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Bizarre ER is about the crazy but real reasons why people are sent to the emergency room. Creepy, gross, and outright unbelievable, it's hard to turn away from this show as it reveals more and more reasons why people encounter the ER. Retelling awesome and crazy events that happen in the ER, this show highlights the weirdest predicaments real life people find themselves in. Entertaining and unbelievable, Bizarre ER shocks and delights audiences of various ages.

Bizarre ER is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (68 episodes). The series first aired on July 16, 2011.

Where do I stream Bizarre ER online? Bizarre ER is available for streaming on Discovery Health, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Bizarre ER on demand at Amazon, Vudu, The Roku Channel Free, Tubi TV online.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Health
6 Seasons, 68 Episodes
July 16, 2011
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Freema Agyeman
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Bizarre ER Full Episode Guide

  • This episode features: a man who falls off a ladder and lands on his dad; a woman who can't walk after slipping on a potato chip bag; a driver who nearly dies when she is run over by her own car.

  • This episode features: a patient who slashes his scalp on a toilet paper holder; a young man who overdoses on holiday sun; a man who has an incredible near-death experience when he is almost decapitated by a passing bus.

  • This episode features: a carpenter who nails his hand to a plank of wood; a woman who crushes her thumb in her boyfriend's car door; a fisherman who is submerged in freezing water for over eight minutes and survives.

  • This episode features: a young lady who pays the price for a discount piercing; a person who has an intimate shaving accident involving a blunt blade; a victim who survives a gruesome car crash.

  • This episode features: a Coast Guard who rescues a young couple at the end of their first date; a DIY dad who nearly loses his foot; a person who has an industrial accident and is squeezed through a five-inch gap.

  • This episode features: a lady who hooks a keyring through her finger; an aspiring sailor who loses a chunk from one of her appendages; a woman who runs her car into a fencepost.

  • This episode features: a cyclist who is injured by his own bicycle; a soldier who takes a spill while in a bouncy castle; a man who has a run-in with a lawnmower; a patient who is nearly killed by a pigeon.

  • This episode features: a family who cut short their Guy Fawkes Night celebrations when their youngest son eats a sparkler; a Bradford granny who is electrocuted by her own toaster; a Sunday league soccer player whose awkward tackle leaves him with a broken ankle; a student who slices her finger when she cuts open a bouquet given to her by a mystery admirer.

  • This episode features: a man who needs urgent treatment to save his sight after cement dust explodes in his face; a tree surgeon whose fingers are crushed by a log splitter; a man who slashes open his leg on a discarded toilet in his mom's back yard; a schoolboy who arrives at the hospital complaining of a pencil stuck in his left ear.

  • This episode features: a man who stabs himself in the leg after using a carving knife as a microphone during an impromptu karaoke performance; a woman who nearly loses her fingers when she mangles her hand in a printing machine; a plumber who suffers a massive reaction to a wasp sting that leaves him covered in bizarre blotches; a toddler who has a stapler stuck in her gum.

  • This episode features: a girl who splits her head open after some ballroom dancing on a bouncy castle; a man who carves into his hand with a box cutter; a horse-lover who is trampled by her own pony and has to have a prosthetic implant put in her shoulder; an American who has the first successful hand transplant.

  • This episode features: a schoolboy who needs stitches after a bizarre joyride in an old lady's shopping cart; a woodsman who rips open his wrist with a machete; a teenager who needs treatment after being terrorized by a terrier; surgeons who operate on a man after a metal plate in his collar bone pops out of his left shoulder.

  • This episode features: a toddler who has his favorite bath toy stuck on the end of his finger; a carpenter who nearly severs his own hand after a momentary slip with a chop saw; a teenager whose tumble into a quarry ends with him getting a stick stuck in his head; a man who arrives with his finger at a right angle after he falls and dislocates it on the way to the pub.

  • This episode features: a woman who has a life-threatening allergic reaction to a Halloween mask; a carpenter who arrives in the ER with two of his fingers on ice after he cuts through his hand with a circular saw; a six-year-old who has a Lego stuck in his nostril; doctors who save a skateboarder with severe head injuries by putting bits of his skull into deep freeze.

  • This episode features a woman who is injured after her boyfriend drops a turnip on her foot and a retail assistant whose eyelid is ripped in half when she runs face-first into the end of a clothes rail.

  • This episode features: an couple who nearly die from bubonic plague while on vacation in New York; a student who has such a wide yawn that she dislocates her jaw; a model plane enthusiast whose hand is shredded by the propellers of one of his miniature flying machines.

  • This episode features: a man who superglues a tiny top hat to his head; a patient who has had a nosebleed for a week; a couple whose wedding day ends in surgery rather than matrimony after a bizarre motorbike accident; a Texan barber who survives a near-fatal attack by a swarm of more than 2,000 killer bees.