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  • TV-PG
  • 2012
  • 9 Seasons
  • 7.8  (1,147)

Hotel Impossible is a reality television show focused on improving the operations and facilities of struggling hotels across the United States. The series was created by Travel Channel and premiered its first episode on April 9, 2012, featuring Anthony Melchiorri, a hospitality expert with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

Throughout the series, Melchiorri visits a different hotel each episode, from rundown inns to failing resorts, in an effort to help the owners and staff turn their properties into thriving businesses. The show's objective is to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the hotel's operations, quality of services and facilities, and help the owners and managers identify and address issues that deter guests from choosing their hotel.

Melchiorri's approach is both insightful and practical, he is well respected in the hospitality industry, and his criticism is always constructive. His methods include observing every area in the hotel assess the employees, restaurant, rooms, and overall cleanliness. The show often features before and after transformations that showcase the tremendous changes that occur under Melchiorri's supervision.

In each episode, Melchiorri questions the hotel owners to understand their vision for their hotel, their current situation, and how they got there. He then evaluates the hotel's various aspects that include categories like management, housekeeping, maintenance, restaurant and amenities. Afterward, he creates a customized plan for the owners that leads them to improve the quality of services, provide a better guest experience, and attract more travelers.

Typically, Melchiorri identifies problems in the back-end procedures, including inadequate operations systems that make it impossible to monitor problems and miss crucial details. For example, hidden expenses or inefficient booking and management software can cause significant financial and organizational difficulties. He also addresses customer-facing problems, like a lack of cleanliness, broken equipment, and poor customer service.

The experience isn't always smooth sailing, and when the hotel owners push back against Melchiorri's advice, friction ensues. Tension arises when owners disagree on the changes suggested. However, it all works out in the end, and the owners are usually grateful for receiving the much-needed help from Melchiorri.

Hotel Impossible is engaging to watch, and each episode's dynamic is different from the last, making it a fascinating watch for hospitality professionals, students, and anyone interested in the hospitality industry or transformational reality TV shows. Some of the notable settings from the show's episodes include struggling countryside bed and breakfasts, beachfront rentals, budget inns, and broken-down hotels.

The show lasted for eight seasons, with the last episodes airing in 2017. Even though it's no longer in production, the impacts shown on the properties salvaged demonstrate the importance of optimizing hotel operations and providing excellent guest experiences. While some issues are unique to hotels, several lessons, including customer service, operations and organization, learned during the course of the series are applicable to any operation-specific industry.

In conclusion, Hotel Impossible is an entertaining reality TV show that focuses on improving the operations and facilities of troubled hotels across the United States. Featuring Anthony Melchiorri, the show's hospitality expert, the episodes are essentially masterclasses on how to run excellent hotels, and each episode is unique from the last. The show is a must-watch for anyone interested in the hospitality industry, and it emphasizes the importance of providing great service and maintaining excellent business practices.

Hotel Impossible is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (132 episodes). The series first aired on April 9, 2012.

Hotel Impossible
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Waterpark bug-out
6. Waterpark bug-out
November 13, 2017
When Anthony arrives at the Maui Sands Hotel and Indoor Waterpark, he finds indifferent owners, an overworked staff, freezing water, roaches, and bedbugs.
West Coast Wipe Out
5. West Coast Wipe Out
November 6, 2017
Anthony Melchiorri visits a San Clemente, CA, hotel where the family of the deceased owner struggles to run the business in her honor. Upon arrival, Anthony immediately notices overflowing garbage cans, a cluttered outdoor common area with broken deck furniture and leaky gas stoves that could ignite a disaster. When the original owner's sister arrives to help out, Anthony is impressed with her competence, but will the family step back and relinquish control?
Chaos On The Cape
4. Chaos On The Cape
October 23, 2017
Anthony Melchiorri visits a motel in a beach town on Cape Cod where the employees are passionate about the property but the uninterested owner is looking to sell. With the help of the motel's general and assistant managers, Anthony works to convince the owner to take down the ominious For Sale sign and re-invest in his property.
Desert Disaster
3. Desert Disaster
October 16, 2017
Anthony Melchiorri visits Palm Springs to help the Cambridge Inn. The inexperienced owner is running out of capital after just a few months and her general managers are clashing and making bad security decisions with guests.
Kentucky Conundrum
2. Kentucky Conundrum
October 9, 2017
Anthony visits Williamstown, Kentucky, where a replica of Noah's Ark draws thousands of visitors. The nearby Sunrise Inn, however, is beset by so many problems that it needs a miracle to survive.
Outer Banks-Ruptcy
1. Outer Banks-Ruptcy
October 2, 2017
The owners of the Cape Hatteras Hotel have no choice but to sell, but Anthony warns them that their asking price is too high. As he tries to convince them to lower their demands, he also tries to solve the communication issues between staff and management.
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  • Premiere Date
    April 9, 2012
  • IMDB Rating
    7.8  (1,147)