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  • TV-PG
  • 2021
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.6  (5,588)

The Mysterious Benedict Society is a television show based on a book series of the same name by Trenton Lee Stewart. The series follows the story of four gifted orphans - Reynie, Sticky, Kate, and Constance - who are recruited by the eccentric Mr. Benedict to infiltrate a mysterious organization known as The Emergency. The Emergency is plotting to take over the world by controlling people's minds, and only the sharp minds of the four children can save the day.

The show is set in a whimsical and vivid world with incredible production design and an imaginative storyline. The sets, costumes, and props are all colorful and quirky, perfectly capturing the book series' tone. The cinematography is also sharp and striking, with sweeping camera movements and shots that immerse the audience in the show's world.

The casting of the show is excellent, with Tony Hale bringing his comedic chops as Mr. Benedict, the brilliant but slightly off-kilter mastermind behind the kids' mission. Kristen Schaal is equally delightful as Number Two, Benedict's loyal assistant who always has an eye on the mission. MaameYaa Boafo also shines as the stern and calculating agent Rhonda Kazembe, whose motivations are not always clear.

The core of the show is the dynamic between the four child actors, who all give remarkable performances. Reynie Muldoon, played by Canadian actor Mystic Inscho, is the leader of the group and the most level-headed of the four, while Sticky Washington, played by Seth Carr, is brilliant but timid, prone to overthinking and second-guessing himself. Kate Wetherall, played by Emmy DeOliveira, is a feisty and adventurous tomboy with a natural talent for acrobatics and problem-solving. Finally, Constance Contraire, played by Marta Timofeeva, is the youngest of the group and has a knack for being troublesome but also has a natural talent for telepathy.

The show's greatest strength is its storytelling, which is nuanced, layered and full of twists and turns. The storyline is intricate and complicated, with puzzles to solve and mysteries to unravel at every turn. It's a fast-paced and imaginative story that will have both adults and children on the edge of their seats.

One of the show's most significant themes is the idea that intelligence comes in different forms, and it is not necessarily measured by academic success or test scores. The four children all have different talents and weaknesses, but they work together in a way that shows how well-rounded intelligence requires collaboration and teamwork.

Overall, The Mysterious Benedict Society is a delightful show that will appeal to both children and adults with its charming characters, intricate storyline, and imaginative world. It's a visual and intellectual treat that parents can enjoy watching with their children, and an excellent entry point into the world of science fiction for young viewers. The show also includes themes of friendship, loyalty, and the power of collaboration, making it a fantastic watch for families.

The Mysterious Benedict Society is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (16 episodes). The series first aired on June 25, 2021.

The Mysterious Benedict Society
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A Two-Way Street
8. A Two-Way Street
December 6, 2022
Freshly arrived at a haven from Number Two's past, The Society bands together to stave off disaster.
A Joyful Lens
7. A Joyful Lens
November 29, 2022
After seeing the adults acting strangely, the kids spring into action. Curtain hosts a celebration.
A Commitment to All Things Cozy
6. A Commitment to All Things Cozy
November 22, 2022
The Society splits up to escape an attack. Number Two and Mr. Benedict plot against Dr. Curtain.
Blank Expression
5. Blank Expression
November 15, 2022
The kids enlist an ally. Constance faces off with an old enemy. Number Two confronts Dr. Curtain.
Free of Pointless Command
4. Free of Pointless Command
November 8, 2022
Constance gets the kids closer to finding the compromised Mr. Benedict by using her gift.
A Gold Bar in Fort Knox
3. A Gold Bar in Fort Knox
November 2, 2022
The children make some dangerous wagers while Benedict takes a gamble with Curtain.
A Bit of Light Chop
2. A Bit of Light Chop
October 25, 2022
After sneaking onto the ship, Reynie, Sticky, Kate, and Constance try to blend in while they look for the next clue. One of the ship’s officers, Cannonball, seems particularly observant, and getting thrown in the brig for being stowaways definitely won’t help them get closer to finding Mr. Benedict
A Perilous Journey
1. A Perilous Journey
October 25, 2022
This season, Reynie, Sticky, Kate and Constance, the four gifted orphans who were recruited by the eccentric Mr. Benedict, embark on another mission to save the world from the nefarious plans of his twin brother Dr. L.D. Curtain. When the kids discover that Mr. Benedict and Number Two have been kidnapped, they must piece together the riddles and clues within a perilous scavenger hunt set by Mr. Benedict to foil Curtain's latest scheme. Relying on only their wits, intellect, and empathy, the charming group of misfits embark on a globe-trotting adventure by air, land, sea and pie truck, calling upon their special skills to solve the mysteries and rescue their lost comrades. Along the way, the kids experience the growing pains that come along with being part of their new "found family," while remaining true to their unique selves. In the process, they discover what true happiness really means.
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  • Premiere Date
    June 25, 2021
  • IMDB Rating
    7.6  (5,588)