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Pregnancy is supposed to be a joyous time for a mother. In most cases families rejoice and great anticipation falls over extended families as they wait for the arrival of the newest addition. Well, that's the way it's supposed to go; but, sometimes it doesn't pan out that way. Secretly Pregnant, a show on Discovery Health tells the stories of women who have made the decision to hide their pregnancy up to and, even after, the birth of their child and the reasons why they've made their decisions.

Each week the audience is treated to an entirely different story, featuring two different women who have decided, for her own reasons, to keep their pregnancies under wraps. The show is cut into two separate segments. Each story is offered a 30 minute segment and culminates in the birth of the baby. Sometimes the pregnancy is hidden from friends, sometimes the immediate family, and sometimes from the child's father. Each story is different and the show follows the women through the mid-way point of their pregnancy right up until they deliver the child; sometimes still in secret.

The stories are so different and varied that each episode feels like a different show; albeit filmed and taped the same. For example; in one episode Charity is secretly pregnant with her sixth child. Charity and her husband are deeply in debt and rely on her parents to foot the bill for them financially. The idea of telling them they are adding another mouth to feed to the, already expansive, clan is terrifying. Once they do tell them, however, the family is more than thrilled. In other scenarios things don't end so happily. Natasha, a woman who has previously had an abortion at the urging of her boyfriend, finds herself pregnant again and terrified to tell the man she loves that, this time, she's having his baby,.

The show is certainly an eye-opener for those who always thought of the birth of a child as a joyous occasion. Sometimes, it simply does not happen that way, and Discovery Health is focused on sharing these stories to help empower women who feel hopeless, helpless and alone.

Secretly Pregnant is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on October 13, 2011.

Where do I stream Secretly Pregnant online? Secretly Pregnant is available for streaming on Discovery Fit & Health, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Secretly Pregnant on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Discovery Life, Google Play, iTunes online.

Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Fit & Health
2 Seasons, 12 Episodes
October 13, 2011
Documentary & Biography Drama
Cast: Kate Middleton
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Secretly Pregnant Full Episode Guide

  • A Nepalese woman married to an LDS man is concerned of her family's reaction to her pregnancy; a mom who's expecting her third child with her unemployed husband is afraid her parents will disapprove.

  • A mother of eight is leery about revealing her ninth pregnancy to her kids; a woman pregnant with twins is afraid her mother won't support her and her unemployed fiancĂ©.

  • Two women are trying to keep their pregnancies secret. Charity, a mother of five, is expecting a sixth and fears her parents will withdraw their financial and emotional support. Natasha is scared that her boyfriend will leave her when he discovers she is pregnant.

  • Sandra's daughters disapprove of her boyfriend, and news of her pregnancy could destroy their relationship. Dannielle risks losing the love and financial support of her grandfather if he discovers she is pregnant out of wedlock.

  • Richanne discovered she was pregnant just days after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. Paola's pregnancy could damage her image as a bikini model and destroy her career.

  • Jen is pregnant again following a tragic stillbirth. An unwed woman is afraid to tell her parents she is pregnant for a second time.

  • Jackie, forty and pregnant by a teenager, is embarrassed by this scandalous relationship. At nineteen, Tessa is terrified that if her conservative parents learn the truth, they will think she is throwing her life away.

  • Carmen is expecting a second child with a married man. Jerline and her husband are unemployed and living with her mother while trying to get their lives together.

  • On the series premiere, Krystal is stressed about her financial situation so she decides to hide her pregnancy. Danie is afraid of rejection for her and the baby if she tells her parents she is pregnant.