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Love It Or List It is a show about homes. In each show, a homeowner or homeowners will make a decision on whether or not to stay in their current home or to move to another home. They do this with the help of two professionals, David Visentin and Hilary Farr. David Visentin is a realtor and throughout the course of the show, he will take the homeowners on tours of several different homes and show them different ways that the prospective new homes would meet their needs. Hilary Farr will sit down with the couple and discuss why their current home is no longer working and begin finding ways she can give them solutions to their problems through redesigning the home. The homeowners help David and Hilary to do their jobs by giving each one a set of needs. They give David a list of what they would like to see in a new home, should they decide to sell their current home and move to a new home. They give Hilary a list of what they need to see changed in their current home to make it work for them once again.

While Hilary and her crew get to work, David is taking the couple to see new homes they could purchase. Oftentimes, Hilary and her crew will run into unexpected problems which cause complications in the remodeling plans. When this happens, Hilary has to conference with the homeowners and let them know their options to fix the problem and how this will affect the budget that has been set up for the project. Sometimes, this means that all of the requests from the homeowners cannot be met because it affected the budget.

As the show comes to a close, the homeowners announce if they are going to keep their home or sell it and move to a new location. So, they are making a decision to love it or list it.

Mondays at 8 PM EST/PST on HGTV
14 Seasons, 226 Episodes
June 11, 2011
Cast: Hilary Farr, David Visentin, Jason Byrd
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Love It or List It Full Episode Guide

  • William and Ashley, the owners of a 1950s home in a prime neighborhood, need more space. Ashley believes they can add square footage to increase function and flow, but William wants to convince her to move.

  • Jill and Joe decide over their ranch home. Jill wants a bigger and better house for the boys to grow up in, but Joe wants to make improvements to the inside of their home to match its kid-friendly outdoor spaces.

  • Bert lives in Tommy's eclectic, 1980s contemporary home, but Bert wants a suitable home that reflects them both. The couple loves to entertain and host visiting artists and friends, but Bert feels the house is dated, lacks the space and function for their needs and leaves him with no space to call his own.

  • David and Hilary help a couple who is ready to expand their family and is fed up with the lack of functionality in their 1,200 square-foot house.

  • Overwhelmed by renovation projects, a couple with a fixer upper hopes either David can find them a new house with a gourmet kitchen or Hilary can help make their existing home work for them.

  • Chris and Maria find their house and its tiny kitchen feel cramped and cluttered now that they have four kids. Maria wants a house with a gourmet kitchen closer to her work to shorten her long commute, but Chris loves the neighborhood and thinks he knows how to unlock the home's potential.

  • A couple buys their first house to start a family, but their new home came with a lot of issues.

  • New parents and ambitious entrepreneurs Whitney and Taylor need more space for their family and business ventures. Can designer Hilary create space for their side projects while adding function to the main areas, or will real estate agent David find them a new home that will allow their family and careers to grow?

  • A couple that purchased a starter home near a bike trail is desperate for more space. After seeing Hilary's designs, they must decide whether to keep their home or move into one of David's finds.

  • Hilary remodels a house for a couple, as he wants something more energy efficient with space to expand their family, and she thinks a renovation can fix the functional flaws.

  • A couple debates the benefits of getting a home with more space for entertaining vs. making changes to their existing house, so they can preserve memories with their kids.

  • David and Hilary help a man to update his wife's grandmother's old house.

  • Shelly and Zahid love the pond on their property, but Shelly is fed up with the homes interior; Zahid continues to loves their home.

  • A couple argue whether their home can accommodate visiting family.

  • Two strained parents want to persuade their mother-in-law to return and help them raise their twin daughters. But first, they need assistance remodeling their dark basement or finding a new home that the whole family will love.

  • A couple who purchased a home online without every setting foot inside are discouraged when they finally move in.

  • A cabin-type house in the woods that was a foreclosure and in need of TLC hasn't been given much attention since it was bought five years ago. While one owner is ready to leave it for a home that works better for his family, his partner feels the home still has potential and wants to make it work.

  • Life is fun but busy for a pair expecting their third kid, which is why they are thinking about moving from their little home, which is short on laundry space and bathroom availability.

  • A couple who've grown out of the ranch house where they've brought up their kids are divided when it comes to selling the place, which is in a neighborhood they love, but is definitely short on the space they need.

  • A big lot and plenty of privacy are positives of a house with negatives that include old fixtures, finishes and a cut-off kitchen.

  • A couple who have been with each other for 21 years and enjoy entertaining have different views about the slightly small and dated home where they have brought up three boys.

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