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  • TV-14
  • 1975
  • 4 Seasons
  • 7.0  (10,474)

Starsky and Hutch was a popular American crime drama that aired on the ABC network from 1975 to 1979. The show featured the two main characters, David Starsky (played by Paul Michael Glaser) and Ken Hutchinson (played by David Soul), as detective partners in the fictional Bay City Police Department. The series was created by William Blinn and was known for its energetic and stylistic approach to the crime genre.

The show follows the two detectives as they tackle various cases and crimes throughout the fictional Bay City. Starsky and Hutch are known for their unconventional methods and their willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done. They are often paired with their trusted informant, Huggy Bear (played by Antonio Fargas), who helps them gather information and navigate the criminal underworld.

The chemistry between Starsky and Hutch is one of the show's defining characteristics. Glaser and Soul had a natural rapport that translated well on screen, and their friendship was a key element of the show's success. Their witty banter and playful interactions added a lighthearted touch to the otherwise serious nature of their work.

Throughout the series, the detectives find themselves embroiled in a variety of cases, ranging from drug busts to smuggling operations to solving murders. Some of the most memorable episodes include "The Fix," where Starsky becomes addicted to heroin while investigating a drug ring, and "The Shootout," which features a memorable car chase and shootout through the streets of Bay City.

One of the most iconic elements of Starsky and Hutch is the duo's car, a red and white Ford Gran Torino dubbed "The Striped Tomato." The car became a symbol of the show and is still recognized today as a classic piece of television history.

The show was also known for its use of music, incorporating popular songs into the action and even featuring a disco dance scene in one episode. The show's soundtrack became a hit in its own right, with multiple albums released featuring the show's music.

While the show was primarily a crime drama, it also tackled social issues of the time, such as racism, drug abuse, and police corruption. Starsky and Hutch were portrayed as flawed and imperfect characters, with their own personal struggles and demons to overcome.

Starsky and Hutch ran for four seasons and 93 episodes before being cancelled in 1979. Despite its relatively short run, the show had a lasting impact on popular culture and was influential in shaping the crime drama genre in television. The show has since been adapted into a feature film and a reboot series, though neither has been as successful as the original.

Overall, Starsky and Hutch is a classic television series that is remembered fondly by fans of all ages. Its combination of action, humor, and social commentary make it a timeless piece of entertainment that continues to resonate with audiences today.

Starsky and Hutch is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (93 episodes). The series first aired on September 10, 1975.

Starsky and Hutch
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Sweet Revenge
22. Sweet Revenge
May 15, 1979
A prestigious political figure, bent on revenge, critically wounds Starsky and plots Hutch's execution.
Starsky vs. Hutch
21. Starsky vs. Hutch
May 8, 1979
Competing for the affections of a policewoman, Starsky and Hutch neglect their investigation of the murder of a dance-hall girl.
Targets Without a Badge
20. Targets Without a Badge
March 11, 1979
Starsky, Hutch und Allison entgehen nur knapp einem Mordanschlag. Kein Zweifel: Die Organistation ist dem ehemaligen Kronzeugen Thomas May auf der Spur. Der hat genug Angst, um die Freunde seiner Tochter ans Messer zu liefern. Er lockt Starsky und Hutch in eine Falle.
Targets Without a Badge
19. Targets Without a Badge
March 11, 1979
Starsky and Hutch have retired voluntarily but become involved in a blackmail case.
Targets Without a Badge
18. Targets Without a Badge
March 6, 1979
Interviews with the cast and creators of Starsky & Hutch.
Huggy Can't Go Home
17. Huggy Can't Go Home
February 13, 1979
An illegal poker game puts Huggy Bear in a tight spot - holding a dead man's hand and facing a choice between covering for a friend or obeying the law.
Ninety Pounds of Trouble
16. Ninety Pounds of Trouble
February 6, 1979
When a contract is put out to kill a top union official, Starsky and Hutch go undercover as hit men to protect him. But while Hutch rehearses his performance as a trigger man, Starsky is plagued by a young admirer who may compromise his cover.
Birds of a Feather
15. Birds of a Feather
January 30, 1979
A former partner of Hutch's arranges the murder of a witness in order to pay off his wife's gambling debts.
Ballad for a Blue Lady
14. Ballad for a Blue Lady
January 23, 1979
The detectives are called when a witness is found dead before he can testify against a notorious racketeer. Hutch begins to suspect that his girfriend's brother may be involved.
The Golden Angel
13. The Golden Angel
January 16, 1979
The detectives are assigned to protect a wrestler who has received a death threat, with Starsky going into the ring himself to draw out a suspect.
Starsky's Brother
12. Starsky's Brother
December 19, 1978
Nick comes to visit his older brother Starsky in town. The Officer quickly notices Nick is involved in illegal business..
Cover Girl
11. Cover Girl
December 12, 1978
When a Model, an old girlfriend from Hutch hears she has cancer, she decides to contact a hit man. She doesn't want to die painfully and wants a unpainful death. But when the doctors discover her body is killing the disease, Hutch has to find the hit man before he kills her.
The Groupie
10. The Groupie
November 28, 1978
Starsky and Hutch go undercover in the fashion world. While they are concentrating on their detective work, they receive an unusual offer from a women who wants to help them.
Black & Blue
9. Black & Blue
November 21, 1978
When the partners in crime-busting respond to a reported burglary, Hutch is shot by one of the teenage robbers, leaving him critically ill in hospital. Starsky is paired with a dynamic new partner, black Policewoman Joan Meredith, to track down the thieves, and they find themselves on the trail of an operation that is using ghetto youths to commit burglaries, and then selling their hauls on the black market...
8. Dandruff
November 14, 1978
The butch duo pose as temperamental hairdressers as they pursue a master diamond thief in town for a big auction. But the Baron proves a cunning adversary for Tyrone and Marlene.
The Avenger
7. The Avenger
October 31, 1978
The intrepid Detectives investigate a woman's claims that a jealous brief acquaintance from San Francisco has followed her to the city and is responsible for the vicious murders of a string of the her lovers. But there is a sinister twist to the case, and Starsky unknowingly places himself in great danger...
Strange Justice
6. Strange Justice
October 24, 1978
When his daughter is raped, long-standing, veteran Detective Slate is devastated, and shoots her attacker, who's been brought in for questioning. With the wounded rapist looking like he'll get off scott-free and Slate facing serious charges, the distinguished Lieutenant takes the law into his own hands to get even with his daughter's assailant - and it's up to Starsky and Hutch to stop him in time...
5. Moonshine
October 17, 1978
After they arrest two ploughboys who soon after die of poisoning, the Detective pals pose as country boys in order to track down some Southern moonshiners who have brewed a bad batch of bootleg whiskey. But the ruthless head of the innocent operation is determined to continue pushing the lethal brew at any cost...
Photo Finish
4. Photo Finish
October 10, 1978
Starsky and Hutch brush shoulders with high-society, at an exclusive party that photographer friend Marcie has invited them to, but the event grinds to a halt when an artist is shot dead by an unknown assassin. Marcie has caught the shooting on camera, and the Detective duo confiscate the pictures for Police evidence as they begin some black-tie sleuthing on the champagne circuit. But Marcie is determined to use the valuable photos to break into big-time journalism, and quietly holds on to one to sell to the highest bidder – only for her life to now be endangered by the killer, who is determined to get their hands on the incriminating film...
3. Blindfold
September 26, 1978
Responding to a jewellery store robbery, Starsky is distraught when he accidentally shoots an art student caught in the cross-fire, costing the girl her sight. Guilt-stricken, he forcefully strikes up friendship with the blinded young woman, without confessing that he's the law officer that caused her to loose her vision. But their subsequent relationship soon proves to be very dangerous, as someone seems determined to keep him away from her, and Hutch comes to question just how much of a chance by-stander she really was in the incident...
The Game
2. The Game
September 19, 1978
When they blow the capture of a wanted felon, Starsky and Hutch each blame the other, and lay down a bet to see whether or not Hutch can successfully elude Starsky for a whole weekend. But the exercise in hide-and-seek becomes more than just a game when Starsky realises that Hutch has unknowingly eaten contaminated soup, and could die from the potentially lethal botulism poisoning. It's a race against time as Starsky struggles to locate Hutch to warn him, but Hutch, unawares to the poisoning, assumes it's all part of Starsky's attempts to draw him out, and dons a number of disguises in order to stay one step ahead...
1. Discomania
September 12, 1978
The streetwise Detective partners go incognito as disco dudes at Fever, a popular dance club, where Sergeant Lizzie Thorpe is laid as bait in a trap set for a serial killer, who is drugging, abducting and murdering attractive women who refuse to dance with him...
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  • Premiere Date
    September 10, 1975
  • IMDB Rating
    7.0  (10,474)