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I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant is aired on the Discovery Health Channel. I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, made its debut in June of 2008. This reality television show / drama show depicts real life stories of mothers who gave birth without knowing that they were pregnant. Some of the stories are of teenage girls, obese women, women who have had regular periods, women whom had no recollection that they were pregnant, and everyone in between. These women tell of terrifying, and unbelievable experiences of giving birth unexpectedly. Each woman's story is different, and true.

Some of the emotions are still raw and uncut. Viewers will see reenactments of the real story. In each episode we get a first hand point of view of what the situation felt like, and how much emotions were precipitated. The babies were a gift to these women. Women who have no idea that they are even pregnant, but give birth, might raise a few eyebrows. In this show, the women tell us of a very candid and personal situation. They had no choice in the situation, but to be hurled into parenthood.

Tear jerking stories are relived. Most of the women were young, scared, and did not know what to do, or who to turn to. They have no choice in the matter. Most of these ladies were never pregnant before. When they started to feel cramping, that lead into contractions, their next instinct is to push. Once the hard part is done, they are glad they had the child. Even though the women were scared, they had to put their fear to the side, and do what comes natural. This show lets the viewers know that these anomalies do exist. Critics and fans bot, applaud I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant for its creativeness and freshness.

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (62 episodes). The series first aired on March 17, 2009.

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Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on TLC
5 Seasons, 62 Episodes
March 17, 2009
Cast: Dave Wittenberg
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I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant Full Episode Guide

  • After one unexpected birth, a woman who thinks she has food poisoning is shocked when she nearly delivers surprise baby number two in a store parking lot! A student thinks she has a tumor but it's a baby. And, woman with endometriosis has two surprises!

  • In this special episode of I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, we countdown the top 10 most shocking stories from all four seasons of the series. Tune in to see which story will be the most shocking I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant birth of all time.

  • Marisa has never had her period and doctors don't think she'll ever be able to have children. When Marisa feels sharp pains in her back, she's rushed to the emergency room where doctors are shocked that she's pregnant, in labor and the baby is crowning!

  • Kristen and her boyfriend have used the birth control patch throughout their four-year relationship. One day she experiences pain and she is taken to the hospital to find their is a baby on its way.

  • Yesica heads to the hospital after hearing the news, from a holistic healer, she is pregnant. Once there she is told she is fully dilated and ready to give birth.

  • Shortly after Renee's honeymoon, she goes to the hospital with extreme back pain and is stunned to discover she 8 months pregnant despite being on birth control.

  • Although Anna has an IUD, she wakes up one night by a sudden extreme pain in her side and is shocked when a baby slides down her leg and on her kitchen floor.

  • Katlyn decides to get rid of her freshman-15 and get in shape. She loses 30 pounds but has severe cramping one day. She stays home from her classes and realizes she's in labor.

  • Amy's cramps force her to go to the local clinic. But while using the restroom she has sudden pain and screams for help. As the nurses to try to move her into an exam room she starts giving birth to a baby in her pants.

  • Manon, a 115-pound flight attendant, is having trouble sleeping because of pain in her stomach. Thinking that she ate something bad, she goes to the emergency room where she's stunned to learn she is in labor and the baby is crowning.

  • Kayla goes to a small town clinic complaining of terrible cramping. She is shocked to learn she is pregnant and in labor. Without proper supplies at the clinic, she must be transferred to the nearest hospital 120 miles away. To complicate matters, there's a tornado.

  • Suffering from menstrual cramps, Kaitlyn decides to take a hot bath. Suddenly she feels her baby's head crowning in the bath water. Then Myrna suffers a life-threatening seizure and collapses into a coma.

  • After a negative pregnancy test, Monique is in stunned when she delivers a baby in her bathroom. Afraid that there's no time to wait for an ambulance, she gets in her car and drives her newborn to the hospital herself!

  • After suffering a painful miscarriage five months earlier, Reesa collapses and goes into a coma. At the hospital, doctors discover she was carrying twins and only miscarried one fetus.

  • While at work, Christie experiences severe cramping and decides to go to the ER. On the way, her mother stops at a gas station and makes a shocking realization.

  • Melissa is rushed to the hospital in her aunt's SUV believing she is miscarrying. As they pull into the hospital driveway, she gives birth to an unexpected baby in the backseat!

  • Andrea has endured a difficult year and is used to the back pain from her job. But when she starts bleeding severely, she calls 911 and discovers she is in labor. With the hospital 20 minutes away, the paramedic is forced to deliver the baby in the ambulance.

  • Separated from her husband, Nicole decides to move back in with her parents and little brother. After a night of terrible cramps, Nicole takes a hot bath. She soon realizes to her horror that she's in labor and the baby is being born breech!

  • Fifteen months after her son's birth, Emily is afraid her appendix has burst and her mother rushes her to the emergency room. But before Emily can get out of the back seat, she feels something sliding down the leg of her sweat pants!

  • Alicia narrowly survives a harrowing car accident then, just 18 months later a surprising pregnancy threatens the life of her newborn. Dragica has just lost the weight from her first pregnancy, so it's a shock when she gives birth to a baby in the toilet!

  • In 1980, Pat is 24, 110 pounds and in the best shape of her life. Suddenly, debilitating cramps send her to the hospital and Pat is stunned to discover she's pregnant and in labor.

  • While working a retail job at the mall, 20 year-old Yanil suffers excruciating abdominal pain. She lays down in a stockroom to see if the pain will subside, and is shocked to discover a baby crowning.

  • Jenna has suffered from Chrohn's Disease for years and when her father rushes her to the hospital during a "flare-up" she is stunned to discover she is in labor.

  • After having five children together, Dana's husband Sheldon gets "fixed." While at work, debilitating stomach pains overwhelm her and she is stunned when paramedics arrive just to in time to deliver a baby in the store's parking lot!