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This is a show that explores crop circles across the country. Follow along with several hosts who look at people who believe in the phenomena. Discover the variations in the circles, and some of the suggestions being made about how they are made. Suzanne Taylor speaks with those in a community that includes artists, philosophers, scientists and even religious experts who have all been touched by the circles. Do they mean something, and if so, what do they mean? Taylor talks to these experts in England as they look at stunning images of the circles. The show has some evidence that maybe the circles have been created by other life forms. There are questions asked about whether people can accept the fact that crop circles are made from extraterrestrial beings. It includes scientific material as well as some theological approaches to how the circles occur.

Tuesdays at 10:00 PM on Science Channel
3 Seasons, 38 Episodes
May 11, 2010
Documentary & Biography
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  • Unusually images prompt huge scientific investigations; new evidence gives hope to explaining international mysteries.

  • Strange images from the jungles of Colombia could lead researchers to the legendary city of El Dorado; an ancient symbol of satanic worship is spotted from space in Australia; an apocalyptic sandstorm in the Middle East.

  • New evidence reveals a massive Arctic canyon buried beneath the ice; a mysterious island suddenly appears off the coast of the highly sensitive border between Iran and Pakistan; a plane is spotted on Google Earth at the bottom of a lake in Minnesota.

  • A massive chasm appears in a remote part of the Siberian forest, and locals call it to a gate to the underworld. Images of a nuclear missile launch silo in Montana are being manipulated. A bright green spiral appears in the Persian Gulf.

  • New evidence could lead to the discovery of an unknown ancient civilization in the Amazon rainforest. An island disappears, and investigators are mystified. An unidentified submarine is spotted in a North Korean shipyard.

  • A vast structure buried in the sands near the legendary city of Petra points to a bloody past; when terrorists kidnap more that 200 schoolgirls in northern Nigeria, rescuers use satellites to track them down.

  • An amateur archaeologist stumbles open strange symbols scratched into the Kazakhstan Desert; CIA surveillance photographs show what looks like a giant Star of David on the island of Cuba; and a lake in the Brazilian rain forest that turned bright pink.

  • A strange mass breaches surface of an ocean near Antarctica, sparking rumors of a mythological sea monster. An area of the US-Mexico border becomes an international mystery. Ancient rock carvings in a remote mountain range depict weird, unearthly beings.

  • A giant letter Z is carved into a Mexican hillside, evoking the mark of a legendary outlaw; a strange sighting in Germany points to secrets from the Cold War; and massive, blood-red marks in China prompt fears of a violent government crackdown.

  • Satellite images reveal how El Chapo escaped from a high-security prison in Mexico; mysterious patterns in the Australian outback and the Kalahari Desert spark a major scientific investigation; and a giant black stain appears in a war-torn area of Iraq.

  • A giant swastika in a German forest; a strange pattern etched into the desert near the famous Nazca lines; and mysterious markings in an isolated corner of Antarctica.

  • A heavily armored force takes over one of Syria's most ancient archaeology sites, prompting fears that its relics are being stolen. Tanks appear to be facing off in Antarctica next to an unworldly object. A water reservoir in LA suddenly turns black.

  • A dagger sealed in the tomb of King Tut for more than 3,000 years is made of a metal that seems to have extraterrestrial origins. A massive swastika is found in the desert near Roswell, NM. Satellites hunt for the world's most wanted man, Joseph Kony.

  • A buried monument offers clarity on a Bible mystery; an ominous shadow engulfs the Pacific Ocean; and a lake that's shaped like a perfect circle hosts otherworldly life.

  • Investigators find a new clue about the missing Malaysia Airlines flight that disappeared in 2014. An astronaut spots something strange in the Sahara Desert. A mysterious orange sludge invades a remote village in Alaska.

  • Legends of ancient giants surround a mysterious monument in the Holy Land. A bright pink lake could point to a strange, undiscovered new species. When a young boy disappears in a sand dune, satellite images help with the investigation.

  • Strange black holes appear near Egypt's ancient pyramids, and new evidence points to a disturbing conclusion. Ruins in Peru suggests that the Inca people knew far more than previously thought. A mysterious red swarm invades a beach in India.

  • A giant carving of a strange creature suddenly appears in the Australian Outback. Mysterious bright green lights illuminate the seas around Thailand. Top secret activity is discovered at Iran's nuclear facility.

  • A strange blood trail leads a satellite investigation; odd spirals appear in the Kalahari Desert; a bizarre pattern off the coast of South Korea.

  • Mysterious sightings in the Bermuda Triangle that could solve an age-old legend; a huge tsunami is heading straight for Hong Kong, then suddenly disappears.

  • An odd structure that could be the lost tomb of Genghis Khan; mysterious dead patches in the desert that science can't explain; eerie sights in one of the world's oldest and strangest lakes.

  • Night images of Western Australia show lights in areas where there shouldn't be any, even more light is seen in the desert than in the big cities on the coast; in 2005 an earth observation satellite see a fleet of large ships stranded in the middle of a vast desert miles from the Aral Sea in Kazakhstan; an amateur archeologist in North Carolina, USA sees in satellite images what may be undiscovered pyramids in the Egyptian desert; huge arrows are discovered scattered across Nevada further investigation finds that these arrows are all over the American west, but what do they point to; a mile long series of honeycomb shaped holes is seen in the Andes mountains of Peru

  • Satellites find a great scar in the desert, it might be the key to finding the last wonder of the ancient world; Clues to the location of infamous City of Gold, El Dorado.

  • A US spy satellite may have stumbled upon Noah's Ark; the face of Jesus in a Hungarian field.

  • A strange structure is discovered in Mongolia; bizarre rings in Spain could lead to the lost city of Atlantis; a large floating island is on a collision course with New Zealand.

  • The face of Christ is discovered in a field in Hungary; a photo that claims to show who shot down a passenger jet in Ukraine; a sinister shape in the mountains of Afghanistan that leads investigators to a hidden genocide.

  • A satellite finds a set of large arrows in the badlands of the American west; a blood red waterfall stains Antarctica's snows; a plague of massive holes in the Siberian landscape.

  • Satellites spot strange spiral markings in the remote African desert. A weird deadly black blob is threatening the Florida Keys. Something massive found deep beneath the ice of Antarctica.

  • Satellites discover American stealth technology deep inside China. An unidentified cloud swamps America's skis. And something truly massive is lurking beneath Loch Ness. Just what on earth are they?

  • Desperate signs from lost veterans in Vietnam; a fleet of large ships stranded in the middle of a vast desert; strange walls stretching vast distances across Northern California.

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