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The Science Channel is an American digital cable and satellite television network that is owned by the Discovery Communications. The channel features programming focused on factory lines, technology, space, construction, ufology, the fields of wilderness survival, prehistory and animal science. The Science Channel is viewed by approximately 76,804,000 and growing to pay television homes. This averages out to 66.25% of households with a single tv.

The Discovery Networks announced plans for the creation of four digital channels in November 1994. Discovery initially named the network Quark however, this was changed to the Discovery Science Network which began in October 1996 as part of their rollout of the new channel suite alongside Leisure, Discovery Kids, Discovery Health Channel and Discovery Home.

The channel went through several rebrandings throughout its history. Its was first named the Discovery Science Channel, then renamed The Science Channel in 2002, then becoming the first network of the Discovery Networks digital platform to drop the Discovery name from its brand, although international versions of the channel continue using the Discovery Science brand. In 2011, the channel shortened its name again to just Science Channel as part of a rebranding which included a new logo derived from the periodic table. The network again rebranded itself as simply Science, introduced it's graphics package designed by Imaginary Forces and a new logo.

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