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  • 2009
  • 3 Seasons
  • 5.7  (30)

I'm Pregnant And... is a heartwarming reality show that aired on Discovery Health back in 2009. The series follows the lives of expectant mothers as they navigate through the ups and downs of pregnancy, preparing for childbirth and raising a child. The show offers a unique perspective on the physical, emotional, and psychological challenges that come with being pregnant.

The show features three mothers-to-be: Sherri Akins, Brooke Addison, and Josh. Sherri is a 26-year-old who is expecting her second child. She is a full-time working mom who is determined to give her children the best life possible. Brooke is a 21-year-old college student who is not quite ready for motherhood but is doing her best to prepare for the impending arrival of her baby. Josh is a first-time dad who is experiencing the joys and stresses of impending fatherhood.

The show covers a range of topics, from the initial reactions of finding out one is pregnant to dealing with morning sickness and mood swings. It also explores the various choices expectant mothers make, such as choosing between natural childbirth and c-sections, or deciding whether to breastfeed or use formula. As the women progress through their pregnancies, we see the physical changes in their bodies and the emotional changes in their lives.

The series also highlights the importance of family support during pregnancy. For Sherri, her husband is her rock during this time, while Brooke leans heavily on her own mother for support. Josh, who is not currently with the mother of his child, turns to his own dad for guidance on how to be a good father.

Another aspect of I'm Pregnant And... that makes it stand out is its focus on how pregnancy impacts relationships. Sherri and her husband navigate the challenges of having two young children while also anticipating the arrival of a third. Brooke's relationship with the father of her child is on shaky ground, and she struggles to come to terms with the fact that she may be raising her child on her own. Josh, on the other hand, is in the process of building a relationship with the mother of his child, which comes with its own set of challenges.

Overall, I'm Pregnant And... is a touching and insightful series that offers a glimpse into the lives of expectant mothers. With relatable characters and genuine emotions, it is a show that will resonate with anyone who has gone through the experience of pregnancy. It is a valuable resource for anyone who is expecting, providing insight and understanding to help navigate this special time in their lives. The show is a must-see for fans of reality television or for anyone interested in learning more about the joys and challenges of pregnancy.

I'm Pregnant And... is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (21 episodes). The series first aired on December 1, 2009.

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A Stripper
6. A Stripper
September 29, 2011
Jessica loves her job - as a stripper. But her pregnancy has kept her off the stage. Her family is financially struggling and they are counting the days until she can get back to making money.
A Trucker
5. A Trucker
September 22, 2011
Heather is a 22-year old trucker who is pregnant with her first child. Content with her life on the road, she plans on continuing her career path while bringing her baby along.
I Sniff Toxic Fumes
4. I Sniff Toxic Fumes
September 15, 2011
Phameca suffers from Pica, a medical disorder that produces intense cravings to smell toxic fumes. After losing her first child to SIDS, her husband is in disbelief that she is not being more careful.
Addicted to Crystal Meth
3. Addicted to Crystal Meth
September 8, 2011
Katy is pregnant and addicted to crystal meth. She has already relapsed twice during her pregnancy and now must deal with the possible effects her addiction will have on her child.
A Little Person
2. A Little Person
September 1, 2011
Nadea is pregnant and a little person. The baby's father, who is no longer in the picture, is average-sized, meaning their baby might be as well. What are the risks for such a pregnancy?
My Husband Wants to Become a Woman
1. My Husband Wants to Become a Woman
September 1, 2011
On the outside looking in, Brandy and Josh look like a happy young couple that is expecting a new baby. But Josh wants to become a woman.
Where to Watch I'm Pregnant And...
I'm Pregnant And... is available for streaming on the Discovery Health website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch I'm Pregnant And... on demand at Discovery+, Amazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, Discovery Life, FuboTV and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    December 1, 2009
  • IMDB Rating
    5.7  (30)