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Crossing Jordan is a television drama about a brainy forensic pathologist named Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh. Jordan worked for many years in the medical examiner's office in Boston. She became passionately involved in trying to solve murders, and she began to cross professional boundaries by trying to help people. Jordan ends up getting fired and is forced to participate in court-ordered anger management classes. However, she is such a brilliant scientist that she ends up getting her old job back, where she quickly picks up her old passion for solving mysteries.

Jordan got her start in the field of forensic psychology by her father, who worked as a police detective for many years. He is retired now and often helps Jordan work on cases by reenacting what they think possibly happened. They play a game where Jordan pretends that she is the victim, and her father pretends that he is the murderer. They use this method to see if they can figure out what the murderer was thinking.

Jordan also works closely with police detectives and a good ensemble of co-workers to help her solve mysteries. Jordan is famous in the police community for standing up to many authority figures to ensure that cases are solved and processed ethically. Jordan clashes with her boss on numerous occasions but he tolerates her because she is so good at solving mysteries. Jordan's co-worker is a faithful friend to Jordan and even has a crush on their boss leading to some drama. Jordan is also assisted by two fellow scientists, Nigel and Bug. Bug provides a lot of comic relief while Nigel is the much more reticent of the pair. Much of Jordan's desire to solve crimes derive from the fact that her mother was murdered many years ago and the crime was never solved. She has been through so much drama and pain in her personal life that she ends up bringing it into the office. The combination of her past pain and brilliant mind lead to a passion for her job.

6 Seasons, 117 Episodes
September 24, 2001
Cast: Jill Hennessy, Miguel Ferrer, Ravi Kapoor, Kathryn Hahn, Steve Valentine
Crossing Jordan

Crossing Jordan Full Episode Guide

  • AN UNFORGETTABLE FLIGHT IN THE SEASON FINALE -- Kate Switzer is put in charge of forming a team to investigate what killed a ship full of people on the Norwegian Sea and enlists the help of the entire group of coroners. On their way back to Boston, the plane suddenly flies into an unexpected storm causing the plane to crash in the mountains. Woody and Bug set out on foot to try to get to the highest point and get a radio reception to signal for help, but hit a roadblock when they reach an impassable mountain. In order to stay warm and keep busy, Jordan, Macy, Kate and Nigel decided to do what they do best, autopsies. While they are trying to figure out what mysteriously killed these people, they all secretly wonder if they will be rescued.

  • When an odd man wanders into Woody's office and claims there has been a murder, Woody and Jordan learn that the man is the one that was murdered. The man reveals that he was given a slow acting poison that will inevitably kill him. His only request is to find his missing daughter before he dies and Jordan and Woody agree to help. Nigel and Kate team up to solve the murder of two magicians that have seemingly killed each other. Bug makes a decision that will change Lily's and his lives.

  • A woman that has been presumed dead for the past six years actually has just died a few hours earlier and has caused Jordan and William Ivers to team up on this peculiar case. Woody and Bug are called to help Lily and Brandau when the psychiatrist they have been seeing suddenly dies in front of them during their session. At first they all believe that it was a heart attack until they find a mysterious stab wound. Lily suddenly goes into labor and the team helps her deliver.

  • Jordan decides that she is ready to get back to work, but Macy is reluctant because he feels it is to soon. After agreeing to take it easy Jordan finds herself thrust into a murder case and find herself back to her old ways. Everyone is concerned about Bug's demeanor since his encounter with Homeland Security and wants him to open up about his experience. Meanwhile, Nigel and Kate team up with Woody to help solve the murder of a groom on his wedding day.

  • Macy takes Jordan to the hospital for her extremely risky brain surgery that will hopefully save her life. As he waits at the hospital, everyone else tries to keep busy in the morgue to avoid worrying more about Jordan. Woody tries to keep his mind occupied by throwing himself in to a murder case of a cop and an eyewitness that was about to testify against a gang leader.

  • Woody and Jordan desperately try to find a school bus full of children that is hijacked and then disappears. After locating the bus they have to use the forensic clues that were left behind to lead them to the missing kids but that turns out be harder then they first thought. Meanwhile, Dr. Kate Switzer and Nigel are stunned when they come across the dead body of "Santa" in the morgue. Also, Jordan's secret is finally revealed and everyone in the morgue is concerned for her health.

  • Jordan and Woody have the difficult task of trying to solve the murder of a pregnant woman and finding the baby that is now missing from her womb. While they wait for the DNA test results, Woody discovers that Jordan has made a crucial mistake that affects the case. Macy gives a tour of the morgue to a bunch of juvenile delinquents and tries to teach them a lesson about the value of life, but realizes it's harder then he thought.

  • When Jordan, Macy and Detective Matt Seely attempt to solve a16 year-old girls murder, they discover that she was keeping a scandalous secret. During the investigation, Jordan begins to struggle with her declining health and Macy decides to confront her. Meanwhile, Woody, Dr. Kate Swtizer and Bug try to determine the cause of death of a mummy, but discover that the body is actually a modern day woman.

  • A serial killer taunts Nigel through his online blog with clues that lead to a real life murder scene. As Woody, Dr. Kate Switzer and Nigel try to piece clues together from the victims bodies, the killer challenges Nigel to find the next victim before it's to late, but he only has 24 hours. Back at the morgue, Jordan and Bug are forced to audit old files for William Ivers. Jordan finds a mistake that may have sent an innocent man to prison, but she is torn about whether keep it to herself.

  • Special prosecutor Ivers continues his investigation into the practices of the morgue, and Macy asks Jordan once again to behave herself. Jordan and Lily go on a road trip to recover the body of a little person, but only to find it stolen from the back of the morgue's van. Woody finds the body of a 16-year-old boy and encounters a rogue cop during the investigation. Meanwhile, Lily wrestles with the impact her love triangle will have on her unborn baby.

  • When a Las Vegas prize fighter is found dead after winning a match, Danny and Delinda decide to stay in Boston to help Jordan and Woody investigate his murder. Meanwhile, Bug investigates the death of a young woman whose body was found in the river and had been there since the 1980s. After a month away, Lily returns to the morgue.

  • A riot erupts in Boston after an eight-year-old boy is shot 33 times by police. Jordan the rest of the team of coroners as well as Lu and Woody join together to investigate the young boy's death and the police officers' involvement in it. With violence overtaking the city, Jordan and her colleagues are faced with the death of one of their own.

  • Fugitive Jordan pursues the truth about J.D.'s murder by traveling to Washington, D.C., where she hopes to uncover the news story he was working on to find out if it was the reason for his death. Meanwhile, Macy tries to locate Jordan; and Lu works with a no-nonsense independent investigator to prove Jordan's guilt.

  • Jordan finds herself in an unexpected situation that will challenge her both professionally and personally. After celebrating Lily's engagement and pending nuptials, Jordan wakes up the next morning next to the dead body of her former beau J.D. Pollack. With little recollection of the previous night's events and no explanation of what transpired, a shell-shocked Jordan becomes the number one suspect. Determined to clear her name, Macy and the rest of the team begin investigating what led up to Pollack's death.Meanwhile, Woody and Lu take opposite sides on the case, creating a wedge between them. With the evidence stacking up against Jordan, she must persuade her friends and colleagues that she is innocent. Or is she?

  • When Macy tries to deliver some personal effects of a deceased elderly man to his family, he finds a young boy being held captive. When the young boy's deranged captor discovers that Macy knows his secret, he knocks him unconscious and takes him hostage. After Macy awakes, he finds that he has been chained up in the basement. Determined to make it out alive and to rescue the boy, Macy tries to buy himself some time.Meanwhile, Jordan and Lu butt heads when Lu brings in the morgue's janitor as a suspect in a jewelry-fencing scheme. As Lily's wedding approaches, she is caught off guard when she accidentally runs into Bug on a date.

  • Jordan investigates the mysterious murder of a woman believed to be a miracle worker and living saint. She also confronts Woody and Lu about their concern for her feelings over their blossoming relationship. Meanwhile, Bug investigates the death of man who he believes was trying to change his life around. Macy helps Lily re-evaluate her relationship with Brandau and her career, leading to some surprising decisions on her part.

  • When a professional baseball player is accused of rape, a shocking twist emerges when they check out his alibi. Jordan and Lu have different theories about what really happened to the victim and eventually Jordan is taken off the case for obstruction. Meanwhile, Jordan's jealousy of Woody and Lu's relationship comes to a boil. Nigel becomes determined to find the family of a fighter pilot frozen in time as Bug helps him to cope with the relationship he doesn't have with his own father.

  • A schizophrenic living in a halfway house is the prime suspect when the murder of a teenage girl occurs in the neighborhood. Woody and Lu disagree on how to handle the case, but eventually begin to see eye to eye. Macy questions Jordan as she wrestles with the idea of Kayla moving in with her as a foster child. Jordan is frustrated by the lack of support she is receiving from her friends.

  • With Massachusetts suffering from a devastating wildfire, six firefighters perish in the blaze. Macy, Jordan and Nigel discover that these brave men should never have died and begin investigating whether they were murdered and, if so, who is to blame. Despite hitting a snag in their new romance, Woody and Lu work together to solve the mysterious death of an unidentified man in a superhero suit, which inevitably closes the distance between them and places them back on track. Meanwhile, Macy is torn about what to do when his daughter Abby threatens to leave rehab.

  • Macy is stunned when he discovers that a body from a gang related shooting is his daughter's boyfriend. When a gun from the scene of the crime returns with Abby's prints on it the entire team focuses on finding the missing girl. Jordan is discouraged when she discovers that Macy is still drinking on the job.

  • Jordan and Woody find themselves investigating the murder of a military officer, but when Pollack writes an explosive expose on the investigation, the threesome find themselves entangled in a dangerous corporate cover-up.Meanwhile, Macy struggles with the realization that his daughter may be involved in drugs.

  • Macy is the pivotal witness in a murder case, but when he is charged with a DUI the night before the trial his credibility is questioned and his career is put in jeopardy. While Jorda avoids talking to Woody about their romantic encounter she turns her attention to clearing Macy's name. Bug finally finds the courage to tell Lily that he has romantic feelings for her.

  • Jordan and Woody are called to investigate a mysterious murder at a quaint bed and breakfast, it isn't long before the 100 year-old crime that made the house infamous is revealed. A sudden snow storm traps the crime fighting duo and it is hard to distinguish the facts from the legends as a local cop, the hotel caretaker, the current proprietor and several ghost chasing guests all become possible suspects.Meanwhile, back at the morgue, old feelings resurface and Bug becomes jealous when Lily announces that she has a date.

  • When Jordan is brought in to analyze an accident scene the missing body leads her to new clues in an old case. Meanwhile Woody and Macy team up to bring down a mob hit man who is suspected of murdering his brother's wife, but the evidence scarce. Lily is flattered when A.D.A. Jeffrey Brandau nervously tries to ask her out

  • Woody is out to nab a cop killer whose crime leaves two teenage children fatherless, but when evidence inexplicably turns up at the scene he is suspected of planting it. Jordan and department psychologist Detective Tallulah Simmons (Leslie Bibb) team up, they must work together to clear Woody's name. Meanwhile, Nigel is intrigued with a woman's story about alien abduction and is determined to help her husband receive his dying wish.

  • It's a race against time as the entire morgue works to stop a series of bloody murders. A copy-cat is replicating the crimes of the Mass Pike Killer bringing Woody (Jerry O'Connell) and Jordan (Jill Hennessy) face to face with the original criminal. Jordan is unsettled when the murderer begins to unravel her emotions and pin point her intimacy issues.

  • Jordan is asked by J.D. Pollack to investigate the death of a cult leader's ex-wife. He asks her to determine whether the death was suicide or homicide. Jordan quickly finds the answer when the victims cell phone rings and on the other end is Woody asking where Jordan is. When Jordan finds a gun in the dead woman's hand Jordan begins to suspect she shot herself. Jordan determines that the young woman didn't shoot herself because there was no gunshot residue on the hand. Making Jordan and Woody go from thinking the case was open and shut to finding out that the case is going to be more difficult solve. Woody meets the new psychologist. Lu Simmons she will determine if he is able to control his temper or go to desk duty until he is. She first sees how easily his temper is out of control when he finds his parking spot taken. When Mr. Carter arrives at the morgue bug and Lily giveaway the husband's offspring to the wrong lady but they don't realize that until it's too late.

  • Jordan's defiance of Dr. Macy ends up putting her own life in danger. With three boys missing and bodies turning up, Woody and Dr. Macy don't realize they are also searching for one of their own.

  • When a pair of bodies ends up in the Boston Morgue, one clue will lead to fabulous Las Vegas. With Woody in Vegas and Jordan and Boston temperatures rise on a couple of couples.

  • With a familiar killer in their midst, Slokum is forced to get help from an unlikely source. Will the morgue staff be able to stop this killer again?

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'Crossing Jordan''s Jill Hennessy to Star in New Series

The new family comedy will air on Comedy Central.