Hotel Hell

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In this reality series, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay travels to struggling hotels and tries to set them on the path to financial success. As he does on his restaurant-focused shows, Ramsay delivers his advice to the hotel managers with plenty of insults and foul language.

Tuesday 8:00 PM et/pt on FOX
3 Seasons, 22 Episodes
August 13, 2012
Cast: Gordon Ramsay
Hotel Hell

Hotel Hell Full Episode Guide

  • Gordon arrives in Loudonville, OH, where the owner of a hotel works countless hours to keep her hotel and events business afloat. Gordon encourages her son to learn the business and take the reins from his mother.

  • Gordon heads to Fort Pierce, FL, where a young owner struggles to manage his business and pay back a loan from his brother.

  • Gordon Ramsay addresses the issues at a hotel and event space in Newtown, PA, with the owner.

  • Gordon visits a hotel, restaurant and ice cream parlor in stunning Chelan, WA that is deteriorating. With little support form the local town, Gordon hopes to examine their business and relationships, and open their arms to the community.

  • Gordon transforms a hotel in Harper's Ferry, WV, whose owner is stuck in the past.

  • Ramsay encounters the owner of an establishment in Harper's Ferry, WV, that hoards personal items on the site.

  • Ramsay updates a Southbridge, Mass., inn modeled after a historic Austrian bed and breakfast.

  • In the third season premiere, Gordon heads to Idaho to visit a lodge that the owner built but never finished after his family suffered a tragedy.

  • Chef Gordon Ramsey visits Northern California and becomes enchanted with the beautiful vineyards.

  • Ramsay visits a historic inn in Connecticut run by two argumentative siblings.

  • Ramsay assists a Vermont hotel owner whose pet-friendly policy has gotten out of hand.

  • In Pipestone, Minnosota, Gordon tries to help stubborn sisters.

  • Gordon tries to help a couple who are in financial ruins with their Hotel Chester in Mississippi.

  • Joanna and Richard Davis built a hotel 22 years ago, but since their divorce, the business has struggled.

  • Gordon Ramsay takes a look at a historic building in Longview, Wash., where the Hotel Monticello is celebrating its 90th anniversary.

  • Gordon heads to New Mexico to help save a struggling hotel whose owner is more into her singing than the wellbeing of her business.

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