I Was Impaled

I was Impaled is about horrific and devastating stories. It tells the stories of a man

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Fit & Health
1 Season, 6 Episodes
September 8, 2012
Drama, Family
Cast: Kevin Collins
I Was Impaled

I Was Impaled Full Episode Guide

  • A pole penetrates a man's mouth and neck; a man accidentally swallows a sewing needle; a 75-year-old man discovers a nail embedded in his face; and a truck driver is impaled by a pole.

  • A man is injured while mowing his lawn; a 3-year-old swallows three magnets; a woman discovers a bug in her ear; and a carpenter gets a splinter in his eye.

  • A surfboard becomes embedded in a man's head; a motocross rider gets a stick stuck in his face; a cyclist almost loses his leg during a race; a rugby player gets a tooth lodged in his head; and a skier crashes into a fence.

  • A woman is impaled by a Christmas tree; a boy accidentally swallows a barbed fishing hook; and a man is injected with compressed air.

  • A man is impaled by a fence post; a woman falls onto a hooked planter; a foreign object is lodged into a young man's head; and a mountain biker gets his brake lever embedded into his arm.

  • In the series premiere a woman is impaled on an iron spike railing.

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