Holmes Makes it Right

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Holmes Makes It Right has Mike Holmes making it right for deserving homeowners. He fixes what others have done incorrectly, and he explains it all as he does it in layman's terms. Holmes Makes It Right shows not just the renovations. It shows Holmes and his team searching for the cause of the problem, debating the different ways to fix it, and then doing the work.

Tuesday 8:00 PM et/pt on DIY Network
5 Seasons, 39 Episodes
August 6, 2013
Home & Garden
Cast: Damon Bennett
Holmes Makes it Right

Holmes Makes it Right Full Episode Guide

  • Pam is a nurse who works countless hours at a brain injury centre. When her family breaks apart she quickly finds a small home for herself and her kids. But as soon as they move in the problems start piling up. Everything from the sump pump and the venting to the kitchen and the yard needs fixing, but she’s too busy supporting her family to do it herself. Her mother-in-law Aggie is so desperate to help, so tracks down Mike Holmes, writes him a letter and delivers it straight to his mailbox. Mike agrees to do whatever he can to help and puts his son, Mike Holmes Jr. in charge of making it right for Pam.

  • The retaining wall on Elaine and Bert's property was starting to fail when a contractor working next door offers to help. As the work gets underway, it quickly becomes clear that the construction isn't up to par, and finally an engineer confirms what they already suspect: their wall is the worst job they have ever seen. Their contractor completely gives up, and literally picks up his tools and goes home. Mike Holmes takes over the job and shows exactly what can go wrong when you don't do the homework that leads you to the right professional.

  • Mike and the team have to reconstruct an entire back garden.