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  • 2017
  • 3 Seasons

O11CE, pronounced "Once", is a sports drama series that follows 16-year-old Gabo, who moves from a small town to Buenos Aires to pursue his passion for soccer and attend the prestigious Instituto Académico Deportivo. Upon arriving, he quickly becomes part of the school's soccer team and aims to become a professional player.

The show revolves around the ups and downs of Gabo's journey as he navigates his way around the competitive world of soccer. Despite his small stature, Gabo is a skilled player and manages to win over his teammates with his talent and determination. Along with the support of his friends, Gabo tackles the challenges that come his way, including rivalries with other teams, injuries, and personal setbacks that threaten to derail his dreams.

Aside from the exciting soccer matches, the show also delves into the personal lives of the characters, showcasing their relationships, family backgrounds, and individual struggles. Gabo's story is particularly compelling, as he learns to balance his passion for soccer with his desire to connect with his estranged father, who left him and his mother when he was young. His journey towards forgiveness and understanding is an essential part of the series, as it adds a human element to the sports drama.

The themes of perseverance, teamwork, and resilience are prominent throughout the series, as Gabo and his teammates learn to rely on each other and work together to achieve their goals. The show also touches on the darker side of competition, such as cheating, corruption, and bullying, which adds depth and complexity to the story.

One unique aspect of O11CE is its use of technology, specifically a futuristic soccer ball called the "Smart Ball." The ball is equipped with AI, cameras, and sensors that analyze player performance and provide feedback in real-time. The Smart Ball becomes an essential tool for Gabo and his teammates, helping them improve their skills and gain a competitive edge. While the use of technology adds an exciting element to the show, it never feels forced or gimmicky, as it seamlessly integrates into the story.

Overall, O11CE is an engaging and inspiring sports drama that will resonate with viewers of all ages. The show's diverse cast, thrilling soccer matches, and heartfelt moments make it an excellent addition to Disney+. Whether you're a soccer fan or simply looking for an uplifting series, O11CE is well worth a watch.

O11CE is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (240 episodes). The series first aired on March 13, 2017.

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Episode 240
80. Episode 240
January 24, 2020
Summary is not available.
Episode 239
79. Episode 239
January 23, 2020
Summary is not available.
Episode 238
78. Episode 238
January 22, 2020
Summary is not available.
Episode 237
77. Episode 237
January 21, 2020
Summary is not available.
Episode 236
76. Episode 236
January 20, 2020
Summary is not available.
Episode 235
75. Episode 235
January 17, 2020
Summary is not available.
Episode 234
74. Episode 234
January 16, 2020
Summary is not available.
Episode 233
73. Episode 233
January 15, 2020
Summary is not available.
Episode 232
72. Episode 232
January 14, 2020
Summary is not available.
Episode 231
71. Episode 231
January 13, 2020
Summary is not available.
Episode 230
70. Episode 230
January 10, 2020
Summary is not available.
Episode 229
69. Episode 229
January 9, 2020
Summary is not available.
Episode 228
68. Episode 228
January 8, 2020
Summary is not available.
Episode 227
67. Episode 227
January 7, 2020
Summary is not available.
Episode 226
66. Episode 226
January 6, 2020
Summary is not available.
Episode 225
65. Episode 225
January 3, 2020
Summary is not available.
Episode 224
64. Episode 224
January 2, 2020
Summary is not available.
Episode 223
63. Episode 223
January 1, 2020
Summary is not available.
Episode 222
62. Episode 222
December 31, 2019
Summary is not available.
Episode 221
61. Episode 221
December 30, 2019
Summary is not available.
Episode 220
60. Episode 220
November 29, 2019
The game for Álamo Seco's soccer field is about to start. Rafa, Arturo, Dedé, Ricky, Vitto and Lorenzo arrive to play for Gabo's team. Gabo invites Delfina to play for them. They play the first half and Gabo's team is losing. The rest of their friends from the IAD get to the field to cheer for them.
Episode 219
59. Episode 219
November 28, 2019
Ulises offers to pay Gabo's debt if he quits the Atlético. Gabo refuses, but proposes an all-or-nothing soccer game. They both start choosing their teams for the game. Ulises gets professional players for his team. Felipe called the Hawks, and they are all on their way to Álamo Seco to help Gabo. De
Episode 218
58. Episode 218
November 27, 2019
Gabo looks for his Dad's help to save Álamo Seco's soccer field. Ricky tells Dedé he will no longer look for Natalia and she hears him say that he lied about his interest on the climate. The girls will start putting their women's soccer team together. Delfina admits she likes Lorenzo. Natalia meets
Episode 217
57. Episode 217
November 26, 2019
The penalty shoot-out starts. The Juve wins the World Cup. Gabo tells the Hawks that he will always be proud of them. Lorenzo tells Gabo to be confident he will be chosen to join the Atlético. Delfina and Lorenzo talk. The ATM's director announces the winner of the scholarship is Gabo and everyone c
Episode 216
56. Episode 216
November 25, 2019
The teams are ready for the game. Everyone gets ready to watch the game. Ulises feels bitter, but he ends up watching it anyway. The Hawks score their first goal. Aecio tells Lorenzo he's given his brother an advantage and Lorenzo puts him in his place. Joaquín, Francisco and Gabo tell the Hawks tha
Episode 215
55. Episode 215
November 22, 2019
Dedé, Ricky and Gabo keep deciding whether to do the challenge. Ezequiel asks Delfina not to see Lorenzo. Vitto talks to the Hawks about the final. Delfina stands Lorenzo up and he feels bad. Lorenzo talks to Delfina and finds out that Ezequiel had asked her not to see him. Gabo tells Amelia they ha
Episode 214
54. Episode 214
November 21, 2019
Laura defends herself before the evidence. Delfina and the girls discuss the creation of the women's team. Gabo tells his friends that everything has been uncovered. Laura tells Ulises what has happened. The police escorts Laura to the exit. Aecio keeps bothering Lorenzo. Gabo talks to Amelia to tel
Episode 213
53. Episode 213
November 20, 2019
Ricky and Dedé take a photo of the referee and the secretary and send it to Gabo as evidence. The Committee asks for time to deliberate. The girls talk about the challenge the Hawks made to them. Lorenzo organizes a great date for Delfina. Francisco takes precautions around Laura. Delfina trains wit
Episode 212
52. Episode 212
November 19, 2019
The team can't believe Gabo has been suspended. Vitto and Francisco discuss the “coincidences” that have left the other players out. Francisco talks to the lineman. The Hawks record the challenge. The Juve players are interviewed by Jefferson. Aecio complains to Lorenzo for defending Gabo, and Loren
Episode 211
51. Episode 211
November 18, 2019
In the aftermath of the Hawks vs. Verdinegros game, the Hawks celebrate and start preparing for their next game. Ulises vents his anger against his team. Lorenzo has trouble coming up with a date with Delfina. Unbeknownst to Gabo, Laura is still plotting to kick him out of the competition, no matter
Episode 210
50. Episode 210
November 15, 2019
Gabo is not sure he'll be able to play because of his injury, but he fools Francisco. The game between the Golden Hawks and the Verdinegros is finally here. Which team will earn a spot in the finals against the Juventus? Will Gabo be able to give it his all, or will his injury prove to be his downfa
Episode 209
49. Episode 209
November 14, 2019
A doctor takes a look at Gabo's injury and everyone is very nervous as they wait to see if he will be able to play or not. Ulises keeps training. Lorenzo, Ricky and Dedé believe Gabo's accident was a setup. Everyone is waiting for the medical results. Vitto is still obsessed with the upcoming game a
Episode 208
48. Episode 208
November 13, 2019
That day, the plan against Gabo will be executed. Gabo's video is ready to be shared and he hopes it'll be shared among the people in Álamo Seco. Ricky and Dedé think about their future and invite Gabo to do the same. The townspeople go to Amelia to tell her that they are on her side and she propose
Episode 207
47. Episode 207
November 12, 2019
Gabo goes with Ulises to visit the Atlético's academy facilities. Gabo misses the call with Álamo Seco and the townspeople criticize him. Felipe and Amelia talk to Gabo about what happened in the town. Gabo shares his concern with his friends about what is going on in his town. Rafa tells Vitto he's
Episode 206
46. Episode 206
November 11, 2019
Gabo is undecided about cancelling the crowdfunding, but a telephone call shows him the right decision. The conflict on Álamo Seco starts to interfere with Gabo's future. The Phoenixes celebrate their championship and the rival team congratulates them. Ricky struggles to reconnect with Natalia and s
Episode 205
45. Episode 205
November 8, 2019
Ricky and Dedé tell Gabo that they couldn't find anything about Laura. Laura's plans seem to be going very well. The long-awaited game between the Phoenixes and the Woodpeckers is finally here, and Joaquín and Jefferson interview them. Ricky and Dedé give Alfa what his brother asked them to give him
Episode 204
44. Episode 204
November 7, 2019
Oliver finds out Martín is gone because he left a note. The Phoenixes are worried about how they should respond to the meme posted by the Woodpeckers. Delfina is still jealous of the attention Lorenzo is getting. Vitto tries to give as much advice to his players as he physically can, with mixed reac
Episode 203
43. Episode 203
November 6, 2019
Ricky and Dedé ask Gabo to focus on one task at a time instead of trying to solve everything by himself, though this has unexpected consequences. Gabo's grandma is worried about what the people in town say to her. Laura puts an end to Martín's threats and tells him that he has to leave the World Cup
Episode 202
42. Episode 202
November 5, 2019
Gabo and Lorenzo look into the elevator incident. Gabo speaks with his grandma about the Álamo Seco meeting. Delfina is jealous of a girl who wants to interview Lorenzo. Joaquín tells Jefferson that they should use his popularity to help others. The Phoenix team members are nervous about their upcom
Episode 201
41. Episode 201
November 4, 2019
While Lorenzo, Gabo and Dedé are still trapped in the elevator, the Juventus vs. Beavers game finally begins. The Juventus' coach is worried about Lorenzo and sends someone to look for him. Ricky and Delfina go look for Lorenzo. Will Lorenzo be able to get out in time to play? A maintenance person h
Episode 200
40. Episode 200
October 4, 2019
Ricky, Dedé and Gabo talk about the semifinal. Lorenzo is distracted by the IT technician while Ulises steals his lucky armband. Manuel tries to talk to the girl he likes. Felipe calls Gabo and shows him the speech the engineer delivered to convince the townspeople that they need the road. Gabo and
Episode 199
39. Episode 199
October 3, 2019
Gabo reaches the crowdfunding campaign's first goal. Fabricio Oberto made the last donation. The Juventus team practices before the game and talk about penalty kicks. Martín, Oliver and Thomas discuss how to beat Lorenzo. Alfa tells Gabo why he has fallen out with his brother. Delfina leaves the cer
Episode 198
38. Episode 198
October 2, 2019
Gabo manages to speak to Fabricio Oberto and tells him about the idea for the video. Meanwhile, Gabo is missing practice. Laura, Ulises, Martín and the IT technician finalize the details of the plan. Fabricio, Oberto and Gabo film the challenge video and Zoe posts it and shares it with everyone. Gab
Episode 197
37. Episode 197
October 1, 2019
Gabo shares the crowdfunding link with everyone in an attempt to raise the first goal before the deadline. Laura decides to follow Martín's plan. Joaquín tells Dedé and Ricky that the president of the Committee was behind the whole Alan thing and that he's no longer president. Gabo plans to talk to
Episode 196
36. Episode 196
September 30, 2019
Zoe has a bad moment with a rival team. The board gets a new president. The Phoenix team organize a party to help calm everyone's nerves. Joaquín prepares for the board's decision and decides to enjoy his last night partying. Natalia invites Ricky to enjoy the party. Dedé keeps interrupting Lorenzo.
Episode 195
35. Episode 195
September 27, 2019
Ulises and Martín form a truce. Gabo receives an invitation to visit the Atlético. Joaquín and Jefferson present their evidence before the Committee. While the Committee discusses the matter, Joaquín can't do anything for JoacoSport. Gabo and Ulises visit the Atlético de Madrid. The IAD students wat
Episode 194
34. Episode 194
September 26, 2019
Martín's room is inspected but nothing is found. Laura finds out about JoacoSport's video accusing Jefferson. Gabo and Dedé keep investigating Alan. Laura receives notice about Martín and does not take it well. Lorenzo is really interested in Delfina from the Phoenix team. The Phoenix win the game a
Episode 193
33. Episode 193
September 25, 2019
Joaquín accuses Jefferson of stealing his tablet, using the video as proof, and will not accept that he made a mistake. Gabo, Ricky and Dedé investigate Alan. Vitto is the team's coach once again. Vitto and Francisco practice with the team. Laura accuses the Committee's president of giving the order
Episode 192
32. Episode 192
September 24, 2019
Ulises tries to plant a bottle in Martín's room, but he's interrupted. Alfa and Germán argue. Joaquín accuses Jefferson of stealing his tablet. Gabo, Dedé and Ricky have a new idea about how to raise funds for the Álamo Seco soccer field. Joaquín tells Francisco about the theft of his tablet. Franci
Episode 191
31. Episode 191
September 23, 2019
The Hawks celebrate their victory and wonder what Vitto was doing there. Joaquín wants to investigate what happened with Alan. Laura puts Alan on a plane to make him disappear for a while. Laura has Joaquín followed. Martín starts bringing his own food to prevent the same thing that happened to the
Episode 190
30. Episode 190
September 20, 2019
The Zilants and Hawks are playing. In the opening minutes of the game, the Zilants seem superior and score their first goal. The Hawks ignore Alan's instructions and change back to their usual formation. Vitto escapes and is able to talk to Francisco. During halftime, everyone supports Gabo and not
Episode 189
29. Episode 189
September 19, 2019
Alan discovers Vitto. Vitto confronts Alan, and he confirms Alan's plan is for the Hawks to lose, but Vitto is arrested. Ricky, Dedé and Gabo await news about their plan. Lorenzo loses to Delfina at Ping-Pong. Laura wants to keep Vitto confined until the game is over. The guys upload a video to rais
Episode 188
28. Episode 188
September 18, 2019
Gabo and Dedé tell Vitto that Ricky will be joining the Hawks. Delfina tells Lorenzo she's better than him at soccer and proposes a challenge to him. Vitto, Gabo and Dedé decide to investigate what happened with Alan six years before. Gabo's friends decide that they will save Álamo Seco's soccer fie
Episode 187
27. Episode 187
September 17, 2019
The boys and Vitto plan how to get more information on Alan. For that purpose, they ask Ricky for help in order to get some files. Gastón and Dedé pull a prank on Manuel and Lautaro before Gastón returns to the IAD. Ricky and Daniel distract Amadeo to get information on Alan. Ulises asks Gabo about
Episode 186
26. Episode 186
September 16, 2019
Everyone is worried about Gastón's injury as they await the test results. Some players feel like the training has been too rigorous. Dedé, Arturo, Gabo and Vitto translate the Russian phrase they recorded. Jefferson and Joaquín interview Ulises together. It is confirmed that Gastón has a torn muscle
Episode 185
25. Episode 185
September 13, 2019
Gabo and Dedé help Vitto sneak into the Olympic Village so he can investigate if Alan has an ulterior motive behind the newly grueling training sessions. Joaquín and Jefferson interview the Phoenix team. Plots continue to favor one team. The Protectors play against the Verdinegros. Complications dev
Episode 184
24. Episode 184
September 12, 2019
The Phoenix team starts to gain notoriety after their victory. The Students' World Cup app that controls eating habits is driving Zoe insane. Dedé receives a great piece of advice from an unexpected source. Gabo tries to confront Alan about the training, but things don't go as planned. Joaquín gets
Episode 183
23. Episode 183
September 11, 2019
The girls on the Phoenix team play their first match against the team from Cuba, but no one seems to expect too much from the match. Joaquín gets some advice on how to run his channel, but he is not convinced. Gabo talks with rival players. Joaquín makes an important decision. The Hawks go to traini
Episode 182
22. Episode 182
September 10, 2019
Alan is still troubled with the blackmail. Zoe is still playing video games; Gabo tells her about her grandma's problem. Francisco goes to a board of directors meeting. Dedé finishes his training. Laura keeps blackmailing Alan. Joaquín and Jefferson interview Ulises and his team; they lose a challen
Episode 181
21. Episode 181
September 9, 2019
Gabo runs into Martín, and tensions are just as high as the last time they met. The Phoenix team realizes they'll have to work hard to prove themselves at the Students' World Cup. Dedé has a great time during his training. Joaquín is offered a collaboration opportunity for his channel. After reminis
Episode 180
20. Episode 180
August 9, 2019
The Hawks discuss Martín's presence. Natalia and Ricky agree to go on a date when she returns from the World Cup. Junior and Senior players are placed in mixed rooms to get to know each other better. Zoe and a soccer player compete on a videogame. Joaquín introduces himself to Jefferson. Dedé starts
Episode 179
19. Episode 179
August 8, 2019
The team is happy because they're going to the Students' World Cup. Felipe tells Gabo his grandmother will lose the land. Marco congratulates Lorenzo on his performance. Isabel announces Dedé will go to a soccer clinic because of his performance. The teams arrive in Spain for the Students' World Cup
Episode 178
18. Episode 178
August 7, 2019
Zoe asks the whole team to send their photos and videos to try and prove Pablo's guilt. Lorenzo is very nervous about the Juventus game, but he makes a big decision. Matías turns to the fourth-year players for help with his problem with Pablo. Zoe and Gabo find a video showing Matías locking Pablo u
Episode 177
17. Episode 177
August 6, 2019
The whole team comes up with ideas to prevent Vitto from assuming the consequences of the fight. Ezequiel helps Lorenzo train and the head coach sees them. The Hawks have a new head coach and go say goodbye to Vitto. The three candidates present their proposals at the debate, and Zoe stands out. Pab
Episode 176
16. Episode 176
August 5, 2019
Pablo and Matías are suspended after their fight, but this fight could have much larger consequences. Lorenzo is trying harder, but he can't convince himself and Ezequiel tries to cheer him up. Ricky receives comments that make him feel terrible. Pablo turns to Gabo and his friends for help to try t
Episode 175
15. Episode 175
August 2, 2019
The Juventus will also play the Students' World Cup, but Lorenzo doesn't know whether he will participate. Ezequiel will be the captain of the Juventus team. Celeste will give Joaquín reasons to doubt her. The Hawks play against the Vikings, but Pablo disappears mysteriously. Ricky's poor training s
Episode 174
14. Episode 174
August 1, 2019
Gabo returns and talks to his friends who tell him Alfa has left. Joaquín asks Francisco whether he can stream the Hawks' friendly match. The Phoenix team returns and gets a warm welcome at the IAD. Gabo, Dedé and Ricky will try to make Alfa return. The team helps Zoe with her campaign proposals. Th
Episode 173
13. Episode 173
July 31, 2019
Gabo discovers something disturbing in Álamo Seco and has to go very far with the help of Felipe to prevent his grandmother from finding out. Alfa is tired of the rumors about him, so he takes drastic actions. Ricky keeps neglecting his training. The Phoenix team plays a last game before determining
Episode 172
12. Episode 172
July 30, 2019
Gabo finally knows the results of his grandmother's surgery. The younger members of the Hawks train hard to be part of the team that will go to the World Cup. Joaquín scolds Rafa for talking to his girlfriend. The Phoenix team will play their third game to qualify to the World Cup. Ricky focuses on
Episode 171
11. Episode 171
July 29, 2019
Gabo is deeply concerned about his grandmother's health, Isabel tries to calm him down. Zoe calls Gabo to ask about his grandmother and offer help. Also, Dedé and Ricky talk about several rumors regarding Alfa. Vitto and Alan pick the starting players with the help of Amadeo's data. The doctor tells
Episode 170
10. Episode 170
July 26, 2019
Gabo argues with the Hawks and Zoe recommends him to talk to his friends. The Phoenix team prepares to go to play in Peru. Rafa asks Celeste for help to edit a video that could affect Joaquín. Marco excludes Lorenzo from a dinner with the team. The Senior players apologize to Gabo and will work hard
Episode 169
9. Episode 169
July 25, 2019
Lorenzo gives Gabo some advice to try and unite the team again and keep practicing for the Students' World Cup. Joaquín posts a video that affects Rafa a lot. Arturo tries to make Alfa join them, but he fails. Lorenzo is able to play with the substitutes. Gabo and Alfa share a common taste in free s
Episode 168
8. Episode 168
July 24, 2019
The Hawks team is divided because the Junior players refuse to practice until Vitto guarantees a fair opportunity for them to go to the Students' World Cup, but Tristán does not like the idea. Joaquín tries to interview Lucas, but Lucas wanted to be interviewed by Celeste, so he refuses. Francisco a
Episode 167
7. Episode 167
July 23, 2019
Amelia doesn't want Gabo to worry about her. Gabo helps Dedé train. Lorenzo is not selected for the Juve's first friendly game. Ricky speaks to Natalia. The Phoenix team start getting ready for the Students' World Cup. Joaquín interviews Vitto and asks him about the World Cup and about who will be s
Episode 166
6. Episode 166
July 22, 2019
The friendly game continues. Zoe signs up as a candidate and Joaquín tells Celeste she has to choose between Zoe and him for president. Vitto points out each player's failures. Gabo argues with Arturo again. Marco keeps rejecting Lorenzo. Dedé gets angry at Gabo because he hasn't supported him. Vitt
Episode 165
5. Episode 165
July 19, 2019
Ricky wants to go out with Natalia. Alfa doesn't want to talk to the team. The Phoenix team has to decide whether they go to the Students' World Cup or not. Lorenzo and Ezequiel must make a truce to resist the Juve's pressure. Arturo and Matías are aware of what the Senior players are doing and they
Episode 164
4. Episode 164
July 18, 2019
Vitto scolds the Junior Hawks due to their scandal at the bar, but the Junior players consider it Gabo's fault. Francisco scolds Zoe. The Hawks keep practicing for the Students' World Cup, but they don't forget about the game against Vélez. The Senior players want to secure a place in the World Cup
Episode 163
3. Episode 163
July 17, 2019
Gabo talks to Arturo about the need to make a united team on and out of the field, but Arturo is not convinced by the idea. Zoe uses his dad's computer to reply to an email for the Volleyball World Cup. JoacoSport interviews Rafael Fierro after his return to the IAD and Celeste is impressed. Vitto s
Episode 162
2. Episode 162
July 16, 2019
Vitto is the Hawks' new head coach. Arturo, a junior player, has doubts about the coach's lack of experience and thinks Gabo could influence his decisions to select the team. Toni meets with Francisco to introduce Alfa to him, a player with lots of potential, for him to enter the IAD. Lorenzo accide
Episode 161
1. Episode 161
July 15, 2019
It's time to go back to the IAD, and Felipe gives Gabo a photo for him not to forget his roots, and on the way the guys see machinery in Álamo Seco which draws their attention. Lorenzo and Ezequiel arrive at the J. College. The old Silver Hawks are now the Golden Hawks and they won't give away their
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