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Home and Garden Television's (HGTV) Design Star is a reality competition show that has interior designers competing for their own HGTV design show. The contestants are given a new interior design challenge each week and are a judged by a group of star interior designers. The judges are either interior design stars from other shows such as Genevieve Gorder and Vern Yip or well-known designers such as Cynthia Rowley.

During the weekly challenges contestants are asked to think outside the box and come up with a design that is creative and smart. Past challenges have asked contestants to design everything from a New York City townhouse to a wedding reception to a Hawaiian hotel suite. Many times contestants need to design a living space with items not usually found in interior design showrooms such as items from a 99cent store or a pet store. Contestants are also often asked to incorporate non-traditional items such as things from a yard or a musical instrument into their design.

HGTV Design Star likes to see how contestants work together. Often, they are placed into teams both large and small in order for the judges and the viewers to get an idea of how well future stars work with others. With the addition of a team captain, we also get a glimpse of how well a contestant can take on a leadership role.

To add to the excitement, contestants are often put under budgetary and time constraints. In some episodes contestants have less than 24 hours and under $500 to design an entire room. The following week contestants may get over $10,000 and a few days to complete their design. The fun part is that contestants just never know what they will be up against that week ,and while a designer may flourish one week, the next week they will be at the bottom.

The highlights of every show really are the designs themselves, the transformation from a blank slate to something amazing. In a day or two a plain bedroom is turned into a work of art complete with textures, wall coverings, art work, functional furniture, and lighting. Contestants even spend time coming up with new furniture ideas. In one episode a contestant repurposed a side table into a stylish and functional ottoman with just a floor rug.


HGTV Design Star is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (70 episodes). The series first aired on July 23, 2006.

Where do I stream HGTV Design Star online? HGTV Design Star is available for streaming on HGTV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch HGTV Design Star on demand at Philo, Amazon, Hulu, FuboTV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on HGTV
8 Seasons, 70 Episodes
July 23, 2006
Cast: Vern Yip, Clive Pearse, Martha McCully, Cynthia Rowley
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HGTV Design Star Full Episode Guide

  • Jeribai, Tiffany and Brooks head to Palm Springs, Calif. in the season finale where each will design a brand new suite at the Rancho Las Palmas Resort.

  • The final four Designers face their most ambitious challenges yet. For their Design Challenge, they must each transform the inside of an old school bus! The sky is the limit, as they can turn the bus into any sort of space they want. This week's Camera Challenge is also the biggest yet for the Designers. They must appear on the national daytime show, The Talk. Each of them must present an unconventional design tip to the viewers, while interacting with hosts Julie Chen and Sheryl Underwood. The pressure is intense, as the Designers attempt to complete both challenges successfully. The performances on The Talk and the bus designs are evaluated by the Panel, Genevieve Gorder, Vern Yip and Sabrina Soto. When Evaluation is complete, only three Designers remain in the competition for their own show on HGTV. David Bromstad serves as Host and Mentor.

  • It's men vs. women when the five remaining designers work in teams to renovate rooms in a fraternity and a sorority house.

  • The six remaining Designers must transform the kitchens and dining rooms in two neighboring homes, in just three days from start to finish. This is a historically difficult challenge, and in all the years of this competition it has never been one hundred percent completed, so the stakes are extremely high. The Designers divide into teams and meet with the homeowners to find out their tastes and desires. Each team must help demolish the existing kitchen cabinetry, and make decisions about every aspect of the spaces. Host and Mentor David Bromstad checks in with each of the Designers, and also oversees camera challenges, which test their hosting skills. This week, each Designer must give a tip about one of three aspects of kitchen design: flooring, cabinet hardware, or backsplashes. The Designers race to complete the kitchens and dining rooms, and to satisfy their clients. Their finished work is evaluated by the Panel: Genevieve Gorder, Vern Yip and Sabrina Soto. One Designer is chosen as the winner of this week's challenge, and one Designer is eliminated from the search for the next HGTV Star.

  • Host and Mentor David Bromstad informs the eight remaining contenders that they must work in pairs to transform four identical new apartments, all for the same young married couple. Each team has a short meeting with their clients to learn about their tastes and desires, in hopes of designing the one apartment that the clients will want to move into. Some Designers ask thoughtful questions; others aren't nearly as prepared. With only two days to complete this challenge, tension on the teams runs high. There is added pressure, because at the end, two Designers will be eliminated. On the morning of day two, HGTV Magazine Editor-in-Chief Sara Peterson arrives to add a major incentive: the winning design will be featured in HGTV Magazine! The Designers' work is evaluated by the Panel, Genevieve Gorder, Vern Yip and Sabrina Soto. The winning apartment is announced, and two Designers are eliminated, leaving only six to compete for the grand prize: their own show on HGTV.

  • For their second challenge, the nine remaining Designers must transform an old industrial warehouse loft into a multi-functional space for living, eating, sleeping and working. The Designers break into teams

  • In the HGTV Star season opener, hopefuls must showcase a style or brand.

  • In the series finale, the two finalists are challenged with creating a concept for a pilot episode of a design show.

  • The final three designers must create a fantasy bedroom suite in this unconventional space - the yurt is a round shelter with no right angles or flat walls.

  • The final four will each be assigned a condominium and will create a bold color scheme design for the living room.

  • The remaining designers must create designer kitchens using inspiration from a unique Kohler sink. The winner's design will be featured in an upcoming issue of HGTV Magazine. They must also share a tip appropriate for the magazine spread.

  • The remaining designers are challenged with creating an event space into a perfect party for Hollywood's 125th birthday.

  • The eight remaining designers team up in pairs to make over adjacent indoor and outdoor spaces for real homeowners in two neighboring houses.

  • The designers meet Kris Jenner, the Kardashians' manager and mom, and are challenged with transforming Kris' new company headquarters (formerly a chiropractor's office) into a modern, chic office suite that is representative of the Kardashians' style.

  • The remaining contestants transform identical white rooms with supplies from a Home and Garden Store.

  • In the season 7 premiere, Host and Mentor David Bromstad reveals to the 12 contestants their first challenge: to team up and make over six empty rooms in the beautiful mansion where they will be living.

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