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F Troop is a comedy that tells the story of a troop of soldiers who inhabit Fort Courage. The series is set near the end of the Civil War. The series is based on the antics of the soldiers of F Troop. They are led by Captain Wilton Parmenter, played by the actor Ken Berry. Parmenter is honorable and sweet, but he is also clumsy and naive.

Parmenter succumbs to a fit of sneezing during an attack. Soldiers mistake the sneezing for a signal to charge. The charge is a success! Parmenter is rewarded with a metal. However, he is pricked with the metal

F Troop is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (65 episodes). The series first aired on September 14, 1965.

Where do I stream F Troop online? F Troop is available for streaming on ABC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch F Troop on demand at Amazon, Google Play, Apple TV online.

2 Seasons, 65 Episodes
September 14, 1965
Cast: Forrest Tucker
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F Troop Full Episode Guide

  • A former troop member returns to Fort Courage for his wedding, but is mistaken as an inspector sent to shut down the camp.

  • Wild Eagle becomes a soldier so he can visit their dentist and fix his toothache. But after a visiting General promotes him, he decides to remain at Fort Courage.

  • The cure is worse than the illness after Captain Parmenter comes down with a cold just before his examination for a promotion to Major.

  • Fort Courage must prove itself useful after Big Jim Parker buys up their land along with the Hikawis.

  • A marriage broker gives O'Rourke a money-making idea, Agarn nightmares and terrifies Captain Parmenter after Wrangler Jane enlists her services.

  • Captain Parmenter, O'Rourke and Agarn is sent undercover to find the traitor who is selling guns to Indians.

  • A battle for Wrangler Jane's affection occurs after Agarn's Russian cousin comes for a visit to Fort Courage.

  • Agarn must face a firing squad after a prisoner he was guarding escapes and since has seemingly killed Sergeant O'Rourke.

  • Agarn resigns to become the manager of "The Bedbugs," a new rock-n-roll group who has been brought in to play at a camp dance. But when O'Rourke hears Agarn is leaving, he creates his own band to best the Bedbugs and run them out of town.

  • The troop believes a Transylvanian count is responsible for the disappearance of Wrangler Jane.

  • Captain Parmenter tries to capture a wild stallion to impress Wrangler Jane, but O'Rourke sees money in it if he can sell it to a circus.

  • The Hikawi's 147 year-old High Chief Flaming Arrow, comes down from the mountain to lead the tribe in an attack on Fort Courage to retrieve their land.

  • Sergeant O'Rourke tries to convince a runaway boy to go back home.

  • A Japanese Samurai is searching for his intending wife from an arranged marriage who has fled to Fort Courage.

  • Two lonely Indians kidnap Captain Parmenter, just for company.

  • Sergeant O'Rourke plans revenge after a blackmailer tries to take his saloon away from him.

  • To ensure Captain Parmenter and Agarn pass their survival fitness test, O'Rourke sneaks them food.

  • Bumbling Wrongo Starr returns to Fort Courage escorting a load of dynamite.

  • A scorned member of the Italian Secret Society comes searching for his girlfriend and her father, believed to be hiding at Fort Courage.

  • Captain Parmenter's sister has a wild time during her visit to Fort Courage, including chasing after Dobbs and assisting with Wild Eagle's appendectomy.

  • A visiting Colonel with a fetish for bugle calls spells trouble for Dobbs, the worlds worst bugler.

  • Fort Courage becomes a Little Ireland once Sergeant O'Rourke's father pays a visit.

  • Agarn is showered with gifts after it's discovered that he is the deciding vote of the Mayoral race in his hometown.

  • An Indian woman who takes a liking to Captain Parmenter, is the daughter of a tycoon kidnapped as a child by a tribe.

  • With a railroad buying up land, O'Rourke Enterprises along with Vanderbilt and Dobbs, decide to retire and take claim of a ghost town.

  • Agarn's amnesia seems like a perfect excuse for him to be blamed for a robbery by a phony medicine man.

  • With the troops payroll having been stolen in a train robbery, O'Rourke and Agarn volunteer to guard the next shipment from Washington D.C.

  • Fort Courage is visited by a Prussian balloonist, in search of new recruits.

  • A transfer sends Agarn to train the crew at G Troop, who are more incompetent than the soldiers at Fort Courage.

  • A Canadian mountie, in search of Agarn's look-alike cousin Lucky Pierre Agarniere, comes to Fort Courage.

  • The town drunk tries to impress his daughter by posing as the Captain.

  • The Council of Indian Nations insists that the Hikawis attack Fort Courage.

  • A promotion and reassignment spells the end to O'Rourke enterprises.

  • Captain Parmenter's visiting mother wishes to convince him to transfer back East.

  • O'Rourke plans to use Wild Eagle's nephew Johnny Eagle Eye as a ringer in the camps sharpshooting contest.

  • Agarn believes to see an Indian roaming around in Fort Courage which no one else has seen.

  • O'Rourke and Agarn take over when the cook leaves Fort Courage. In their typical money-making scheme, they over-order the food supply so they can sell the excess to the Hekawi's.

  • Tempers flare with the troop, Wrangler Jane and the Hekawi's as the men of Fort Courage are to receive an accommodation for morale.

  • Captain Parmenter is left to protect Fort Courage by himself after the troops discover they were never officially enlisted.

  • Agarn plans a celebration for Sergeant O'Rourke's 25th year of military service.

  • A band of gypsies convince Agarn that he is their long-lost prince.

  • O'Rourke schemes to get the Captain and Wrangler Jane married so they will live off camp, making his illegal doings a bit easier.

  • A pair of competing spies enter Fort Courage; Meanwhile, the fort is chosen to trial test a new bullet-proof vest.

  • A new Inspector General is intent on wiping out the Hekawi tribe.

  • Captain Parmenter enlists the help from Wrangler Jane's cousin, to win a poker match and replace the pension funds lost by Sergeant O'Rourke.

  • To clear his name Agarn must capture a Mexican bandit, who just happens to be his look-alike cousin.

  • Pvt. Wrongo Starr, a renowned jinx joins Fort Courage and meets a woman who is a four-time widow.

  • A furious Geronimo is coming for Agarn after he tells a tale of how he single-handily killed the warrior Chief.

  • The Hekawi's move into Fort Courage after selling their land to a railroad.

  • O'Rourke and Agarn try to hide a whiskey still at Fort Courage while Captain Parmenter is eager to find the source of the Hekawi's liquor supply.

  • Beautiful Lily O'Reilly plans on taking over the saloon from O'Rourke after finding out where he receives his whiskey from.

  • Sergeant O'Rourke's plan of selling phony gold claims is foiled by a 'snake oil' salesman.

  • Captain Parmenter receives a gift of a baby after saving Wild Eagles life.

  • Agarn leaves F Troop to join the Hekawi tribe.

  • Captain Parmenter returns from commander school as a toughened, by-the-book soldier, interfering with O'Rourke enterprises mail order bride business.

  • Captain Parmenter's girlfriend visits Fort Courage to persuade him to return to Philadelphia and marry her.

  • Captain Parmenter's clumsiness has finally gotten him in trouble after running into gunslinger Sam Urp, now wanting retribution.

  • The outrageous son of Wild Eagle, Bald Eagle, returns vowing to make the Hekawis a vicious fighting tribe.

  • Agarn mistakenly thinks he is dying after overhearing a diagnosis given to O'Rourke about a sickly horse.

  • Major Bently Royce, a British officer and an expert in camouflage, is sent to Fort Courage to teach the troops the advantages of a sneak attack on the Indians.

  • Wilton Parmenter is made a Captain and put in charge of Fort Courage, a group of incompetent Union soldiers. His promotion creates problems for Sergeant O'Rourke and Corporal Agarn who are running an illegal business with the a local Indian tribe.