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Peter Rumancek has lived the life of a gypsy, off the beaten path, moving from place to place with his mother and their sparse belongings. They do all of this to keep his secret safe. That is, until he ends up in Hemlock Grove, a place that seems to have plenty of secrets of its own. There Peter meets people all too willing to believe that there is something strange about him, especially when a girl is killed just after he comes to town, during the full moon.

In the midst of the mayhem surrounding the brutal crime, rumors begin flying and fingers begin pointing, pointing at Peter, the outsider who doesn't quite fit in. Authorities say it was an animal attack, but some seem to believe that there is much more to the story than that, especially when another attack occurs. And suddenly, the only thing more suspicious Peter could do than coming to Hemlock Grove, is to attempt to leave.

Now Peter, with the help of an unlikely friend, must work to figure out who, or what is out there, because if he doesn't, his secret risks exposure. If the town finds out that Peter transforms into a wolf on the full moon, there will be consequences far beyond simply being blamed for murders his swears he didn't commit. Even in a town where strange people live, people like the Godfrey's, who harbor plenty of their own terrible secrets, secrets about their origins and their sordid pasts, a werewolf would not be welcome, were he revealed.

Take a glance beyond the shadows in Hemlock Grove to find out who is slaughtering girls with the ferocity of a wild animal, what the Godfrey's are hiding, and what is in store for the nomad Peter Rumancek, and his unlikely ally, Roman Godfrey.

Hemlock Grove is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (33 episodes). The series first aired on April 19, 2013.

Hemlock Grove is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Hemlock Grove on demand atNetflix, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, Hoopla, iTunes online.

3 Seasons, 33 Episodes
April 19, 2013
Action & Adventure, Drama, Kids & Family, Mystery
Cast: Famke Janssen, Bill Skarsgård, Landon Liboiron, Penelope Mitchell, Freya Tingley
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Hemlock Grove Full Episode Guide

  • Blinsky tends to Roman's wounds at the White Tower. After leaving Nadia with Shelley, Annie confronts Olivia about her father's death.

  • Gruesome discoveries await Roman and Peter at Spivak's cabin. As Olivia's time runs out, she targets her son. Pryce consoles a heartbroken Shelley.

  • Aitor ponders leaving Hemlock Grove and asks Shelley to join him. Roman manipulates Peter into turning on Milan.

  • A plan to save Olivia requires a search for the perfect mark at an upir conference. Destiny confronts Roman about Andreas.

  • As Olivia's condition worsens, she drops a bombshell on Roman. The wolf pack shuns Peter, who struggles to hide the truth about Andreas from Destiny.

  • Ochoa encourages Olivia to reach out to Annie. Destiny's sanity begins to crumble in Andreas's absence, and Pryce is besieged by childhood memories.

  • Peter makes a bold move to head off a war between the Gypsies and the Croatian mob. After an agonizing detox, Pryce delivers disturbing news.

  • Pryce deduces the nature of the creature and looks for links to the Spivak monster. Roman explores upir customs. Peter grills Andreas about the heist.

  • Annie reveals her secrets to Roman as they probe a connection between two attacks. Olivia is unable to feed and Miranda must fend for herself.

  • The search for Miranda and Nadia digs into Spivak's past. Roman has an encounter with a mysterious stranger. Andreas and Destiny plan their future.

  • Peter recuperates at home. At the White Tower, Roman takes care of unfinished business and Norman has a final confrontation with Olivia.

  • While Peter undergoes questioning, Roman proceeds with his final transfusion. An unexpected alliance forms when a threat to Olivia's life is revealed.

  • Roman tells Norman the truth about their family. Olivia's rehabilitation takes an unexpected turn. Destiny discovers what the murderers are plotting.

  • A family reunion unfolds with layers of typical Godfrey dysfunction. Peter and Roman's quest to save lives forces them to reveal their true natures.

  • Roman undertakes his first treatment with Dr. Pryce; Norman sets up a rendezvous with a beloved relative he thought was lost forever.

  • Miranda and Roman seek medical advice. Peter and Destiny must find a new way of helping Lynda when her attorney informs them the case is hopeless.

  • Roman's hunger tempts him beyond his self-control. New evidence arises in the search for Shelley. Peter comes to the aid of a child in need.

  • Peter explores the scene of his haunted premonitions. Meanwhile, Olivia demands exclusivity from Norman at all costs.

  • Roman invites an outsider to be his guest. Destiny attempts to bring clarity to Peter's dreams. Olivia grows frustrated adapting to her ailments.

  • Peter returns to Hemlock Grove in search of money to afford a lawyer for Lynda while Roman tries to satiate his newly found appetite.

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'Hemlock Grove' is Netflix's Newest Hit!

Netflix is eager for audiences to spread the interest in its new original series, "Hemlock Grove." The werewolf drama opened to larger viewership than the popular "House of Cards." What can you expect from the show?

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