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The new tools and technology that are pushing the limits in the world's most unruly bodies of water, including an ocean miner used to extract salts that are used to manufacture plastics, multi-mission fireboats, and the world's biggest tidal turbine. Mega Machines: Sea Giants is a Documentary & Biography series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on October 11, 2018.

Mega Machines: Sea Giants is available for streaming on the Science Channel website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Mega Machines: Sea Giants on demand at Philo, iTunes online.

Thursday at 10:00 PM on Science Channel
2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
October 11, 2018
Documentary & Biography
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Mega Machines: Sea Giants Full Episode Guide

  • The US Coast Guard's fleet features some of the most advanced ships on the high seas, and special access to these state-of-the-art vessels reveals how cutting-edge engineering and the latest tech make their critical work possible.

  • The world's most powerful and cutting-edge ships command the seas thanks to high-tech engine design; special behind the scenes access reveals the innovative engineering and design behind these technological marvels.

  • A brand-new engineering marvel commands the waters as the world's fastest ferry, a hi-tech super ship equipped with the cutting-edge technology; experts reveal this innovative vessel's hidden secrets.

  • The world's busiest ports are getting more perilous as container ships grow larger, and special access into the control center of a cutting-edge superport reveals the advanced technology and expert engineering required to manage today's water highways.

  • Cutting-edge engineering is making it possible to live on the water in ways like never before, and using innovative construction methods, these hi-tech structures are remaking cities and pushing the future of home building to new frontiers.

  • A brand-new offshore powerboat has been engineered to take on the fastest ships on the planet, and after years of research and design, an expert team puts their cutting-edge boat to the test in the most dangerous race on water.

  • The newest superyachts come equipped with the most cutting-edge engineering technology on the planet, and special behind-the-scenes access aboard these futuristic vessels reveals their hidden secrets and unique features.

  • The US Navy's newest and most cutting-edge combat ships use state-of-the-art technology and innovative propulsion systems to hit high speeds on some of the most perilous waters in the world, protecting coastlines and vital offshore infrastructure.

  • A fleet of cutting-edge sea machines is using the power of the oceans to revolutionize the energy industry, and the innovative engineering behind these hi-tech behemoths could change the world.

  • The Netherlands is home to the most advanced water defense system on the planet, protecting millions with hi-tech, fortress-like barriers; engineers show how this sophisticated water control network works as it faces its greatest challenge yet.

  • A fleet of ice-fighting mega machines has transformed Iceberg Alley into the world's largest frozen battlefield, where cutting-edge engineering helps neutralize swarms of deadly icebergs that threaten valuable shipping lanes and offshore exploration.

  • The USNS Comfort is the world's biggest hospital ship and a vital tool in New York City's fight against the COVID-19 pandemic; this hi-tech vessel helps world-class doctors and nurses bring cutting-edge medicine to hot spots all over the world.

  • New York is home to one of the world's busiest container ports, and using the latest technology and cutting-edge robotics, crews race to load and unload gargantuan ships before time runs out.

  • The world's biggest tidal turbine is a cutting-edge machine that can revolutionize the energy industry, but first, a crew of engineers must use the latest tech to battle dangerous tides and successfully install it.

  • An expert team of heavyweight dredgers is on a mission to create the deepest port on America's east coast, and using cutting-edge technology, they dig a harbor that can house the biggest cargo ships in the world.

  • America's largest river is home to some of the most massive and advanced machines on the planet, and a team of expert engineers use them to secure the Mississippi's levees and keep its busy boat traffic rolling.

  • The world's toughest naval fleet are put to the test as cutting-edge aircraft carriers, combat ships, and amphibious assault vehicles and their crews undergo challenging warfare exercises.

  • The toughest and most powerful bucket wheel dredge in the world must be moved across the world, and using the latest tech, an expert team of engineers races against the clock to design, assemble, and ship the epic machine.

  • The world's largest and most advanced cruise ship races against the clock to board thousands of passengers in Miami, and using new technology, an expert team navigates the behemoth ship through perilous waters.

  • The biggest, most advanced fireboats in the world carry superhero behemoths, using cutting-edge engineering and technology to keep a critical American port safe from deadly fires.