Sydney ER

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Sydney ER is an Australian reality documentary style television series. Sydney ER recreates actual hospital cases with the help of dramatization from one of Australia's most busiest emergency care operations at St. Vincent's Hospital. Film makers depict the scariness and rush of emotions when patients are nearly at the brink of death. Nurses, physicians, specialists, and doctors work diligently together in order to solve puzzling cases before it's too late. This action drama show also gives viewers a feel of how high emotions can run when lives depend on it. Sydney ER also shines a bright light on our healthcare staff who selflessly show compassion, commitment, and dedication to help others.

Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Fit & Health
2 Seasons, 19 Episodes
April 27, 2013
Drama Health & Fitness Reality
Sydney ER

Sydney ER Full Episode Guide

  • A drugged man with a disturbing item; a bachelor ends up in the ER; a man crashes his car into a garbage truck.

  • A man is followed as he walks down an alleyway. An unconscious homeless man and a man impaled by a bike need immediate medical attention.

  • A patient who suffered a nail gun mishap.

  • A chef is stabbed with her own knife; an injured man refuses help from doctors.

  • A man gets hit from behind; a man is high on drugs.

  • Two homeless brothers get attacked; a 50-year-old has a heart attack; a taxi hits a motorcyclist.

  • A woman overdosed on drugs; a pacemaker fails on a 62-year-old man; a young man at the beach is attacked.

  • A lab tech is assaulted, and acid is thrown on his neck and face, which causes serious damage.

  • An increase in accident cases.

  • A young man who has overdosed; late-night street fight injury.

  • Halloween revelers who end up in trouble.

  • A man is high on the toxic street drug GHB.

  • A mysterious trauma case during a busy morning.

  • Several intoxicated patients on a Saturday.

  • A woman with a strange noise from her vocal chords.

  • A man who has collapsed is at serious risk of brain damage.

  • The team respond to an emergency situation.

  • The team respond to an emergency situation.