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  • TV-G
  • 2013
  • 12 Seasons
  • 6.2  (2,117)

Flip or Flop is an American reality television show that premiered on HGTV on April 16, 2013. The show became an instant hit and has been on the air for nine seasons, spanning from 2013-2022. The show stars Tarek El Moussa, a real estate agent and house flipper, and his ex-wife Christina Anstead. The show centers around the couple buying distressed properties, renovating them and then selling it for a profit. The show is set in southern California, where the houses are expensive, and the competition is fierce.

The show is very popular as it showcases the potential of making huge money from property flipping. The duo is seen flipping various properties that range from $100K to $1M, which includes houses, condos, and townhomes, among others. The show is a great platform to learn about the real estate market and how to turn your investment into massive profits. Viewers can learn about buying and renovating properties, overcoming obstacles and developing an eye for which properties are worth purchasing.

Tarek and Christina make a great team, as Tarek is skilled in house flipping, and Christina has an excellent sense of design, which helps achieve high returns on their investments. They create a unique vision for each flip, keeping in mind the overall value of the property, so they can earn maximum profits.

Apart from the flipping process, the show also portrays the dynamic of the couple, who were previously married, but due to relationship issues, they went through a shocking separation. The show picks up the pieces of their relationship as the two work together to build a flourishing business relationship, despite their marital differences.

As the show progressed, fans of the duo became invested in their personal lives, making it a hit among fans of HGTV. The show has made Tarek a household name, and he has since landed several other hosting gigs, including his solo series 'Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa.'

As a testament to the show's popularity, it has since spawned several spinoffs, including 'Flip or Flop: Nashville,' 'Flip or Flop: Atlanta,' 'Flip or Flop: Fort Worth,' among others. Each spinoff follows different house flippers as they buy, renovate, and sell properties in their respective cities.

Flip or Flop owes its success not only to the duo's expert renovation and flipping skills put on display but also to its entertaining and relatable nature. Fans enjoy watching the highs and lows of the flipping process and often find inspiration for their own DIY projects.

In conclusion, Flip or Flop is an exciting show that makes even the most impossible renovation projects look like child's play. The show educates viewers on the ins and outs of flipping houses, making it an excellent resource for those interested in real estate investment. The show's popularity caught people's attention, making it one of the best house flipping shows on HGTV. Its spinoffs have also gained high ratings, proving Flipping is not only a good way to make money but also an excellent source of entertainment.

Flip or Flop is a series that is currently running and has 12 seasons (166 episodes). The series first aired on April 16, 2013.

Flip or Flop
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Spanish Lessons
14. Spanish Lessons
March 17, 2022
Tarek and Christina take on a huge project with an elaborate Spanish design that has proven to be difficult and costly in previous flips. They hope their past experiences will be enough to get everything just right and master this complicated style.
Red Hot Flip
13. Red Hot Flip
March 10, 2022
Tarek and Christina head out of their comfort zone to flip a house in the red hot market of Covina, California. The property seems like a good deal, but they'll quickly need to get everything perfect to take advantage of this fast-moving market.
Suburban Flip
12. Suburban Flip
March 3, 2022
Tarek and Christina find a nice, suburban house they believe is ripe for the flipping. While modernizing such a small home should be no problem, the duo may have bitten off more than they can chew when faced with costly but necessary upgrades.
Century Flip
11. Century Flip
February 24, 2022
Tarek and Christina take on a 100-year-old house in a historic neighborhood of Santa Ana, Calif., where they're faced with the challenges of preserving the home's original charm while modernizing it to today's standards.
Townhouse Flip
10. Townhouse Flip
February 3, 2022
Tarek and Christina take on a huge project in the upscale beach community of Corona del Mar, California, where trying to meet the highest standards of architecture and design proves to be no easy task in this seaside townhouse flip.
Surf City Flip
9. Surf City Flip
January 27, 2022
Tarek and Christina head to Huntington Beach, California, to check out a large home in a nice neighborhood. The home is dated and has a boxy layout, but they hope their plan to modernize this monster will prevent them from wiping out in Surf City.
Lucky Lakewood
8. Lucky Lakewood
January 20, 2022
Tarek and Christina head to Lakewood, CA to flip a home on a street where they have flipped multiple other houses. They have always gotten lucky by taking risks in this neighborhood. Will more risks pay off or has their luck run out?
Take It or Leave It
7. Take It or Leave It
January 13, 2022
Tarek and Christina take on a house in Costa Mesa, California, with major foundation problems. While they lean on their past experience to leverage a good deal, the amount of work needed to fix the issues could crack their budget wide open.
Back to the Basics
6. Back to the Basics
January 13, 2022
Tarek and Christina find the perfect flip in Norwalk, California, but to avoid blowing their budget on over-improving the home, they'll need to utilize all of the fundamentals and rely on their experience to sell this house quickly.
Addition Condition
5. Addition Condition
January 6, 2022
Tarek and Christina find a house in Anaheim, California, with some strange additions that could cause problems down the line. They team up with contractor Izzy Battres to make the most of this house without blowing their budget.
Flashback Flip
4. Flashback Flip
December 23, 2021
Tarek and Christina head outside their comfort zone to flip a house that needs some work in Walnut, California. With few fixed-up homes nearby, they hope to leave their mark by setting the standard for local comps in this new neighborhood.
Time Is Money
3. Time Is Money
December 16, 2021
In order to take advantage of a hot market, Tarek and Christina plan a quick flip for a small house on a big lot. While their fast moves could land a big payday, they risk rushing the important details and creating bigger problems down the road.
Groovy Flip
2. Groovy Flip
December 9, 2021
Tarek and Christina are challenged by a home with unique style in Fullerton, California. While they try to go with the flow of the home's design, they are met with problems that just don't jive with their renovation vision.
Takeover Flip
1. Takeover Flip
December 2, 2021
Tarek and Christina take over a project in Highland Park, California, that the previous owner abandoned mid-flip. When their inspection reveals that it doesn't have a roof, they'll have to piece this puzzling house together in an unfamiliar neighborhood.
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Flip or Flop is available for streaming on the HGTV website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Flip or Flop on demand at Max, Discovery+, Amazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, Vudu, HGTV, Sling, Google Play and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    April 16, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    6.2  (2,117)