Las Vegas Jailhouse

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Las Vegas Jailhouse is an American documentary series showcasing law enforcement officials in Las Vegas and their handling of arrests and bookings. Filmed inside the Clark County Detention Center, the show looks at the daily ins and outs of prostitutes, drunks, and general oddballs who end up spending a night or more in jail.

The main characters of Las Vegas Jailhouse are the city's street and correction officers. Sergeants Alan Schlossberg and Troy Wayne are the veterans, with 26, and 20 years, respectively, under their belts. Schlossberg has done the most to help those who enter the detention center. Tired of seeing too many people go the way of drugs and alcohol, Schlossberg has spent much of his time at the CCDC coordinating a program of education and life skills training to rehabilitate inmates that Wayne and the others bring in.

Ten additional law enforcement officials make up the additional cast list of Las Vegas Jailhouse. Among them is Officer Daniel Madrid. A former Healthcare Industry worker, Madrid switched professions and is now a member of the Metropolitan Police's Special Emergency Response Team (SERT). Another featured officer is Sergeant Nick Mowery. By day Mowery ensures the staff placed in his care remains safe throughout the shift. By night he prowls the Las Vegas nightclubs as the leader of the band known as The Nick Evens Mowery Project, NEM for short.

Las Vegas Jailhouse also features its share of female law enforcement officials. At the top is Sergeant Kristy Crawford. A 21-year veteran of the Las Vegas police department, Crawford works in the CCDC booking department, but has also served as a Supervisor and Sergeant of the Gang Intel division. Other female officers include Jamie Jolner, who uses her behavioral science experience in day-to-day operations, and Nicole Sittre, who tries to inject some humor into every situation.

Las Vegas Jailhouse is produced by John Morgan Langley, creators of the FOX series COPS. It premiered on the American cable network TruTV in January of 2012 and has run for five seasons.

Sundays at 10:00 PM et/pt on truTV
5 Seasons, 45 Episodes
January 31, 2010
Reality, Action & Adventure, Crime
Las Vegas Jailhouse

Las Vegas Jailhouse Full Episode Guide

  • A repeat offender tries to rope officers into a physical confrontation; a drunk cowgirl kicks up a fuss over the removal of her boots. Later, a man pinched for carrying a concealed weapon claims his blade is really used to shuck oysters.

  • One of David Copperfield's stalkers is arrested; an incensed inebriated inmate voices her displeasure with the guards; and a young man nabbed for driving under the influence of prescription drugs howls for his dog.

  • A woman who was taken in for jaywalking claims the police were out of line for arresting her; a young woman is brought in on domestic-violence charges. Later, a busted dealer claims he's selling pot to support his addiction to poker.

  • Guards are forced to go "hands-on" when an angry inmate refuses to cooperate, a man brought in on DUI charges complains about the prison grub, then entertains officers by showing off his webbed feet, and a female security guard booked on robbery charges ponders whether her arrest might crush her dream of one day working for Homeland Security.

  • Indecent exposure lands a couple in the Clark County Detention Center, but that doesn't stop them from still trying to get it on.

  • An aspiring martial-arts fighter tries to wriggle out of handcuffs and gets stuck; a football rivalry takes a bad turn when a Steelers fan assaults a Ravens follower.

  • An aspiring martial-arts fighter tries to free himself of handcuffs and gets stuck; a football rivalry takes a bad turn when a Steelers fan assaults a Ravens follower.

  • A self-proclaimed "ladies man" smuggles a pair of women's panties behind bars, a female inmate arrested at the scene of a traffic accident is stunned to learn that smoking pot while driving is illegal, and a young man brought in on DUI charges tells guards he's afraid he might become pregnant while in jail.

  • A hooker is shocked she got busted on a slow work day, a drunken inmate fights with the guards, and an angry transsexual insults one of Clark County Detention's finest.

  • An inmate swallows his entire stash of drugs, a 72-year-old Don Rickles look-alike tries to use excuses for why he was selling weed to teenagers at the local mall, and a woman charged with attacking her landlord fakes an illness to get out of jail.

  • Guards sifting through a woman's things find grooming aids kept in an unlikely spot. An incarcerated tourist says he'll bring in Johnny Cochran for his defense. A drunken driver wakes up to find X-rated artwork drawn on his body.

  • A female inmate uses her chest to interrupt the booking process, a loud love-making session puts a couple in jail, and a jailed porn star reveals tales of her unique web-cam exploits.

  • Rough romance gets a dominatrix in trouble, a feisty father is charged with assaulting his daughter's boyfriend while the boyfriend was helpless on the toilet, and a negative attitude gets some negative attention.

  • A drug dealer's mean-spirited girlfriend lands herself in isolation; the police deal with a man accused of throwing rocks; guards use battling cellmates in an attempt to defuse a situation.

  • During a routine pat down, a short statured inmate talks big. A confused senior citizen thinks the detention center is the site of a poetry slam.

  • During a search at a suspect's property, they uncover a kinky stash. Two rowdy inmates don't get along when they invade each other's personal space. A jaywalker has problems keeping his pants from falling down.

  • A high-priced escort goes to jail for skipping out on her limo tab, a self-proclaimed "big stud" gets in trouble for talking dirty to the jail nurse, and an old pro tired of the street life shares her dreams of sex toy entrepreneurship.

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