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First aired on April of 2006, Mantracker is a Canada-based TV series brought to viewers by Bonterra Productions. Mantracker is created and directed by Ihor Macijiwksy and is hosted by Terry Grant and Chad Savage Lenz. Presently, Mantracker is on its 7th season with a total of 60 episodes. The first season aired each episode for 24 minutes while the second to the current episode runs for approximately 44 minutes.

Mantracker airs in Canada on the Outdoor Life Network channel while it is shown in the US on the Science Channel. For UK viewers, you can catch Mantracker on Extreme Sports channel. Mantracker is sort of a cat and mouse chase except the landscape is the entire remote Canadian or American prairie lands. A professional tracker pursues 2 contestants in a specific stretch of land while the pursued individuals, who are pertained to as the Prey, should be able to hide and escape from being captured by the man tracker. Once they reach the finish line, they win against the pursuer. It is the job of the man tracker to locate the contestants before they can reach this line.

In the latest season, Terry Grant is replaced by Chad Savage Lenz as the Mantracker. The object of the series is for the Prey to cross an appointed finish line, which is 17 to 60km away from them. They must do this without getting caught by the Mantracker and while battling the harsh elements including weather conditions and climate temperatures. There is no prize money for this game, yet it does earn you bragging rights and a personal achievement.

For every episode aired, 2-person teams of prey who are typically related to each other in some way are tested in the wilderness. Here, they will practice survival techniques and physical fitness capacities. The sole equipment offered to the prey are a map to lead themselves from the starting point to the finish line and a compass to help them navigate through extremely wide terrains. The prey will also have the equipment they consider vital to accomplish obstacles.

Contestants are not briefed on how they will avoid the Mantracker. In fact, the Mantracker will not be meeting the prey face to face or know the location prior the actual hunt.

Mantracker is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (49 episodes). The series first aired on March 8, 2021.

Where do I stream Mantracker online? Mantracker is available for streaming on Science Channel, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Mantracker on demand at Apple TV, Tubi TV, Pluto TV online.

Science Channel
4 Seasons, 49 Episodes
March 8, 2021
Action & Adventure Reality
Cast: Shawn Devlin, Terry Grant
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Mantracker Full Episode Guide

  • Newlyweds! It's a first for Mantracker. These two filmed their Prey Application at their wedding! It's the honeymoon of a lifetime as the happy couple attempts to elude the posse though Utah. Kash's son Brock takes on the sidekick role this time.

  • Thick-as-thieves brothers Wes & Jamie are football teammates, and avid hunters and outdoorsmen. But do they have what it takes to find the finish and beat Mantracker and Sidekick Scott Cox in the ragged, rugged terrain of Colorado's Lost Canyon?

  • This firefighter and photographer duo have more than just the wisdom of their years. They've been training with a military coach to prepare for this showdown in central Utah. Sidekick Kash Winn guides Mantracker through Castle Dale, Utah.

  • Identical twins evade being captured in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta.

  • Canadian Olympic bobsledders Jesse Lumsden and Justin Kripps take on Mantracker and sidekick Phil Lemieux in Sault Ste. Marie.

  • College athletes Mike and Becka have been dating for 5 years, which could put them on the same wavelength or be a recipe for disaster. How will the squash player and the golfer hold up against BC's rugged Chilcotin Mountains and super guide Russ Floyd?

  • Don't let the soothing Southern drawl lull you into thinking this married couple are sweet as pecan pie. They bring their fierce competitive spirit to Northern Ontario. Sidekick Greg Huffman gives Mantracker the lay of the land around Thunder Bay.

  • David and Matthew, otherwise known as Rusty & Klumpy, are from Ontario farm country and they're out to take on Mantracker amongst the steep cliffs and crevices of Dolores Canyon. Local cowboy Garnett Weese is Tracker's guide here.

  • Transported to the unfamiliar wilds of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Alex brings his medical training, while Dion's backcountry savvy looks like an advantage. But Mantracker's guide Greg Huffman is the guy who cut the trails. Who's one up now?

  • Melanie has trained for over a year and lost 120 lbs for this opportunity. Reza is a multi-lingual professional wrestler who holds three degrees. Will these two come together as a team? We'll see as they trek through Porcupine Hills, Alberta.

  • As a member of Team Canada, hockey player and Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan is used to gold, but this is a whole new challenge! He and brother Brook face off against Mantracker and Russ Floyd in Gold Bridge, BC, high in the Chilcotin Mountains.

  • Two Big Kahunas come to the Big Island of Hawaii, bringing their paddling skills and personal rivalry to the chase. Will they evade Mantracker and catch him out of his element?

  • Military reservists Ben & Darrell test their army training against the wilds of the northern bush.

  • As aspiring lawyers brave the high desert of Big Bear, they hope their 'horse-sense' will give them an edge. But Tracker has eagle-eyed Mark Murphy on his side.

  • Cam & Pete take on the cowboys and Mother Nature in this gruelling challenge, while Mantracker brings back his secret weapon Curtis, the horse whisperer, as his guide.

  • Actors Dylan & Travis get a healthy dose of reality as they try to evade Mantracker along the historic Cariboo mining trail.

  • Martial Arts Teacher Angie and her student/best friend Nolan pit themselves against the tracker and the rugged bush. Can they out manuevuer the tracker?

  • 'Surfer Dudes' from Hawaii's Big Island hope wisdom, combined youth and enthusiasm will see them to victory on the slopes of Mauna Loa. Local 'paniolo' Leon Chow helps Mantracker negotiate the old growth forests and lava fields.

  • Globetrotting brothers bring skills honed in places like Mongolia, Antarctica and Russia's Red Square to take on Mantracker in the Temagami forest. But, Barry Keown is back as Mantracker's guide and he loves to blast into the bush.

  • Sisters Amy & Barb have 9 kids between them, and they think that prepares them for the wilds of Grand Cache Alberta. Curtis Hallock is back on team Tracker and they aim to lasso these women.

  • Mantracker has Sidekick Mark Murphy to guide him through the high Desert in search of this odd couple, strangers and opposites Blake and Layney.

  • Country music stars Clayton Bellamy and Jason McCoy of The Road Hammers are tough on tour, but can they suck it up in the bush? Mantracker is on their trail in Elliot Lake.