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Close Encounters is a television show where witnesses recall alleged alien encounters. Narrator James Fraser takes us through reenactments of these encounters. Each episode has a different eyewitness experience. Some of these experiences include ship sightings, strange lights and crop circles. The show debuted in 2014 and is currently in its first season.

The show goes in depth about what they believe really happened. However, you are left hanging, wondering whether or not it is truth or fiction. The end of each show leaves you with more questions than answers.

Close Encounters is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on March 7, 2014.

Where do I stream Close Encounters online? Close Encounters is available for streaming on Science Channel, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Close Encounters on demand at Google Play, Apple TV online.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Science Channel
2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
March 7, 2014
Documentary & Biography, Mystery
Cast: David Jason, Bruce Alexander, John Lyons
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Close Encounters Full Episode Guide

  • The first sightings of the UFO flap in Piedmont Missouri are recounted. Over 500 reports were made in the following months. A family driving to Ontario encounters strange lights and a cigar-shaped craft.

  • Strange light patterns are seen across multiple counties in Texas on the same night. In France, after an intense encounter a man's previous knee injury is completely healed.

  • A hitchhiker in New Hampshire spots a pattern of lights in the sky and is terrified when they seem to dive bomb him. Renato Nicolai's sighting in Trans En Provence, France becomes one of the most scientifically investigated cases in UFO history.

  • Four US Air Force reservists are pursued by odd lights while flying back to their base in Cleveland. Constable Alan Godfrey loses consciousness when he investigates a strange disruption in West Yorkshire.

  • Local authorities receive over 50 UFO reports in the Chicago area on Halloween night. Many record video of the strange lights and one man witnesses a flying object. Multiple sightings of a large flying craft in PA are known as the Buck's County Wave.

  • A father and son see strange lights near their property and call the sheriff's office. Six police cars try to chase down the object. A large cylindrical craft covers a French town in an odd stringy material. The local college investigates the substance

  • In Brazil, 3 men escape a close encounter only to realize it lasted hours longer than any of them realized. In Canada, a thirteen-year-old boy is temporally blinded after investigating a strange object near his home.

  • Texas police receive several calls about a 200-foot flying object from local citizens. Two farmers witness the strange sighting up close. In Scotland, a property inspector is knocked unconscious when he comes in contact with a strange metallic object.

  • Two brothers witness something extraordinary that defies explanation while hunting in Idaho. A strange metal craft passes over Antananarivo, Madagascar plunging it into darkness for almost 10 minutes. Thousands of citizens witness the event.

  • Officials must decide how to confront a massive, unidentified object hovering over one of America's most secure Air Force bases. A priest interacts with four beings on a saucer-shaped metallic craft hovering over his missionary in Papua, New Guinea.

  • A wave of sightings in Colares, Brazil in 1977 cause mass panic and thousands of people leave the island as a result. On a dairy farm in Australia, a strange flying object causes a severe headache for the farmer and distress among his livestock.

  • In Ohio, two officers spot a strange bright light flying in the night sky. Police dispatch advises them to pursue the object, triggering a massive car chase. An ex-Military outdoorsmen tries to make contact with a UFO in the Florida Everglades.

  • Laura Sinclair is walking her dog when she sees a large cylindrical object hovering in the sky. A similar sighting is reported at a nearby air force base. Children at a Florida elementary school witness multiple UFO sightings over three days.

  • Henry Baker is driving home with his family when his wife spots strange lights hovering over Lake Erie. On a remote ranch in Argentina strange lights turn violent when three women try to investigate them.

  • TRIANGLES IN THE FOREST: DECEMBER 25-27, 1980: Strange lights are reported by security near a U.S. Air Force base on England's east coast. HIGH TIDE: OCTOBER 4, 1967: 18-year-old Norm is driving back from a dance when he sees an object fall from the sky.

  • 1975: Over two nights, a silent, orange football-shaped object is spotted near the nuclear weapons storage site at Loring Air Force Base in Maine. Airmen describe the object as having no doors or windows and with no visible propellers or engines. The object's proximity to the Base's nuclear weapons arsenal causes grave concern. The control tower makes numerous attempts to contact the aircraft, but there is no response. Its identity remains a mystery to this day.

  • Nowhere to Hide / Crash Course

  • Three people come across an aircraft and then later suffer from radiation poisoning symptoms; a metallic object blasts off when it's touched.

  • Dozens of witnesses in Pennsylvania report to have seen a fiery object fall from the sky and land in woods nearby; in Phoenix, AZ hundreds of people witness weird lights in a V-formation in the sky.

  • Cousins Billy and John Smith come across a huge ship - triple the size of a football stadium; Malmstrom Air Force Base guards in see an UFO in Montana.

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