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With a number of stellar reviews and a steadily growing audience, The Glades is quietly becoming one of the most popular programs on cable television. Airing on A&E, the show has broken records for viewership of an original drama on the network, and it has become a staple of the cable channel's lineup. The program is described as a police procedural, but it differs in many ways from many of the popular procedural shows that currently air on television. With its engaging cast and excellent writing, The Glades will likely continue to be a major part of the A&E lineup for several more seasons.

The Glades stars Matt Passmore as a Chicago detective who was accused of sleeping with his captain's wife. Though the accusations are false, Passmore's character, Detective Jim Longworth, must make some major changes to his life to escape his unfortunate situation. As a result, he takes a job with a Florida law enforcement agency in order to get away from his former life and its problems. Though the detective believes that his new location and job will give him time to relax and reflect, he quickly finds that his new environment will offer a whole new set of problems and complications. As it turns out, there is a great deal of crime in southeastern Florida, but Longworth is skilled at solving cases, making him a valuable addition to the law enforcement team.

The Glades also stars Kiele Sanchez as Callie Cargill, with whom Longworth develops some romantic chemistry. She is a busy registered nurse and single mother who is not immediately drawn to Longworth's charms. However, she is intrigued by the new lawman, and the romantic tension between the two characters drives much of the human drama of the show. Carlos Gomez is also featured on the program as Dr. Carlos Sanchez. He is a friend of Longworth's and he is often put into compromising positions as a result of his attempts to help Longworth solve cases.

The Glades has recently entered into its third season on A&E, and ratings continue to be quite impressive for the show. Millions of people tune in each week to see the beautiful Florida landscape while enjoying the performances of the cast in some of television's best-written roles. Although the show has been compared to a number of other police procedurals, The Glades has a unique charm and vibe that cannot be found in any other program.

The Glades is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (49 episodes). The series first aired on July 11, 2010.

The Glades is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Glades on demand atAmazon, Hulu, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes, IMDb TV online.

4 Seasons, 49 Episodes
July 11, 2010
Cast: Matt Passmore
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The Glades Full Episode Guide

  • News of the murder of a golf hustler disrupts the flow of a golf course. Jim and the team are called in to investigate the death and find the killer, which complicates the situation with Callie.

  • When a ranch hand is found dead on the boundary between two estates, Jim investigates a heated battle between feuding Florida ranchers and their families; Callie's past catches up with her.

  • Jim investigates the stabbing death of a Civil War reenactor. Meanwhile, Callie makes a tragic discovery at work.

  • Jim investigates the death of a billionaire oil tycoon and art collector on the eve of Art Basel, Miami's international art show. Meanwhile Callie's past may ruin her future.

  • When the first female professional Jai Alai player is killed, Jim is forced to investigate the multimillion dollar gambling industry in Florida surrounding the 600-year old sport, and Jim's mother Joan arrives to join the dysfunctional reunion.

  • A three-way relationship has connections to a murder.

  • Jim investigates a seemingly ritualistic murder and is lead to the secret world of the gypsies. Later, Jim is caught off guard by an uninvited guest.

  • When the VP of a local bank is found dead in the vault, Jim discovers she leads a double life.

  • After a dead body disappears from a crime scene at a 10K Zombie Run, Jim investigates to determine how a corpse can walk away.

  • Jim investigates the death of a male stripper.

  • While Jim investigates the murder or the owner of a vast BBQ empire, Daniel enters a BBQ competition and faces off with his brother Drew.

  • A liquor company's spokeswoman is killed.

  • In the fourth season premiere, the remains of an heiress are discovered in a haunted plantation house, Jim must delve into a 150-year-old ghost story to solve the murder.

  • On the day of Callie's board exam, Jim investigates the murder of a businesswoman who intended to offer the endorsement opportunity of a lifetime to a young, local surfing champion. Later, Jim must decide the future of his relationship with Callie.

  • Jim and Jennifer investigate the murder of the winner of an $80 million lottery.

  • Jim and Jennifer discover the high cost of beauty while investigating the death of the owner of a luxury medical spa; Callie becomes overwhelmed with the demands of her schedule.

  • Longworth and Jennifer investigate a murder that creates tension with the Sovereign Citizens, a bizarre anti-government group that believes they are above the law. Callie desperately searches for her old cell phone where she recorded Elkins blackmailing her into sleeping with him for overlooking her tax issues.

  • A woman who contacted the Innocence Project to exonerate a death row inmate and had ties to a previous case is found dead. Now Jim is forced to team up with his former partner.

  • Jim comes across the owner of his favorite food truck dead and winds up in a political standoff between the new gourmet food trucks and the established restaurants in the area. Jennifer is overly interested in Jim's cases and Callie hopes to confront Miranda.

  • Jim and Carlos investigate the murder of a woman who is found naked. Evidence leads them to a nudist colony who is battling the expansion of a luxury condo development.

  • Jim helps Callie settle into her new apartment in Atlanta. While performing a guest autopsy for Daniel's forensics class at Tampa Tech, Carlos discovers the cadaver he is dissecting is actually a murder victim.

  • A swimmer donning a mermaid costume is found dead on the beach; Callie's interrupted job search makes Jim feel guilty.

  • When Jim and Carlos investigate the death of a millionaire who left all his wealth to an organization of UFO enthusiasts, the organization's leader accuses the FDLE of concealing the true cause of death: an alien abduction. Meanwhile, Jim and Callie's relationship heats up, but Callie's job search to keep her in Palm Glade falters.

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