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  • TV-G
  • 2017
  • 8 Seasons
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Home Town is a renovation and design show that made its debut on HGTV in 2016. The show is hosted by husband and wife team Ben and Erin Napier who are locals to the small town of Laurel, Mississippi. The show follows the couple as they help families transform rundown and outdated houses into beautiful homes that reflect their personal style and needs. Amber Hayes serves as the executive producer of the show.

Each episode begins with Ben and Erin meeting with a family who desires to buy a fixer-upper property in Laurel. The couple then works with the family to understand their unique needs, personal preferences, and budget. Ben and Erin then begin the process of transforming the property into a stunning home that the family will love.

The unique aspect of the show is the fact that the renovations are not confined to the interior of the house. Ben and Erin take particular note of the outside of the house and how it can be improved. They will typically work to improve the home's curb appeal by adding fresh paint, trimming overgrown shrubs, and planting flowers to make the exterior more inviting.

After the couple has completed the renovation, the family is invited to see their transformed home for the first time. The reactions of the family members are priceless, and it is apparent that Ben and Erin have not only transformed the physical space but also the lives of those who live in the home.

Home Town is unique from other renovation shows in that the finished product is truly a reflection of the family's personal style. Ben and Erin take extra steps to understand the family's needs, and their design choices are customized to meet those needs. They often incorporate sentimental items from the family's past, like a piece of furniture or a family heirloom, to add personality to the home design.

The show also highlights the couple's design expertise. Ben is a woodworker and craftsman, and his attention to detail is evident in the intricate woodwork that is incorporated into the renovation projects. Erin is a talented artist, and she often creates custom paintings and other pieces of artwork to add a personal touch to the home.

Another aspect of the show that is noteworthy is the community involvement. Ben and Erin are passionate about their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi, and they take pride in contributing to its revitalization. The couple often sources materials and products from local businesses and artisans, and they keep the town's history and unique character in mind when designing homes.

Overall, Home Town is a heartwarming and inspiring show that showcases the power of design and renovation to transform not only a home but also the lives of those who live in it. With Ben and Erin's attention to detail, design skills, and passion for their community, the show is a must-watch for lovers of home renovation and design.

Home Town is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (139 episodes). The series first aired on March 21, 2017.

Home Town
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20. Cozy-Phobic
May 26, 2024
A couple bought her great-grandmother's big acreage and little cottage, intending to transform it into a Christmas tree farm. Ben and Erin must knock down every wall in the property to transform the small and eccentric rambler into a cheerful, practical home.
Unfinished Business
19. Unfinished Business
May 19, 2024
After rebuilding half of their old Victorian home, Ben and Erin return to assist the siblings with Phase Two of the project. Unfortunately, the project stagnated after their father died, but the Napiers have returned to assist in finishing the house.
Home Town: Mother's Day
18. Home Town: Mother's Day
May 12, 2024
Ben and Erin celebrate Mother's Day by surprising their close friend with a nursery, and they only have two weeks to complete it. Meanwhile, Ben plans a surprise of his own for Erin by building a greenhouse in their backyard using salvaged materials.
Do You Believe in Bradgic?
17. Do You Believe in Bradgic?
May 5, 2024
The Napiers transform a spartan bachelor pad into a moody, customized home for Erin's friend and former bandmate.
Sisters Know Best
16. Sisters Know Best
April 28, 2024
A young woman looks to buy her first home in Laurel where she and her six sisters grew up, and she wants a place where they can all gather for wine nights. Ben and Erin help her turn a bland house into a modern, moody retreat made for entertaining.
English Country Cottage
15. English Country Cottage
April 21, 2024
Ben and Erin present two options to a single mom who wants a cozy home like the one she grew up in.
Some Like It Hot
14. Some Like It Hot
April 14, 2024
A New Jersey couple looks to relocate to Laurel for the small-town vibes they've always dreamed of. They've never had a laundry room or a dining room before, so Ben and Erin present them two options with plenty of room for everything on their wish list.
Welcome to Laurel
13. Welcome to Laurel
April 7, 2024
Ben and Erin work with the City of Laurel and the Laurel Housing Authority to renovate a historic structure into Laurel's first Visitor's Center. In an unprecedented disclosure, they also undertake the restoration of a 1940s public housing unit as part of the display.
Mediterranean Vibes
12. Mediterranean Vibes
March 31, 2024
A couple with an appreciation for character homes are looking for something unique with an outdoor kitchen and a pottery studio. Ben and Erin present a more traditional home set across from a park and a ranch-style house with an impressive garden room.
Shug and Spice
11. Shug and Spice
March 24, 2024
A couple lives in a house that once belonged to her grandmother, and with a large family that often visits, they're ready to make big upgrades. Ben and Erin expand the footprint by adding a much needed additional bathroom as well as an outdoor kitchen.
Old World, New Build
10. Old World, New Build
March 17, 2024
Newlyweds look to upgrade from their tiny house to an older home located on gifted family property. And in a first for Ben and Erin, they decide to bulldoze the place and design a brand-new build tailored to their eclectic, English apothecary style
Rustic Renovation
9. Rustic Renovation
March 10, 2024
A couple recently decided to move back to their roots in Laurel and they're looking for a home with a big lot for outdoor living. Ben and Erin show them a rancher that fits their love of modern rustic design and a home with an enticing in-ground pool.
Follow Your Goosebumps
8. Follow Your Goosebumps
March 3, 2024
A couple recently inherited a house that belonged to her parents, and they currently live in the home next door, so they need to decide which one they'll keep and reno. There's strong feelings for both places, but his chill bumps lead them to a decision.
Tickled Pink
7. Tickled Pink
February 25, 2024
Erin's favorite odd couple, an aunt and her great niece, are looking for their mutual dream home, but they don't agree on anything. Ben and Erin show them two homes, and Erin has her work cut out for her determining the color story for this contrary pair.
6. Craftorian
February 18, 2024
Restoration enthusiasts want to raise their two kids in a historic home in Laurel, and they know they'll need to settle on a fixer-upper. Ben and Erin show them two Craftsman inspired homes, one that has bay windows and another with an enticing porch.
From Show Goats to Show Stopper
5. From Show Goats to Show Stopper
February 4, 2024
A couple who are longtime Laurel business owners recently purchased a historic building downtown, and they want to convert the upper level into their residence. Ben and Erin are tasked with turning a gymnasium-like space into a luxurious downtown loft.
Everything Can Be Restored
4. Everything Can Be Restored
January 28, 2024
A woman has completely turned her life around and looks to begin a new chapter with buying her first house. Ben and Erin create a home for her and her son with a big front porch and a laundry room, a luxury she's never had.
3. Homecoming
January 21, 2024
Jones College has a special place in Ben and Erin's hearts, and now they've been asked to restore The Old President's House. It's a team effort as students, past and present, step in to help make this house feel less institutional and more like a home.
Chasing Waterfalls
2. Chasing Waterfalls
January 14, 2024
A civil engineer and artist is moving from Seattle to Laurel to be closer to his dad. He has a generous budget and an outdoor hot tub is a non-negotiable, so Ben and Erin show him two large houses that suit his modern-contemporary vibe.
Left-Hand Man
1. Left-Hand Man
January 7, 2024
In the season opener Ben is recovering from shoulder surgery so he enlists his best friends Jim Rasberry and Josh Nowell to help Erin renovate a home for a family looking to escape the cold Canadian winters. The new Laurel residents are hoping Ben and Erin can find them a property with enough outdoor space for their family of six to enjoy their new southern digs.
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    March 21, 2017
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