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House Hunters Renovation is on Saturday on HGTV. Its premise comes from the original House Hunters series, in which an individual or couple is looking for a home to buy. The cameras follow them while a realtor shows them a couple of homes at their price range and at the end of the show the couple picks the home they are going to live in. The camera visits the couple or individual after they have moved in and settled into their home.

House Hunters Renovation is an hour show, and the first thirty minutes is reminiscent of House Hunters. The other thirty minutes, the individual or couple takes the house they have purchased and renovates sections of the house with the help, usually, of a contractor and interior designer.

Sundays at 11:00 pm on HGTV
12 Seasons, 170 Episodes
October 21, 2012
Cast: Andromeda Dunker
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House Hunters Renovation Full Episode Guide

  • After getting the keys to a home they both love, a couple realizes they need help with renovations. They start by remodeling the kitchen, however the renovation ripples into other rooms, causing the budget to skyrocket.

  • A couple with construction experience takes on their first home renovation. As they battle their way through the renovation gauntlet, alarming mold and structural issues threaten to take a big bite out of their budget.

  • A Burbank, Cal., couple are tired of their cramped rental and ready for a spacious home where they can raise their son. After settling on a place, they must live through the renovation of their kitchen and hire a designer and contractor to ensure the process runs smoothly. However, soffit issues and budget concerns may have them rethinking their design plan.

  • After living in nine rentals in eight years, an Aurora, CO couple seek a home with a nice kitchen and plenty of space for their daughter and pets. They choose a house and start a big kitchen overhaul.

  • Garrett and Kristian decide to buy a home that reflects their two distinct styles. They quickly start a full house remodel when they get the keys to their new house.

  • A newly engaged couple races the clock to find, buy, and renovate their dream home and barn near Denver, Colorado before their upcoming wedding.

  • California newlyweds navigate a competitive real estate market with a $1.3 million budget to find their dream home. They tackle renovations throughout the house, but a dangerous electrical issue threatens to burn everything to the ground.

  • A big renovation in a starter home is taken on by a Massachusetts couple who are also juggling a new baby. They flip their layout to get more space and their dream kitchen, but the project faces obstacles in the form of mold and supply delays.

  • A family of five Texas transplants hunts for a home near family in California's South Bay area.

  • A Denver couple is eager to move out of their current place and into a larger single-family home closer to shops and restaurants. They want three bedrooms and a large backyard for their dogs.

  • A family of four has outgrown their two-bedroom rental and willingly takes on a fixer-upper to stay in their hometown of Burbank. Once they find a home, they start a few projects on their own, but learning renovation by trial and error gets costly. They bring in a designer and contractor for reinforcements but discover they must take out a portion of their design budget to update their old electrical and have their place abated.

  • New parents lock in a home close to both of their families and start making plans for the remodel.

  • A Denver couple with a new baby, a dog and five chickens wants to move out of their cramped home into one with more space.

  • Parents-to-be living in a Glendale, Calif. rental need a bigger home before their baby arrives; stress levels and the renovation budget start to rise when leaking pipes, floor problems and a hazardous fireplace reveal themselves.

  • A recently engaged couple is ready to settle down in a new home before their upcoming wedding, but after finding a place, their emotional and financial stress takes a toll when an unexpected hailstorm damages their kitchen on day one of renovations.

  • California newlyweds find the perfect fixer-upper in the San Fernando Valley and quickly learn that renovation isn't as easy as it looks on TV.

  • Childhood sweethearts look for the perfect starter home in Swampscott, Mass. with a grass-free backyard for the kids, an open kitchen, hardwood floors, a mudroom, and front porch.

  • A Los Angeles couple is ready to stop paying rent and find a home perfect for entertaining.

  • A Massachusetts couple is ready to upgrade from their one-bedroom condo into a home where they can start a family in the town of Charleston.

  • A Southern California family finds a house large enough to accommodate their growing needs after a few renovations. They begin in the kitchen, but the couple's ambitious attitude nearly pushes their budget to the breaking point.

  • A Denver couple is eager to trade their current place for a larger family home. Once they settle on a house, they dive into the top-to-bottom renovation, tackling everything from asbestos issues to structural challenges.

  • A musician and his wife begin an ambitious renovation on a dated family home in Silver Lake, CA. Things quickly unravel as they uncover a host of big-ticket problems.

  • After relocating to Massachusetts, a Midwestern family has limited time to find a home that fits their personalities. After they settle on a vintage home, they find that remodeling an older home comes with some costly surprises.

  • A big renovation gets even bigger when a new homeowner thinks outside the box. His older brother may have to step in to make sure he doesn't get too far over his head.

  • A Southern California couple searches for a fixer upper they can turn into the perfect home where they can raise their daughter. While they disagree on style, they both want the home to be close to family and have a big yard. When they finally find a place, they begin renovating every single room of the house and tackle a slew of problems from water leaks and roofing issues to structural challenges and budget disputes. It's a struggle to the very end but the final result will be a beautiful home that perfectly blends both of their styles.

  • A family is quickly outgrowing their apartment and complicates their first-time home buying experience by renovating their new kitchen.

  • Client makes the commitment to buy a permanent home in Palm Springs, California. However, once renovations begin, major problems come up, including structural issues and a black mold infestation.

  • Kelly and Cameron are ready to put down roots with their young son in Valley Glen, California, but they face skyrocketing home prices. Cameron wants a ranch-style home with a midcentury modern interior and room for a music studio, while Kelly likes a more traditional exterior with cozy details and lots of storage space. Once they settle on a place, the renovation begins and their budget quickly shrinks thanks to a new HVAC system, kitchen overhaul and master bathroom expansion. Luckily, Cameron blossoms as a handyman and starts to tackle projects around the house, and when they get to the finish line, they find themselves in a home sweet home.

  • Newlywed real-estate agents are ready to buy their first home together in Franklin, Tennessee. While Reid has his heart set on an open-floor plan and wants an updated traditional interior, Cameron likes defined rooms and more whimsical decor. These professionals quickly find that selling a house and restoring one are very different ballgames.

  • A Los Angeles couple are ready to grow their family in a new home. They agree on a lot of their ideal home's key features including a spacious kitchen and plenty of play room for their future daughter but they're torn between midcentury modern and ranch styles. Once they close on the perfect home, they immediately feel overwhelmed with the renovation. From major kitchen and design studio plan changes, to misplaced doors and tiles.

  • Nashville real estate agent Elliot seeks his own first home. His best friend Beta helps him search for an older cottage reminiscent of his childhood home. Once he finds his dream home and begins renovating, Elliot faces issues from asbestos flooring to old rotted ceilings. It's a stressful process, but with the help, the end results are beyond his expectations.

  • An electrician, his wife and their young daughter are upgrading to a larger family home in the suburbs. She dreams of a house with storybook charm, but his style is more contemporary. It is no easy hunt, and when they do finally settle on a house, it isn't long before they run into some challenging situations. From opening up walls to literally moving mountains, they'll need help from friends and extended family before they end up with a space that they are proud to call home.

  • With their two sons about to head off to college, a Franklin, Tennessee, couple downsizes to a house that needs major renovations throughout. They hire a designer and contractor to get the work done as quickly as possible, but even the experts couldn't predict the various problems they discover hidden in the home's floors, walls and ceilings. It's a stressful renovation full of highs and lows, but in the end, it's transformed into a beautiful house that they are ecstatic to move into.

  • After years of moving around the country for work, a couple is ready to put down roots in Nashville, TN. They decide on a home and start renovations, but getting him to agree on a cabinet color turns into an uphill battle. Then, their new kitchen design may need to be reworked if they can't find a way to re-route the gas line for the stove.

  • A growing family is ready to buy a bigger home in the Glendora, CA. They can't decide between traditional and modern but they both agree the new home must have an open-concept chef's kitchen, a large yard and a symmetrical design overall. Having very different wish lists results in their agent finding them a home in need of major renovations and the couple has to face problematic walls and floors as well as a new bathroom layout. Will their compromises result in them having the home of their dreams?

  • A couple look to buy a home near their furniture restoration business in Silver Lake, Calif., and they must put in some sweat equity to make it fit their eclectic tastes.

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