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Love It Or List It is a show about homes. In each show, a homeowner or homeowners will make a decision on whether or not to stay in their current home or to move to another home. They do this with the help of two professionals, David Visentin and Hilary Farr. David Visentin is a realtor and throughout the course of the show, he will take the homeowners on tours of several different homes and show them different ways that the prospective new homes would meet their needs. Hilary Farr will sit down with the couple and discuss why their current home is no longer working and begin finding ways she can give them solutions to their problems through redesigning the home. The homeowners help David and Hilary to do their jobs by giving each one a set of needs. They give David a list of what they would like to see in a new home, should they decide to sell their current home and move to a new home. They give Hilary a list of what they need to see changed in their current home to make it work for them once again.

While Hilary and her crew get to work, David is taking the couple to see new homes they could purchase. Oftentimes, Hilary and her crew will run into unexpected problems which cause complications in the remodeling plans. When this happens, Hilary has to conference with the homeowners and let them know their options to fix the problem and how this will affect the budget that has been set up for the project. Sometimes, this means that all of the requests from the homeowners cannot be met because it affected the budget.

As the show comes to a close, the homeowners announce if they are going to keep their home or sell it and move to a new location. So, they are making a decision to love it or list it.

Love It or List It is a series that is currently running and has 17 seasons (316 episodes). The series first aired on June 11, 2011.

Where do I stream Love It or List It online? Love It or List It is available for streaming on HGTV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Love It or List It on demand at Philo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, HGTV, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV online.

Mondays at 8 PM EST/PST on HGTV
17 Seasons, 316 Episodes
June 11, 2011
Cast: Hilary Farr, David Visentin
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Love It or List It Full Episode Guide

  • With pop-up facts, a mom wants an upgraded space and her own bedroom.

  • With pop-up facts, sisters want a home to accommodate their lifestyles.

  • With pop-up facts, a couple debates if their foreclosure can be a home.

  • Hilary loves to chide David whenever she wins a tough challenge, especially when her design decision was so hotly debated. They catch up with Don and Quincy to see if sacrificing a garage in favor of more living space gave them what they needed.

  • Hilary and David check in on former clients William and Ashley.

  • Hilary and David check in with Jeremy and Shana to see how they're doing.

  • David checks in with former clients Jeff and Callie.

  • Hilary and David reminisce about homeowners Greg and Rodolfo.

  • Hilary and David check in on former clients Ryan and Ashley.

  • With pop-up facts, a couple must improve their layout or buy a new home.

  • With pop-up facts, a couple is overwhelmed by their home's updates.

  • With pop-up facts, a couple debates the functionality of their bungalow.

  • Shortly after Jamelle and Lauren moved into their new home, Lauren suffered from buyer's remorse. Jamelle is confident Hilary can reconfigure their dysfunctional layout, but Lauren hopes David can find a property that better suits their needs.

  • Two busy professionals feel that their work-from-home life is no longer working for them. He isn't ready to give up their quiet, wooded lot, but she thinks the house is dated and much too small for their family, especially with no private office space.

  • Now that a couple has two young boys, he feels cramped and wants more space to entertain. He hopes David can find a new property with more space for the family, but she loves their neighborhood and feels that Hilary can make their home suit their needs.

  • Two empty nesters who fell in love with their property's large, private lot are considering downsizing. She wants David to find them a townhouse closer to her work downtown, but he needs Hilary's help to prove their current home can be a private oasis.

  • A couple is divided over their 1980s ranch home when one loves the neighborhood but the other wants to ditch their cramped quarters. Hilary must find space to create an entertaining area and a dedicated office, all while keeping their dogs in mind.

  • Dana and Dave purchased a 100-year-old triplex because of the unlimited potential and space it would afford them once it was renovated and converted into a duplex. It had great historic character and plenty of room for the two of them and Dana's mother.

  • A couple's home is feeling more cramped than usual now that they have two teens. She's ready to ditch their choppy, dated home for a spacious property with no hassles. However, he loves their cozy house and hopes Hilary can reconfigure their space.

  • A couple wants to have more space to entertain their guests, but both argue on whether to find a new one or renovate their current home.

  • Katherine reluctantly agreed to move into Tyler's well-established bachelor pad after getting married. The private property sits on two acres of land and is an outdoor person's paradise.

  • A couple once loved their house because of its proximity to friends, corner lot and great price. Now, this soon-to-be mom wants more space for their growing family, while the soon-to-be dad hopes to stay in the neighborhood he loves.

  • After marriage and two kids, a husband's bachelor pad is bursting at the seams as the family struggles to find space to themselves. His wife wants Hilary to make aesthetic changes, but his bags are packed and waiting for David to find them a bigger home.

  • A couple bought their home ten years ago, but once they became a family of four, they struggled with the size of the house. David searches for a turnkey house, while Hilary designs "outside the box" to solve all their space challenges.

  • A couple jumped at the chance to buy the quaint house next door, loving its large lot and three-car garage. They thought they could handle updating the interior, but they're overwhelmed by the amount of work it requires. She wants Hilary to help create the perfect layout for the family and their heirlooms while he hopes David can find them a new, larger forever home.

  • A woman and her husband bought a one-story home after he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. Now she's made friends she loves and wants to stay in the community. He thinks they need a new house to prepare for a future with more medical obstacles.

  • Two sisters lead very separate lives in their tiny bungalow. One longs for privacy, while the other wants room for late-night cooking. These differently-scheduled siblings are desperate to create some harmony and find the perfect home to accommodate their distinct lifestyles.

  • A mother of three boys wants to sell the house they've called home for eight years. She doesn't have her own bedroom and she's had enough. Her oldest hopes to change her mind as he loves the large property and his mom's short drive to work.

  • A couple that dreamed of living in their current neighborhood bought a foreclosure home that needed a lot of work. She feels like the to-do list is too long to make it a forever home, but he's unwilling to budge and hopes Hilary can change her mind.

  • A couple that built their home made mistakes with their floor plan and now they need more space. He feels they need a design expert to update and improve the layout, but she thinks the best option is to find a new home that fits their family.

  • A real estate broker on the lookout for the perfect family home spotted a diamond in the rough and convinced his wife to buy it. While he sees its unlimited potential, however, she can't see past the long list of fixes, including the cracked ceiling.

  • Watch this fan favorite as a couple desires more space and functionality.

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