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The show Island Hunters relates stories about people who want to buy their own island or others that are looking for a vacation get away with a tropic feel. During the show three couples, that tour three different islands in three different places. There was one couple, married for 14 years and owners of a luxury pool cleaning company. They want to have a luxury vacation in of Bora Bora before their busy season starts for the summer months.

Another couple was looking for a beautiful luxurious place to elope. They contacted the real estate company that handles these sales and rentals and have settled on holding their wedding on Belize, real estate company is funding their wedding and their honeymoon.

A third couple who live in England wanted to buy a home in Nicaragua, which they fell in love with on a vacation. They plan to start an eco-friendly resort on one of the many volcanic islands in Lake Nicaragua.

Island Hunters is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (85 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2013.

Where do I stream Island Hunters online? Island Hunters is available for streaming on HGTV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Island Hunters on demand at Philo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, HGTV, FuboTV, Google Play, Apple TV, Pluto TV online.

Tuesday 11:00 PM et/pt on HGTV
5 Seasons, 85 Episodes
January 1, 2013
Kids & Family Home & Garden
Cast: John Beach, Chris Krolow
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Island Hunters Full Episode Guide

  • A couple of busy professionals is eager to escape their hectic lives in Boston and find a remote, stress-free island getaway in Maine. They're on the same page about everything, except the most important item: location. While one wants the full oceanfront experience on a coastal island, the other is looking to relax and fish on the lake.

  • A couple is on the hunt for a lakeside cottage that can accommodate the entire family. Modern amenities top the list of must-haves, along with the privacy only an island can provide. They hope they can find their own piece of paradise among the rocky outcroppings, towering white pines and clear water of "Cottage Country" in Northern Ontario.

  • A couple who have visited islands all around the world decide to buy a permanent one of their own in Belize. Looking to incorporate favorite parts of islands they've visited over the years, they are willing to build, renovate or find perfectly developed land to fit their vision.

  • Two brothers search for a family island at their favorite Minnesota spot on Rainy Lake. They're looking for a nice compromise between a remote feel and convenient access with excellent fishing right at their doorstep.

  • A real estate broker searches for the perfect island in the Florida Keys.

  • A couple look to buy an island in Belize as a day-trip playground.

  • A father with a dream of owning a getaway island in the Palawan, Philippines, counts on his teen daughter to keep his decision-making realistic on their island-shopping adventure.

  • A real estate agent and her three children look for the perfect island in the Bahamas. With dreams of developing a vacation rental property, the family tours several options.

  • A couple scours the Florida Keys for a private family retreat.

  • A couple dreams of owning a private island resort off the coast of Belize; they agree on clear waters, white beaches and gorgeous views but must choose between an undeveloped island or a fully functioning resort.

  • A family seeks their own private beach in Placencia, Belize, where they can escape and unplug; hey must decide between building from scratch or an buying an already-developed island.

  • A couple hopes to buy an island in Panama and live off the grid.

  • A couple looks to buy their own slice of heaven near the big island of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu. Then, a real estate broker and her daughter search for an island they can enjoy in the Florida Keys.

  • A couple looks to buy an island in Belize; two brothers search for a family island at their favorite Minnesota spot on Rainy Lake.

  • A couple in Granada, Nicaragua, is looking for their own piece of paradise on the shores of Lake Nicaragua. Then, a couple who visited islands all around the world decides to buy a permanent one of their own in Belize.

  • Island Expert Chris Krolow searches for the world's most private island.

  • A Texas couple with Hawaiian roots has their hearts set on finding a new home in Central America. With a budget of $1.5 million and the assistance of Island Expert Chris Krolow of Private Islands Inc., the couple traverses the gorgeous blue waters of the Caribbean to find the perfect private island off Belize. Will they find the tropical dream home they're searching for?

  • Physician Mark and his wife, Marianela, look to rent a whole island for a honeymoon vacation that's been delayed for 30 years.

  • A husband wants to share his love of the great outdoors with his wife and two daughters by looking for places that remind him of his childhood in Georgian Bay, Canada.

  • A NJ couple looks to set up home base on the islands of Georgian Bay.

  • After falling in love with the beauty of Lake Nicaragua almost a decade ago, UK native Gemma decided to start her own touring company in the region with her business partner Scott.

  • A former island owner misses her former lifestyle and is looking to find her way back with the help of a fellow island owner.

  • An Albuquerque, N.M. couple has grown tired of the arid desert and wants to buy their own island where they can raise their young son, and have their sights set on the English-speaking nation of Belize.

  • High school sweethearts want to take the guesswork out of choosing a summer trip destination, and having frequently taken their family up to Canada's Georgian Bay for years, the couple is hoping to buy their own private island there.

  • A Fijian native with dreams of owning and maintaining his own island joins forces with a friend with hospitality experience to make his fantasy a reality.

  • A Texas couple braves the rainy weather to find the perfect island in Fiji for their first vacation in a decade.

  • Francine spends six years living on her sailboat and exploring the Caribbean, but after the adventure of a lifetime, she decides to drop anchor and find a more permanent home.

  • A Canadian couple leaves the cold weather for an island paradise in Tahiti.

  • Bahamas native Aaron and wife Ashley have a dream to own and operate a resort hotel near Hope Town in the Abaco region of the Bahamas.

  • Two cousins look for the perfect island vacation home in Florida.

  • Joel and Aimee sold their industrial supply business in Wisconsin to relocate their family to a considerably warmer climate, and have decided to trade in their vacation home in the Bahamas for their own private island.