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This docuseries uses satellite imaging technology to look for interesting and little-known features on the surface of the Earth and then explore the origins and nature of those features, with a lean toward paranormal or otherwise extraordinary explanations. Steven Kearney, Mike Capps, Andrew Gough, Alan Lester, Nick Pope, Brittany Brand, and Jim Marrs star.

What on Earth? is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (134 episodes). The series first aired on January 4, 1971.

Where do I stream What on Earth? online? What on Earth? is available for streaming on Science Channel, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch What on Earth? on demand at Philo, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Science Channel, FuboTV, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Tuesdays at 10:00 PM on Science Channel
8 Seasons, 134 Episodes
January 4, 1971
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Steven Kearney, Andrew Gough
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What on Earth? Full Episode Guide

  • When satellites spot a strange, 2,000-year-old structure in Wales, some suspect a secret connection to King Arthur; using modern-day technology and ancient texts, experts investigate new leads that could point to the mythical Round Table.

  • Satellites capture two strange patterns in the desert, and they are right next to Area 51; experts use cutting-edge science and new revelations from declassified documents to reveal what they are and what they mean.

  • Satellites capture a temple-like, Nazi structure hidden deep in the forests of Poland, leading an expert to investigate and uncover a tale of terrifying rituals, black magic, and the rise of the most feared division of Hitler's war machine.

  • The remains of an abandoned settlement high in the mountains of Peru could be an ancient Roman village, leaving experts to speculate if the Romans visited the Americas centuries before Columbus; if so, it could point to long-lost gold.

  • Satellite images capture evidence of a mythical lost pyramid in China that's been hidden for centuries, and experts suspect it could be just one of many unknown structures used as a secret military base designed for subterranean nuclear warfare.

  • Satellite images capture a volcanic island that suddenly appears in the Pacific Ocean. When NASA scientists arrive to investigate, they are baffled to find it's home to a primordial slime and zombie creatures with origins in outer space.

  • Satellite images capture evidence of an abandoned town hidden.

  • When an extreme drought hits Spain, the ruins of a long-lost civilization suddenly emerge, and using cutting-edge technology, experts investigate evidence of ancient cannibalism.

  • New satellite evidence reveals a mysterious spiral structure from space, and experts speculate that it could be the lost city of Atlantis; using cutting-edge technology, they investigate the truth behind this strange phenomenon.

  • Strange satellite images taken above the Nile Valley could point investigators to long-lost relics buried in an unexplored city of the dead; what they find could reveal new secrets of Kush, a once-mighty kingdom of untold gold and treasure.

  • After satellites spot an anomaly at Egypt's oldest pyramid, experts uncover a long-lost labyrinth that could lead them to the darkest secrets of Imhotep, the mysterious high priest who built this strange complex.

  • When satellites discover a strange abandoned city frozen in time, experts investigate what caused the people who lived here to disappear overnight; using cutting-edge tech, they follow fresh leads to uncover if this mysterious city has a dark secret.

  • When satellites spot anomalies in the unexplored Amazonian jungle, experts wonder if they've discovered relics of a lost civilization; an on-the-ground investigation reveals a dark truth that's more sinister than ever imagined.

  • When the people of a thriving Midwestern town suddenly disappear, they leave behind an eerie ghost town with a dark secret; experts use cutting-edge tech to investigate if the mysterious exodus could be evidence of a freak natural disaster.

  • When an island off the coast of Mexico suddenly disappears, government officials scramble to find an explanation; cutting-edge technology might reveal if the strange place was destroyed by a foreign power or if it existed at all.

  • When strange circles of reindeer appear in the remote tundra of Sweden, experts investigate if this mysterious event could be evidence of fatal aftershocks from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

  • When instruments on the International Space Station suddenly malfunction every time it passes over a mysterious site in the Atlantic Ocean, experts investigate if this eerie behavior is more than just a tech glitch, but a prophecy of global doomsday.

  • When mysterious structures are discovered deep in a remote forest, experts investigate if this strange site was the long-lost birthplace of a top-secret Nazi project that produced some of the deadliest weapons the world had ever seen.