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  • TV-G
  • 2017
  • 7 Seasons
  • 8.1  (1,359)

Home Town is a renovation and design show that made its debut on HGTV in 2016. The show is hosted by husband and wife team Ben and Erin Napier who are locals to the small town of Laurel, Mississippi. The show follows the couple as they help families transform rundown and outdated houses into beautiful homes that reflect their personal style and needs. Amber Hayes serves as the executive producer of the show.

Each episode begins with Ben and Erin meeting with a family who desires to buy a fixer-upper property in Laurel. The couple then works with the family to understand their unique needs, personal preferences, and budget. Ben and Erin then begin the process of transforming the property into a stunning home that the family will love.

The unique aspect of the show is the fact that the renovations are not confined to the interior of the house. Ben and Erin take particular note of the outside of the house and how it can be improved. They will typically work to improve the home's curb appeal by adding fresh paint, trimming overgrown shrubs, and planting flowers to make the exterior more inviting.

After the couple has completed the renovation, the family is invited to see their transformed home for the first time. The reactions of the family members are priceless, and it is apparent that Ben and Erin have not only transformed the physical space but also the lives of those who live in the home.

Home Town is unique from other renovation shows in that the finished product is truly a reflection of the family's personal style. Ben and Erin take extra steps to understand the family's needs, and their design choices are customized to meet those needs. They often incorporate sentimental items from the family's past, like a piece of furniture or a family heirloom, to add personality to the home design.

The show also highlights the couple's design expertise. Ben is a woodworker and craftsman, and his attention to detail is evident in the intricate woodwork that is incorporated into the renovation projects. Erin is a talented artist, and she often creates custom paintings and other pieces of artwork to add a personal touch to the home.

Another aspect of the show that is noteworthy is the community involvement. Ben and Erin are passionate about their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi, and they take pride in contributing to its revitalization. The couple often sources materials and products from local businesses and artisans, and they keep the town's history and unique character in mind when designing homes.

Overall, Home Town is a heartwarming and inspiring show that showcases the power of design and renovation to transform not only a home but also the lives of those who live in it. With Ben and Erin's attention to detail, design skills, and passion for their community, the show is a must-watch for lovers of home renovation and design.

Home Town is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (119 episodes). The series first aired on March 21, 2017.

Home Town
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The Maui of Mississippi
18. The Maui of Mississippi
April 16, 2023
A couple who have lived on islands their entire lives are ready to downsize, and they've decided that Laurel is the perfect place to do so. Ben and Erin show them renovation options for two homes they can create into the cozy home to fit their needs.
New-Stalgic Restoration
17. New-Stalgic Restoration
April 9, 2023
Three siblings return to Laurel to find a place large enough to accommodate all their families while visiting their dad. Ben and Erin present them with a historic Victorian that's right in town and a country cabin that boasts six acres and a pond.
Wood, Brick and Clay
16. Wood, Brick and Clay
April 2, 2023
A young graphic designer in love with midcentury design looks to buy her first home; Ben and Erin present two options that will satisfy her love of natural elements, and Erin is determined to make the house feel as creative as its owner.
The Clock Starts Now
15. The Clock Starts Now
March 26, 2023
The Clock Starts Now. A couple looking for a fresh start decides that Laurel is the perfect spot, but they want to move in their new place before Christmas.
The Heart of Laurel
14. The Heart of Laurel
March 19, 2023
The Heart of Laurel
Second Chances
13. Second Chances
March 12, 2023
With an early life as a troubled youth, a man who has turned his life around wants to reno his small guest cottage into a safe haven for those who need it. Also, Ben and Erin's best pals help them take on a massive project Erin has dreamt of for years.
What's Good for the Goose
12. What's Good for the Goose
March 5, 2023
A recent graduate accepts a dream job in Laurel and now she's ready to buy a house. She's known for hosting great parties and wants to entertain, but she has a surprise requirement for Ben and Erin that will be a major factor in the home she chooses.
Blue Heaven
11. Blue Heaven
February 26, 2023
A retired father of six looks for the perfect place in Laurel where all his kids can come together for more quality time. He's looking for a particular blue and white color palette, and his decision between two houses takes Ben and Erin by surprise!
A Drop of Sunshine
10. A Drop of Sunshine
February 19, 2023
California transplants look for a simpler small-town feel in Laurel and they're hoping to find a house with architectural charm. Ben and Erin present them with two home options, and the one they choose gives Erin a few design surprises along the way.
Mississippi Made
9. Mississippi Made
February 5, 2023
A woman is thrilled to move to Laurel and wants a house that speaks to her feminine and eclectic style. Ben and Erin present her with two options, and whichever she chooses, they're on a mission to bring a little bit of local Mississippi into her home.
A Colorful Match
8. A Colorful Match
January 29, 2023
Young entrepreneurs are excited to embark on a new chapter with the purchase of their first home. They want to incorporate bright colors into their design, and while Ben and Erin look to maximize space, it may also mean a bit of compromise.
The Buzzard's Roost
7. The Buzzard's Roost
January 22, 2023
A young entrepreneur wants to bring the tradition of hotels, bars and entertainment back to downtown Laurel with a four-bedroom boutique inn. Ben and Erin look to create an experience like no other, and it's one of their most ambitious projects yet.
From Windy City To City Beautiful
6. From Windy City To City Beautiful
January 15, 2023
After living in Chicago for the last 30 years, John wants to return to his Mississippi roots and share a quieter life with his wife, Karen. With a budget of $325,000, they're looking for a house with a mudroom/laundry room.
A Solid Foundation
5. A Solid Foundation
January 8, 2023
After facing tough times, a young family is ready to plant roots and be part of the community of Laurel, Miss.; Ben and Erin show them two houses in two very different neighbourhoods, one in the country and a larger place in the city.
Ginkgos and Gondolas
4. Ginkgos and Gondolas
January 1, 2023
A California couple fell in love with the Mississippi small-town vibe and look to relocate to Laurel. Ben and Erin show them a classic Victorian with an unusual backyard vault and a Prairie-style home known for its Ginkgo tree in the front yard.
 The Mullet House
3. The Mullet House
December 18, 2022
A newly engaged couple looks to put down roots in Laurel and has an opportunity to buy her grandmother's house, but the property comes with an unusual set of rules. All about options, Ben and Erin also show them a place they can truly make their own.
The Family Tree
2. The Family Tree
December 11, 2022
A Laurel native, Brandon left to pursue a career as an engineer in Jackson, Mississippi. After tragedy struck his family in Laurel, Brandon reevaluated his priorities and is looking to move back to be closer to his loved ones.
The Country House
1. The Country House
December 4, 2022
Inspired by their childhoods, the Napiers buy a country retreat where they can slow down and watch their daughters run free. Ben and Erin roll up their sleeves to transform their new place into a classic English country house with a kid-friendly design.
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    March 21, 2017
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