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Emily Owens M.D. is a medical drama about a young first year surgical intern at a Denver hospital. Thinking that her awkward years were behind her she soon discovers that Cassandra, her old enemy from high school is also a first year surgical intern at the same hospital. Will, the man that she had a crush on throughout medical school is also working there. Her first day she gets off to a bad start with her attending physician, Dr. Bandari and most of the nurses. Emily is not aware that she has offended so many until she is given a case that is incredibly difficult dealing with a severe case of obsessive compulsive disorder. Although Emily discovers that a serious medical condition is the root of the OCD she once again steps on toes in order to get the proper medical tests for her OCD patient.

You hear what the strong surgical intern is thinking and then you hear what the shy gawky Emily actually says. At first she tries to cover the feelings that she has for Will and the irritation caused by the underhanded Cassandra. Both turn her back into that shy insecure girl she thought that she had left behind. She finally tells Will about her feelings but trying to get past the embarrassing moment she lies and tells him that there is now someone else.

Emily gets emotionally involved with her patients and their families. She shares their joys but also mourns their loss

Mamie Gummer plays Emily Owens. She is not a name that is well known she does have a few credit to her name. There are times when you see a look cross her face that makes you stop and try to figure out what you have seen her in before. She is not the familiar face. For a split second you see the resemblance she has to her mother Meryl Streep.

Emily Owens, M.D. is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on October 16, 2012.

Emily Owens, M.D. is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Emily Owens, M.D. on demand atiTunes online.

The CW
1 Season, 13 Episodes
October 16, 2012
Cast: Mamie Gummer, Justin Hartley, Aja Naomi King, Kelly McCreary, Michael Rady
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Emily Owens, M.D. Full Episode Guide

  • Emily's decision to get serious with Micah becomes even more complicated when Will becomes jealous. Meanwhile, Will becomes distracted by Cassandra's professionalism and misdiagnoses a patient.

  • Things turn chaotic when a number of victims from a bus crash are rushed to the hospital. Emily is assigned to run triage in the E.R. and amidst the confusion is forced to do an emergency skull procedure on a heroic Marine who suddenly collapses.

  • Emily, Will and Cassandra compete to be Dr. Bandari's research assistant but become offended when they are forced to describe each other's flaws.

  • Dr. A.J. Aquino returns to Denver Memorial after a year long absence, but the Chief demands that he make peace with Dr. Bandari. Emily treats a psychic, and is convinced that her tarot cards predict her own impending death

  • Emily goes on a blind date with Cassandra's friend, but the date comes to a screeching halt.

  • Will is reminded of painful memories when a couple suffers a car wreck and everyone blames the boyfriend for the accident. Meanwhile, Emily's patient refuses reconstructive surgery.

  • Emily tries to help the beloved flower man after he collapses, but he is hesitant to receive treatment. Later, Will and Emily are assigned to help a sick prisoner, but both struggle to treat him properly because they are judging him for his crimes.

  • Emily is assigned to Dr. Bandari's deeply religious patient who starts questioning his beliefs following a risky surgery.

  • Emily tries to toughen up after an embarrassing moment. Meanwhile, a teenage patient needs a transplant and in the process a secret is revealed.

  • Emily and Micah find that their patient needs an immediate kidney transplant and are shocked when she refuses the kidney from her new husband. Emily helps Dr. Hamada and Dr. Bandari perform surgery on a women who is carrying babies for her sister and one has a heart defect. Emily tries to get the job as Dr. Bandari's research assistant in order to keep Cassandra from Will. She finds out her competition is Cassandra and she'll do whatever it takes to get what she wants.

  • The medical interns are given a pop quiz, and the winner will have the chance to assist in surgery. After an STD outbreak at a local high school, Emily reluctantly agrees to educate students about safe sex.

  • In the series premiere, Emily Owens finally feels like she is an adult and can put her past behind her. She's graduated from medical school, and she's beginning an internship at Denver Memorial Hospital.

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