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Renovation Realities is a thirty minute show on the DIY Network. It starts with a room, rooms or a space on the property of the people that they are featuring during the show. Each week a different couple and project is shown. What sets this show apart is the fact that they let the camera see not only the before and after of the renovation but the in between as well. During the course of the show they expose just how hard it can be to renovate or remodel a room; things do not always go as planned. Many times things cost more than expected, or something needs replaced that was not planned for. It is sometimes a great hardship for the couples involved in the renovation, it causes stress, financially, mentally and even physically. This is a real reality show exposing the ins and outs of renovations.

The renovations that they cover are done well and many different things are addressed during the show. They will explain how costs can skyrocket during a renovation and tips on how to prevent that from happening. The host of the show walks the camera through the renovations and will point out how to do things easier, cheaper and safer with beautiful results. Renovation Realities illustrates the struggles, drama and dangers associated with a home renovation. They cover money issues, common mistakes, how to, how not to. But most importantly they walk through the whole renovation, the beginning, middle and the final product. This show is not only a do-it-yourself show for the average homeowner but it is a great learning tool as well. The projects that they cover are well within the range of possible and are beautiful as well.

Renovation Realities is a series that is currently running and has 17 seasons (210 episodes). The series first aired on November 15, 2007.

Where do I stream Renovation Realities online? Renovation Realities is available for streaming on DIY Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Renovation Realities on demand at Philo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, HGTV, FuboTV, Google Play, Apple TV, Pluto TV online.

Saturday 9:00 PM et/pt on DIY Network
17 Seasons, 210 Episodes
November 15, 2007
Reality, Home & Garden
Cast: Minnie Goode, James Harney, Kellee Harney, Nat Heath
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Renovation Realities Full Episode Guide

  • A master bathroom is remodeled, but carrying out the project proves much more difficult than previously thought.

  • A rustic bathroom is crafted, but the build is hampered by plumbing problems and ladder woes.

  • A master bathroom is remodeled, but patience is tried following a hand injury and plumbing problems.

  • Randi and George Harvey admire most of their house except for their master bathroom. They believe a remodel is definitely in order, but with 30-year-old "hair babies" and falling mirrors, this renovation shows it's easier said than done.

  • Danielle Cuccio has always imagined having a cottage-style bathroom. She requests her fiance, Tyler Kasupski, to help her create it, but their romance is tried when this project isn't as easy as either one previously pictured.

  • Daniel Poole and his wife Kari feel that their master bedroom, which use to belong to Daniel's parents, could use some changes to make it fit their style. With floorboards that put up a fight and a discussion on how much closet space Kari should get, they realize how much they signed up for with this renovation.

  • Tiffany Threadgould's outdated kitchen doesn't function well, so she enlists the help of her best friend, Kat Tingum, to make it beautiful again. The discovery of mouse poo and tricky wiring lead the friends to troubles they never thought they'd face during this renovation.

  • Husband and wife Bryan and April Aranda don't feel settled in their newly purchased home. They decide to renovate their living room and kitchen to fit their needs as a family of five. However, things don't go as well as they initially thought as they tackle their major home renovation.

  • Whitnee and Cody Russell hate their kitchen. With a useless wall blocking their view to the living room and the small counter space hindering Whitnee's ability to cook, these two are ready to take on a renovation. However, troubles arise when they discover animal eggs and other hurdles they didn't expect to jump over!

  • Kalvin and Sanja Daniels want to renovate their kitchen as soon as possible. Sanja is determined to have an open-concept space, but Kalvin swears the wall she wants to tear down is load-bearing.

  • Ian Kolstad and his girlfriend Amanda just bought their first house together. They despise the drab bathroom and think renovating it will be easy, but with no experience and no help, will the renovation go as planned?

  • Mary Grace Kennedy just bought her first house in her hometown and wants to revamp her outdated kitchen. With her dad by her side, she is certain they can tackle the daunting task.

  • Kayli Hillebrand hates her old kitchen. She enlists the help of her best friend, Megan Langford, to tear it apart and start new. Although these two work well together, they never imagined what sort of problems they would encounter. After a run-in with rats inside the walls, this is a renovation neither girl will soon forget.

  • Natalie Escamilla and Jim Fell hate their 1950's bathroom. Since it's current, outdated condition has been deemed unlivable and entirely too small, it's time for a renovation. With a tub that won't fit and sewage seeping out of the toilet, this couple faced more obstacles than they initially thought possible.

  • Mary and Greg Goodman recently purchased the house of their dreams in California. They have worked hard to remodel the entire house and are now ready to update the kitchen.

  • Mary Grace Kennedy recruits help from her father to remodel her first house she recently purchased in her hometown.

  • Kalvin and Sanja Daniels' kitchen is in desperate need of a renovation.

  • Jon and Cindy Hagemann attempt to remodel their old bathroom, that includes an old cast iron lowered tub.

  • Adan and Erika Perala try to remodel the attic of their 91-year-old home.

  • Mary and Greg Goodman tackle the project of remodeling their outdated kitchen.

  • Sunday Burquest talks her husband into remodeling her guest bathroom.

  • Chelsea and her fiance Chris are renovating their whole house in southern California, and the next project on their list is the master bathroom.

  • Khalila and Marchello Adams want their daughter, Laila, to have a bathroom fit for a princess. They plan to tile the floor and shower surround and install a new bathtub.

  • Chris and Allie Bartelski are tired of sharing a bathroom with their young sons, so they attempt to create a master suite.