omaha's tastiest strip steak: Caniglia's Venice Inn or Piccolo Pete's.

  • Camille heads to Milwaukee to settle the ongoing battle of who makes the best cheeseburger - AJ Bombers or Sobelman's Pub & Grill.

  • Camille heads to Newark, New Jersey, to settle a hot dog war.

  • Camille tries to settle the score between Pizzeria Uno - where deep dish was created - and Lou Malnati's - the famous location that was opened by a former Uno employee.

  • Camille heads to Philly to settle the score of who makes the best cheese steak, Pat's King of Steaks or Tony Luke's.

  • It's a battle of supremacy for the best Po Boy in New Orleans as Domilise's Po Boy's and Bar and Parkway Bakery & Tavern face off.

  • Food Wars tries to settle the 50-year battle between Arthur Bryant's BBQ and Gates Bar-B-Q in Kansas City.

  • Two Pueblo restaurants fight over who serves the best Slopper.

  • A century-long battle between American Coney Island and Lafayette Coney Island.

  • Camille visits two of Los Angeles's hottest gourmet burger trucks, Grill 'Em All and Baby's Badass Burgers.

  • Camille pays a visit to two of New York City's most iconic Jewish Delis -- Katz's Deli and Second Avenue Deli -- where she attempts to settle a sixty-year pastrami food war.

  • Jumbo pizza slice battle in Washington, D.C.

  • Camille Ford visits Tucson, Ariz., to settle a Sonoran hot dog dispute between BK's Carne Asada & Hot Dogs and El Guero Canelo.

  • Camille is called to Minneapolis, Minnesota to settle dispute between warring Matt's Bar and the 5-8 Club. Both establishments claim to be the inventor of the area's acclaimed Jucy Lucy burger.

  • Camille travels to Lockhart, TX, to settle the BBQ battle.

  • Camille visits Pittsburg, Kansas, a town warring for the best fried chicken.

  • Camille travels to Buffalo to resolve the claim of who has the best chicken wings in town.

  • Soma spends his days battling his father to see who is the best chef at his family restaurant. Things get complicated when a developer tries to muscle in on their land.

  • Camille travels to Chicago to resolve the battle of who has the best Italian Beef sandwiches.

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