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The television series known as The Pretender is about an intelligent young man named Jarod who has the ability to effectively pretend to be whosoever he desires to be at a time and do so very well. Jarod was a young man who had terrible experiences growing up as a child during his childhood days. He was kidnapped and taken to a place known as The Centre where he grew up. While at the Centre he gets very close to a guy named Sydney who is very nice to him and teaches him so many things. He considers him as a mentor and the father he never had.

One day Jarod finds out that the Centre is making use of data obtained from his activities he runs away. While on the run he comes across many criminals who were also suffering from emotional troubles like himself. However he starts experiencing the good things of life which he missed while growing up as a child at the Centre. While there he did not have access to sweets, ice creams, and other nice things he would have loved to have.

Jarod then embarks on a search for his parents whom he had never known and also to find out everything about his past, the history about his life and family. He finds out that the Centre had hidden information about the truths about the lives of so many of them who had been confined there. He finds out his mother was dead and is devastated about the events surrounding her death. He is however consoled as he finds his father but swears to avenge his mother's death despite his father's plea for him not to do so. Miss parker whose father was the director was charged to find Jarod and take him back to the Centre.

The main characters in the film included Michael Weiss as Jarold, Andrea Parker as Miss Parker, Patrick Bauchau as Sydney, Jon Gries as Broots. The series was created by Steven Mitchell and Craig Sickle and was broadcast on NBC.

The Pretender is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (85 episodes). The series first aired on September 19, 1996.

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4 Seasons, 85 Episodes
September 19, 1996
Drama, Action & Adventure
Cast: Michael T. Weiss, Andrea Parker, Patrick Bauchau, Jon Gries
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The Pretender Full Episode Guide

  • Clues from a videotape help Jarod track down a kidnapped daughter and mother.

  • Jarod joins a collection of small time criminals to expose the murderer of a young girl.

  • Jarod seeks to thwart a murderer out to eliminate a boy who is part of the witness protection program.

  • Posing as a drug addict, Jarod infiltrates a disreputable drug rehabilitation center to rescue a young mother fighting for custody of her young son.

  • Jarod helps expose the true identify of a Cambodian colonel who Lyle plans to use as a pipeline for smuggling heroin into the United States.

  • Jarod becomes a private investigator to save a Las Vegas showgirl in trouble with the mob.

  • Jarod protects a female agent working undercover in a gun/money laundering operation.

  • A wannabe detective entangles Jarod in a web of intrigue involving a missing showgirl and a murdered nightclub owner.

  • Jarod investigates the suspicious suicide of a secret service agent who saved Jarod's life years before.

  • Miss Parker attempts to identify Thomas' murderer on the anniversary of his death.

  • Jarod, acting as a FBI special agent, quells a hospital hostage situation.

  • Jarod rescues a "wild child" from a research scientist who uses the young girl for an experiment.

  • Jarod investigates the cause of a suspicious, bungled bungee jump that put a man into a coma.

  • Jarod becomes both a policeman and an aerospace engineer while befriending a woman on the run.

  • Jarod poses as a sex therapist to investigate a brutal attack on a young female psychologist.

  • Jarod searches for a missing teenage girl linked to a young magician.

  • Jarod sets a trap for Miss Parker and Lyle, leaving them in a shipping container. Jarod impersonates an officer of the Criminal Investigative Division in order to investigate the hanging suicide of an officer at the Army Special Forces Survival Training Grounds in Texas.

  • Jarod once again finds himself a prisoner at the Centre, although with help from Sydney he's soon free and helping a couple being targeted for extermination by Lyle and his Sweepers. Also, Sydney and Broots try to locate Miss Parker and Miss Parker tries to find her father and who she can trust.

  • Conclusion from part 1. Jarod and his father plan a rescue the clone created by the Centre's, while Miss Parker must face new truths from inside the Centre and more about her mother's murder.

  • Hulu Plus subscription required. Learn MoreJarod's reunion with his father is marred by news of the Centre's latest project -- a teenaged clone of Jarod himself. However, assassins from the Centre are hot on their trail.

  • Hulu Plus subscription required. Learn MoreJarod searches for his father at a remote arctic research station.

  • In this Pretender/Profiler cross-over episode, Jarod becomes an investigator to solve the abduction of a young chess expert.

  • Jarod partners with Miss Parker to find clues to Thomas' murder.

  • Jarod assists a boy whose father apparently committed suicide under mysterious circumstances.

  • Jarod is a frequent caller to a radio show about conspiracies. When the radio host disappears he takes over in order to try and find and help him.

  • Jarod heads to Mexico to find the biological father -- a convicted felon -- of a boy critically in need of a kidney transplant. Meanwhile, the boy's mother must confess old sins to her husband, and Miss Parker and Broots stay two steps behind Jarod.

  • Their lives endangered by a plane crash and a bleeding ulcer, respectively, Jarod and Miss Parker remember a dying girl they knew as children at the Centre.

  • Jarod pretends to be a pool shark to find the truth about the death of a young singer's father. Meanwhile, Miss Parker faces a fate worse than death -- a family dinner.

  • Jarod takes on an Atlantic City loan shark to help an old acquaintance. Meanwhile, trapped in a circling airplane, Miss Parker talks to Sydney about her relationship with Thomas.

  • Jarod becomes a poker whiz, and skill he uses to help a former CIA computer analyst who must assassinate a U.S. senator to get her children back from a mysterious abductor. Miss Parker's has a new love interest; Thomas Gates.

  • A blind man and his assistant piece together Jarod's personality so they can kidnap him. With Andrea Parker.

  • Jarod pretends to be a criminal psychology professor to catch the killer of his predecessor. Meanwhile, Miss Parker gets bad news from her father.

  • Jarod joins a group of A.T.F. agents when a militia group based in the Appalachians kidnaps Sydney's son.

  • In Venezuela, Jarod poses as an arms dealer to make contact with a weapons merchant who kidnapped his young children away from their mother.

  • Posing as a tattooed parolee, Jarod helps an ex-con's widow; Sydney learns a secret from the son of his longtime love.

  • A lone witness to a shooting teams up with Jarod to stop the cuplrit from launching a terrorist attack.

  • Jarod poses as a professional arsonist to expose a corrupt lawyer, only to find himself falling for the lawyer's wife.

  • As a criminal behaviorist, Jarod tries to catch a copycat killer before he sacrifices his next victim.

  • Bounty-hunter Jarod tracks down an American Indian activist who knew Jarod's father; Miss Parker learns more about her mother's death.

  • Miss Parker and Jarod survive the bombing; Sydney survives but is blinded; Jarod goes undercover as a mental patient to expose a murderer; Miss Parker learns her twin brother's identity.