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Infested is a television show on Animal Planet's television network. It revolves around, well you guessed it, infestations. These are real life stories of people who have had to live through massive infestations of one kind or another. Every creepy and crawly thing you can imagine is featured on this show. This show is definitely not for the faint of heart. If you have any phobias of insects and creepy crawly critters, then this show might not be for you. Each episode shows in graphic ways the damage that has been done by these infestations and the scariest part is that it is all real!

Most of the episodes feature more than one true story of infestation. Spiders, insects of all kinds, rodents, bats, and other small animals are shown as they infest these victim's homes. These are anything but small infestations. These are the worst of the worst. They have affected these families so deeply that often times they have to move away to get away from it all. At time the infestations are merely creepy and then at other times people find themselves in dire peril with a life threatening infestation to deal with.

Many of the people on the show have just moved in to a new home with no clue of what they are entering into. Many times things are able to be corrected and the infestation cleared with the help of professionals trained to deal with situations like these. At times there is nothing that can be done to entirely remove the infestation. That is when the homeowner has to decide if they can live with it or if they will lose it all by walking away. In one episode we find an entire town is overrun with an extreme rat infestation. This show is a great watch if you are interested in bugs and rodents and are not easily frightened. If that sounds the opposite of yourself, then you may wish to skip out on this particular show.

Infested is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (18 episodes). The series first aired on January 9, 2011.

Where do I stream Infested online? Infested is available for streaming on Animal Planet, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Infested on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Animal Planet, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV online.

Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
2 Seasons, 18 Episodes
January 9, 2011
Cast: Eric Meyers
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Infested Full Episode Guide

  • Large spiders invade a house; a pregnant woman battles bats in her neighborhood; a couple finds a bee colony in their home.

  • A family's broken air conditioner could have deadly consequences; an invader that's killing animals outside a couple's home could find a way inside.

  • A house is overrun by rats after a woman's sloppy neighbors move out; twin boys are tormented for weeks by an unseen source; a terrible smell saturates a family's home.

  • An apartment is taken over by roaches. A family's home is bombarded by opossums. A man works to put an end to a stinkbug infestation.

  • In Tennessee, a farmer fights for his life when his home becomes infested with deadly spiders. In Georgia, a family is desperate to rid their house of the bed bugs their son brought back home from college. And in Pittsburgh, a couple join a community's battle against the cockroaches infesting their homes.

  • A look back on the season's highlights - including infestations of bedbugs, spiders, rats, ants and mice.

  • Highlights from the first season include infestations of spiders, rats, cockroaches, bats and snakes.

  • A protected species of bat make their home in an attic, forcing a family to live in an RV; brown recluse spiders invade a dream home; a couple battle an infestation of crickets.

  • The owners of a summer camp battle a bed bug infestation that's plaguing campers. A young family fight their apartment management over a spreading roach infestation. And a woman's home is overwhelmed by an exploding rat population.

  • A family home is overtaken by a tide of rats coming from an unknown source. A single mother is forced to move her family into a tent in the yard when a bug infestation overruns their home. And, an apartment's walls are home to dozens of opposums.

  • Scorpions invade a dream home; a California family cope with blood-sucking parasites; a college student becomes ill while dealing with opossums in her home.

  • A Missouri clan uncover the source of noises in their attic, but then a legal battle begins; a Tennessee father's life is in danger following bites from a brown-recluse spider; a military family stationed in Japan are overwhelmed by ticks.

  • In Tennessee, a farmer fights against a home invasion of deadly spiders. In Georgia, a family gets innovative following several failed attempts to rid their home of bed bugs. And in Pittsburgh, a couple battle against the cockroaches in their neighborhood.

  • A family goes to war against the cockroaches spilling from a neighbor's home and into their own. A single mother battles the growing number of filthy rodents running riot through her home. And, a young family discovers their new home is overrun by bats.

  • An apartment in Wisconsin becomes an unliveable mess as the urine and excrement of invadings raccoons poisons the air.

  • A woman falls ill after being bitten by one of the thousands of spiders that have taken up residence in her new home.

  • A dream home becomes a battleground as a family goes to war against bedbugs and a single mom defends her home against an army of rats.

Infested Video Clips & Extras

Bed Bugs Bite | Infested! Clip (3 min 49 sec) Imprisoned by Bats | Infested! Clip (3 min 2 sec) Brown Widow Spiders Invade | Infested! Clip (3 min 52 sec) Rat Infestation | Infested! Clip (3 min 49 sec) Venomous Scorpion Invasion | Infested! Clip (3 min 43 sec) Sitting On Roaches | Infested! Clip (3 min 48 sec) Skunk House | Infested! Clip (3 min 30 sec) Attack Of the Honeybees | Infested! Clip (3 min 9 sec)