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26 years after Meisei High conquered the Kōshien, a promising pitcher-catcher battery was formed in its middle school by the Tachibana step-brothers, Touma and Souichirou.

Saturday 5:30 PM et/pt on YTV (JP)
1 Season, 24 Episodes
April 6, 2019
Animation & Cartoon, Anime, Drama, Romance, Sports
Cast: Brianna Roberts, Sarah Roach
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  • Meisei and Toushu face off into overtime, where a single score makes the difference between thrilling victory and crushing defeat!

  • Six innings in, the semifinal match between Meisei and Toushu remains scoreless. Under the burning sun and the pressure of the crowd, which team's star pitcher will reach his limit first?

  • Now comes the highly anticipated semifinal match between Meisei and Toushu! The rising rookie battery of Touma and Souichiro faces off once more against the unshakeable prodigy, Hiroki Mita, in a tense pitchers' duel with the tournament on the line.

  • Meisei's path to Koshien is in peril as they face off against Kaiou Nishi. Do they have the skill--and the luck--to survive to the semifinals?

  • With Sou and Tou powering the team through the early rounds of the tournament, Meisei's story draws fans from far and wide. Ryou learns that his family and Otomi's are more alike than he knew.

  • Personalities collide after the team's manager sends Souichirou and Haruka to scout out the competition.

  • Haruka scouts out Meisei's next rival: Sankou High School. Meanwhile, Akai comes to an important realization.

  • It's the bottom of the eighth, and Meisei is down by one. Will their dream of reaching Koshien once again be crushed in the first round of the East Tokyo Tournament?

  • Touma puts the first run on the board for Meisei, but Kenjo's star slugger Akai doesn't intend to let it go unanswered.

  • Meisei prepares for their game against Kenjo, but will Haruka's observations be enough to help the Tachibana brothers lead their team to victory?

  • For info on the history of the Meisei High School Baseball Club, Ramen Dragon is the place to be. Sou and Otomi's ties to the team go back farther than they knew.

  • Punch is feeling under the weather. Ooyama learns where Tou picked up his pitching skills. The history of the Tachibana family and Meisei's number 1 jersey is revealed.

  • All the boys love Otomi. Touma gets a letter from Haruka, inviting him on a walk. They travel for hours to solve a riddle, then get stuck in the middle of nowhere.

  • Meisei and Toushu play a tense practice game. Arisa acts like a jerk, and both Touma and Souichirou show their skill as players.

  • Spring brings a new baseball season. The brothers are in high school now, playing under their new manager Ooyama. Ooyama is reluctant to let Touma pitch with the upperclassmen, but he quickly changes his tune after watching Touma pitch.

  • The mystery of Daisuke's odd practice attendance pattern is revealed. The new season brings changes to the Meisei baseball team, including a new Manager!

  • Meisei loses their match to Seinan after Nikaidou has a bad inning. Nishimura, Seinan's pitcher, tries to convince the Tachibana brothers to transfer to his team.

  • To everyone's surprise, Daisuke pitches a whole winning game despite only having practiced with the team for an hour. The Meisei team goes to the Tokyo Tournament, but Daisuke doesn't show up until the game is well under way.

  • The Meisei Junior High team progresses through the prelims of the national juniors as Souichirou and Touma begin their battery relationship.

  • Otomi adopts a dog and names him Punch, as the Meisei baseball team debates who should be the club's ace pitcher.

  • 30 years ago, Meisei High School's baseball team won the much sought after Koshien Tournament, but haven't come close since. As the new school year at Meisei Junior High School begins, brothers Touma and Souichirou Tachibana start practicing in secret.

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